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  1. Melee Weapon Training Talents are for melee weapons. Pistol Weapon Training Talents are for one-handed pistol weapons. Basic Weapon Training Talents are for two-handed rifles/shotgun type weapons. The other category is Heavy; manportable lascannon, heavy bolter, muli-melta etc etc. Pistol training (Las) you can use a las pistol without penalty. Basic Training (Las) you can use a lasgun, lascarabine, longlas, without penalty. So, in the example you gave, the Feral Assassin would have a -20 penalty as he does not know the proper Machine Litanies/usage of a laspistol. But he can use his longlas without trouble as he starts with Basic Weapon Training (Las)
  2. Well, that's how it always went here, so yes...got to pay for all those more or less useful social programs..
  3. And in other news, The Best country in the World (Dominion of Canada btw) is now ran by a drama teacher who's only political background is being the son of a former prime minister. And like Obama, he promised ,change' and people bought it...only change people are gonna get is what's left in their pocket after the tax hikes....
  4. Having faced armoured opponent, I can assure you that armour is not the worthless junk people claim it is. I admit it is costly, but a heavy armour+shield is a tough nut to crack. Ranged is powerful,but if your game surface is being open, no buildings or cover, then you're lacking terrain piece. Shooting is challenging and hard (-1 BS due to cover all the time, then -1 becasue you moved, -1 because it's over half range etc etc..) and you can hit the guy without him hitting back, but it's not to all-powerful thing. As for more guys=more chance of winning, that's a given; 20 guys means you got to loose 5 to start making break tests, comparted to 2 or 3 for most other warbands...but like I said, we game to play, so we might not see the ol' skaven sling train. Not sure what you mean by 'equipment traps'..As for the randomness of post-game wounds, it is really like real life; one can loose an eye, while another can simple live with a horrible scarred face and some extra wisdom. As for X-wing, the models are nice, but I never got into it, I don't like the SW universe that much. The special coloured dice with start cards and special cards is what turned me off; it feels like a mash-up of 3-4 games rolled into a skirmish fighter game.
  5. So we can talk about Mordheim for a bit? All right. I play the game as is with the only house rule that you can parry your opponent's other attacks if he rolls a 6 (so he rolls a 6 and a 4, you can still attempt to parry the 4). I read the Coreheim thing a bit, didn't looked fun at all. If you play Fantasy/40k you can play Mordheim. If not, you can still play Mordheim, just need to learn the terms and you're set. I fail to see how the rules are a 'trainwreck'. Or is there something I fail to see? Mordheim's combat is quick, nasty, and pretty straight forward to me; parrying adds a layer to the combat, armour is not as useless as most people assume...granted, as with Dark Heresy, the people at my local gaming club and I see it less as what is better on the die, but what fits more your warband­ type. My Reiklanders got swords, even the two-handed weapon guy got a sword! The Dwarven warband is all about axes+shields and pistols and getting stuck in. Beastsmen are armed with blunt weapons or axes with shields, only the leader got a sword. etc etc... More flavour in (or with) the gear choice than cold, hard mathematics (better chance of stun with clubs so everyone gets a club!) It's a game where you can jump 3 floors to attack a guy and not get killed if you somehow control your fall, fail that, get KO and wake up in a fighting pit having to fight some crazy guy with a morning star for your life and others' entertainment. Or turns out your skullcap took most of the blow and you're perfectly fine. Or you lost an eye.
  6. Behold, Mordheim! And I do mean the table top game, not the video game that's too video gamey. I dropped out of 40k and into Fantasy. AoS got around and I play my Empire army with AoS. Frankly, I see to lack the embarrassment of playing with warscrolls, in the Empire's case they seem to have made them better! Mordheim is the perfect fantasy mix of table top and RPG to me; 'pretty sure Necromunda is the same but making models are not as easy as with Mordheim. I also got into Dropzone Commander. Resistance FTW! (but I still got the Shaltari starter to add diversity within the gaming club.)
  7. Yes we are; we should start next Thursday for 8PM EST. Are you the one who wants to join the wiki btw?
  8. I am starting a new Warhammer Fantasy 2nd Ed camapign this week and I'm looking for one or two extra player to round up the group. Currently we got A Kislevite Kossar, plans on going bounty hunter then vampire hunter An Elven Apprentice Wizard, going the magic route 3rd player, which still need to confirm his schedule. We would be doing the Path of Damnation campaign. As stated, the games will be on mIRC. Campaign page is here. http://dark-heresy.wikispaces.com/Gnomes%26NoblesIV chargen's is roll 9 times, remove the lowest, place'em where you want career wise you can pick, but try to tke an Imperial human; sorta sucks running an non-local party, never ends well with the peasentry.. Let me know if you got questions and such.
