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  1. If your Imperial is that much more experienced, why are they banning anything? Seems like you players should get to ban 3 Imperial Classes and call it a day, imo. Military Might is very good, so if I had to choose it would be in my top 3 choices; also Subversive Tactics and Power of the Darkside.
  2. RtH is still my favourite campaign to date. I know some people have issues with it but I love it.
  3. I thought Ally's couldn't voluntarily make Attribute tests, only react to them. So Han wouldn't be able to pick the lock, am I wrong?
  4. This has been extremely educational. Thank you all for the quick and concise responses!
  5. In the RRG it states: "If a trooper unit has one or more suppression tokens assigned to it, that unit improves its cover by one when defending against ranged attacks." Does this mean out in the open, where they would not normally gain a cover bonus, a unit that is Suppressed has Light Cover? Thanks in advance.
  6. Good point. I had it this way originally but doubted myself; thank you for the objective clarity. I do like the sound of that, but that extra 2-3 points is going to be hard to find. :/ Thanks.
  7. Playing around with this list for an upcoming quarterly tourney, I'd appreciate any feedback you can offer. Name: Mothma MSU Swarm! Faction: Rebel Commander: Mon Mothma Assault: Blockade Run Defense: Capture the VIP Navigation: Salvage Run MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63) • Lando Carissian (4) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Admonition (8) = 79 Points MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63) • Walex Blissex (5) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Foresight (8) = 80 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) • Mon Mothma (30) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) • Jaina's Light (2) = 83 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 51 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 51 Points Squadrons: • YT-2400 (16) • Han Solo (26) • Rogue Squadron (14) = 56 Points Total Points: 400
  8. I'm terrible at picking objectives. Which are best for Squadrons? AFFM would probably just be for initial engagement, so I can throw it away on turn 2 or 3, like you said. Gold Squadron is a good idea though, thank you.
  9. I could use some advice on this carrier list I'm working on. Thanks in advance. Name: Carrier My Wayward Son! Faction: Rebel Commander: General Dodonna Assault: Station Assault Defense: Hyperspace Assault Navigation: Solar Corona Assault Frigate Mk2 B (72) • Flight Controllers (6) • Expanded Hangar Bay (5) • Gallant Haven (8) = 91 Points Pelta Command Ship (60) • Flight Commander (3) • Fighter Coordination Team (3) • All fighters, Follow Me! (5) • Expanded Hangar Bay (5) = 76 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Toryn Farr (7) • Bomber Command Center (8) = 33 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) • General Dodonna (20) • Jaina's Light (2) = 66 Points Squadrons: • Jan Ors (19) • 3 x X-wing Squadron (39) • 4 x B-wing Squadron (56) • Biggs Darklighter (19) = 133 Points Total Points: 399
  10. Does anyone has a run-down on the experience track for HotE? I know it's only 8 missions long, but I'm very curious about this part.
  11. I ran this with Fenn in the group and his Blast ability is what killed Vader in the end. Don't matter how many defense dice he has in that scenario. Something to watch out for.
  12. This does indeed look fun. I look forward to play reports.
  13. We also have a Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/120040631916943/
  14. We have a weekly group that meets in Kitchener and Cambridge. If that's your area, send me a PM.
  15. 'tis true. I tested my eMon Mothma / 2x Padawan last night and I ended up with Mothma wielding two Vibroblades and Rey's Staff and she took on Jango single-handedly. It was pretty awesome!
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