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  1. Inquisitor's Handbook, followed by Radical's Handbook. Hopefully Radical's will take over, so I can unleash my rage.
  2. I was personally thinking about allowing each of my players the option for customizing their background with the peer/rival/good reputation/enemy talents at character creation as a sort of flaw mechanic that allows for fluff outside of the career path. Rival and Enemy would be -100xp (giving them 100xp), and for Peer and Good Reputation 100xp (costing 100xp), limiting it to two each and has to be form fitting to background fluff. I don't want to get into the whole huge disadvantage thing, because I would have no clue how to balance it (how much reimbursement experience for a missing arm? Or an eye? Or unable to speak? I wouldn't have an idea).
  3. ThenDoctor said: you're talking about Spectoris its on top of the water but they mine minerals on the underside of the city I think he may have been rather referring to the underwater world of Landunder.
  4. I am a full time GM. I despise it with every fiber of my being; I wish to find an online game group that plays via MSN, or Ventrilo or something (I cannot do play by post which seems to be obscenely popular). I have a group of people, whom's playing style completely clashes with my GMing style (combat versus investigation) and in which, I have no idea of how to even do combat scenarios and make them interesting. Just rolling a die all the time is, dull... And with a group that doesn't appreciate me doing my stuff, I have been burnt out so many times, I have no idea. I'm jealous of those whom are able to do it. I may just need coaching is all. And a whip. That's my rant. I apologize, but it shows sometimes that GMing is not all sunshines and rainbows.
  5. Your stuff has always been great for content. Thank you very much for both of the Dead Stars' PDFs.
  6. My advice, make it personal or make their efforts very hard and frustrating into taking command personally. For example, the PCs food becomes poisoned (from the Narco-gang sending an assassin for example)! How could this have happened? Or, their transport is bombed (local baron maybe?)? Maybe they have to deal with a raid from the mutants, but the vast majority of the PC's mooks have no weapons? People are killing other people (maybe an attempt on a PC perhaps?) but don't remember a single thing about it and the warp reeks around them? Short version short, slightly ramp it up, don't throw everything at once, but make it a top priority to the PCs that they will want to track it down, otherwise they will have more problems.
  7. I'm interested, but would like to see the above questions answered, as they are pretty much my questions as well.
  8. I feel that there are problems with every book, and this book is no different. But I will admit, the majority of my problems are due to personal taste and because I'm not the sole writer of the book, I can't and won't get what I want in my Ascension. But is the book overall absolutely horrible and no one should get it? No. Does it have problems, yes. I recommend if possible, to try and get a lend from a friend, and see for yourself if you like it or not.
  9. Catachan said: I didn't know it was such a big deal. Same thought here.
  10. Personally, I feel that the drug needs a little more boost for positives to make it a better tradeoff. Since it's a huge adreniline rush, why not add the Talent 'Nerves of Steel' as well with 'Resistance (Fear)'? It seems to be along the same lines and makes it a little bit better without being too overpowering compared to any other drug, because that drug really is dangerous if a person doesn't roll well.
  11. My opinion is I would like a definite end, such as Haarlock returning. I also expect more information on worlds in the Calixis sector. Mara would be an obvious answer, but I was hoping for a world that is more travellable to (assuming Mara still has raging daemons or what have you running around), such as Malfi. I feel the relatively small write up does it no justice. I would like to see more flavour of the Inquisition, maybe a little more view into Marr's goals. I think that would be a nice touch, but not exactly necessary. That's my opinion anyways.
  12. Looks nice, but I'll hold my displeasure at the idea of the product and see if the product itself is good. Which, mind you, I do hope that it is good. I'm not going in with a negative mindset.
  13. This reminds me of my character I play with. The one constant that I've always had, was a bolt pistol from I believe the second session I've played him, more than a year ago (14-15 months of real time). Everything else has changed, been switched around. But Orday's bolt pistol has seen him through thick and thin, giving him a chance everything. Now, from a GM perspective with this little debocle we're having, I'd say the equipment is nothing to a character, unless that is all the character is. But from my playing side, if I ever lost that Bolt Pistol, I don't know what I'd do. I've been thinking about even sewing it to his hip or implanting it inside of his bionics. The good side to it being taken away though, is if it was taken away by somebody, I know that my character would attempt to hunt him down through the jaws of hell to get it back. The bolt pistol is his only friend. And he could not stand losing another of those. td;dr I agree to disagree, mostly. In extreme circumstances I can see taking away equipment as bad if there is no motivation behind it other to antagonize.
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