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  1. Does anyone has a run-down on the experience track for HotE? I know it's only 8 missions long, but I'm very curious about this part.
  2. I ran this with Fenn in the group and his Blast ability is what killed Vader in the end. Don't matter how many defense dice he has in that scenario. Something to watch out for.
  3. This does indeed look fun. I look forward to play reports.
  4. We also have a Facebook group.
  5. We have a weekly group that meets in Kitchener and Cambridge. If that's your area, send me a PM.
  6. 'tis true. I tested my eMon Mothma / 2x Padawan last night and I ended up with Mothma wielding two Vibroblades and Rey's Staff and she took on Jango single-handedly. It was pretty awesome!
  7. Leia is super cool, so good call. I've seen her work well with Chewie in a casual environment.
  8. Cool! Also, could someone (or has someone in your experience) opted to resolve only some of their damage at a time? ie. I have 4 dice all showing 1 Melee sides and I really want to hit player B, so I resolve two of my dice hoping to hit them; if I don't then on my next turn I resolve the next two melee damage. I know it's fringe, just curious. I like this variant a lot and will see if my group wants to try it out next time.
  9. Once the player who's getting the damage is chosen, does the attacker get to choose which of their characters take the harm?
  10. I dig this idea. You could also offer them to players as XP unlocks too, usually 2-3 covers most of their personal abilities.
  11. I really like Loku, as a support/dps hybrid. We had in in the Core campaign and he definitely carried his weight. Scouting Report alone meant we got 2-3 crates every mission which resulted in about 1200-1500 more credits to spend by the end of the campaign. All that for 1xp? Yes please! Overwatch was super useful. The freedom to lie in wait for an attack *and* get a free Surge when you do? Very cool! Spectrum Scanner made it much easier to eliminate groups of troopers. Mon Cal Special Forces gave him a constant stream of Endurance to spend, which was awesome. I think Loku also took Study of Enemies but I don't recall it coming up often, so maybe skip that one? In closing, I liked Loku a lot. We had him sporting a DXR-6 at incredible range and I'd totally play him in a future campaign.
  12. This sounds A-mazing! Please keep me in mind for playtesting!
  13. I haven't played Twin Shadows or Jabba's Realm yet, but from the others I would say Hoth was both the best and most fun for me as a Rebel player.
  14. I really like this idea, nice melding of games as far as I can tell.
  15. Looks like we're going to be trying this out tonight! I'll let you know how it goes!