  9. So, I got the WD with the Mechanicus melee-oriented unit. Holy crap on a stick....6s on wounds are AP2, but only the first round of combat...as the others, your weapons ARE AP2 base value. 4+/6++ with Feel no pain...T3 to compensate that Got a bound, legit AdMec army? Well, everyone in it gains scout AND crusader, AND your Warlord gains Preferred enemy. Bitz wise...man that Skitarii box is chunk full of martian goodness! Can't wait to work on them..after I'm done painting my 100+ models in a decade or three...
  10. Or just...y'know...run the **** game from the book a few times and then see what mods may or may not be required. Just because everyone put whipped cream on their pie because they claim it tastes better, doesn't mean you got to have whipped cream too without having a bite first y'know....
  11. Yes, in typical zealotry Paladin shows, those who worship his God are a step above the rest (as they know the real Truth and all such this)...that would not make him that much radical, just a "logical conclusion". When you said Laws of robotics, I actually thought of Robocop's own program. 1-Serve the Public Trust (The Loyal) 2-Protect The innocent (The Good) 3-Uphold the Law (Because he's a cop) or it could be Fight the undead wherever they are or Protect nature whenever it is threaten or whatever Domain your God rules on, work on that. And I agree with you, a Paladin is not always a...well, Paladin, sure he's a warrior-monk of a religion...what I mean is, 'pretty sure a Paladin of a CE God doesn't go around helping the widow and orphan and hugging puppies. No, oh no, he's the reason why the widow and orphan are what they are, and after a little **** and murder, he'll ride out of the now burning town tramping a box full of cute puppies that was just lying there. And pass back a few times because puppy blood would look good on his horse's hoofs. If there's a paladin of a trickster or thieving God, would lying, cloak&daggery and thievery result in a paladin to lose his powers, or would such actions be accepted or even encouraged, with a penalty of then losing your powers as you do not act in accordance to your God's liking/methods?
  12. I brought that subject up with my group. We play Pathfinder (which some people dislike for reasons?). Paladin's one of Pharasma. Opinions are that Paladins are LG, but not Loyal Stupid now. Most of the players and GM played 2nd ed D&D, where the paladin had to obey all laws and help everyone, making a woman in distress in a field with a "private property, do not enter" sign resulting in the Paladin standing on the field's edge, foaming at the mouth, bound to help the innocent..but couldn't break the law and enter illegally on the property. While lying and such are not actions that are sanctioned or encouraged, a Paladin can see the big picture, and one white lie to get the peasants out of the inn (Elder Joachim needs every man, his barn is on fire!) to fight the wandering necromancer sleeping there without innocents in the way is not a power-shattering move that will make him be your stock LG fighter. Accusing some girl of witchcraft to make a drumhead trial in the middle of the village to act as distraction..that will be power affecting. Just as the same time, the market square pickpockets or the local crime syndicate is not of his concern. He's a Paladin, not the Watch. Of course at the same time, if the local Baron is acting all evil and such, he,ll get involve in local matters because again, big picture.
  13. The bold part got me going 'wha?' and the bold, italic and underlined part got me falling from my chair. First, the paladin will block the thief's attempt at theft at every opportunity. Why, how? Theft is not always overt, and I doubt the Paladin have the so-called Thief (really, how can he know automatically that that other guy in the party is a thief? Is it because he pick locks and disable traps?) under constant scrutiny 24/7. Pickpocketing is not something you want to advertise. There is also the possibility of the party splitting up, allowing the 'thief' to let go his basic criminal instincts without the Paladin in his way. And how did 'thief' get hold of that piece of information/item/whatever? -Buddy owned me a favour. -I know someone on the inside. -I blow my nest egg to get it -I found it -Fell off a turnip wagon -Anything else the player can imagine. -And if the thing can be hidden, why bother even talking about it, right? Also, except if he's a kleptomaniac, a thief don't go stealing all the time Then the big part, limiting everyone's play. I'm in a party that includes a paladin and a chaotic evil psionic. Paladin keeps an eye on him yeah, but they still fight side by side because of the common goal. Also, the CE guy doesn't go murdering innocents for fun and burn whole villages because the porridge at the inn wasn't to his liking. I mean, he killed, or well, murdered really, some peasant guy in a battle arena (which was seen as a social faux pas- even more so that his killing blow was the first and only strike to be had this fight...and fate would have it it was a rather impressive critical.) The party wasn't to hot on that, but we understood the situation and it was judged that while too much for the challenge, it was in a battle situation so fair game. Psionic won the money purse that night as the player wanted to. He also freed an evil lizardmen from the battle pits as well, unknown to the party, because hey, even without the paladin none of us would want a lizardmen running free near human settlements. To make my point, evil characters usually have the party at their backs because they're evil by actions and concept, no matter how they explain it. The Paladin is simply the guy that talks right there and then when everyone else is looking at each other, unsure about how to react to that old guy in robes pulling skeletons from the ground to 'help us free the farmer's pigs from the goblins' and if he's that trustworthy and if the group really need a wizard after all? And I see it more like a challenge really. Even a clever thief might end up using the (unknowingly) paladin as distraction while he does his thing.
  14. Core's in the chargen chapter. Ascension's page is around 21-23
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