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  1. Two additional cards, and this project (Runebound Tales: Questing) is now heading into its final development phase. See the latest update at Fantastic Diversions for details and get involved.
  2. One brief card today and some decisions made concerning the final status for the P.O.D. edition of Runebound Tales: Questing. See the latest update at Fantastic Diversions (via link in my sig.) where you will also find links to the development gallery and other like resources.
  3. Another update this morning along with some special considerations as we look toward the size of this new starter deck for Runebound Tales: Questing. Please see the latest update at F.D. to understand the issues involved and then express your thoughts. RT: Questing Links: Latest Articles · Card Gallery · Rules Draft (PDF)
  4. Though not related to Runebound Tales, the following might be of interest and use to some of you. As with other announced offerings, you can learn more in Ye Ol' Shop. Available only as PDF download.
  5. This topic is for releases in the Runebound Tales series and related PDF and/or P.O.D. releases for Runebound 2E made available through FantasticDiversions.com. I will not have time to reiterate all news items here, so if you want more current news, visit my main site from time to time. NOTE: All P.O.D. versions of add-ons / expansions connected to a commercial game are NFP (not-for-profit) and priced as close to cost as possible. See "Ye Ol' Shop" @ F.D. for further details. NOW AVAILABLE IN DEVELOPMENT
  6. NIce to see there are a few people still wanting / playing this game, though likely not enough for a reprint. It has been a while since I stopped in here.
  7. Runebound Tales: In the Wild (Expansion Deck 1) is now available at ArtsCow and The Game Crafter (with downloadable PDF coming in the near future). Click the image to jump over to FantasticDiversions.com for more information and links. This is an NFP (Not-For-Profit) Product All P.O.D. versions of products for use with commercial games not from F.D./OFGI are “not-for-profit.” They are priced as close as possible to cost within vendor limits (such as price tiers). Minor profit accrued due to pricing limitations is taken only as vendor store credit and used exclusively for proofs / tests of future NFP products. No profit is taken for NFP products by F.D. or its staff.
  8. Agreed with Steve. POD would not work well for a game with this many components. The end price for POD would be quite high. There are some ways to cut that cost such as replacing certain physical components with printed ones, but even that brings in more problems and there are few such to efficiently replace. And it wouldn't be enough to cut much cost.
  9. Now also available through ArtsCow along with advice for finding e-coupons to save money. Please see the latest two posts at FantasticDiversions.com, as I do not have time to copy all into here.
  10. Now also available through ArtsCow.com. See the latest two posts at FantasticDiversions.com for additional extras such as places to hunt down coupons to cut the cost even more. No, I will not try to repost all the info here… again.
  11. This is a new "story" style deck for use with the core game, its variants, and somewhat with Island of Dread. It is available at a P.O.D. shop as an NFP (not-for-profit) and will also be available soon as a downloadable / printable PDF of the cards. Feel free to have a peek at your leisure if you want something for a littl dash of spice during normal play. Click the image to follow its link to FantasticDiversions.com. I will try to post updates to this topic once the PDF version is ready in a few weeks.
  12. A recent error with one card in this deck was discovered. If you ordered up the not-for-profit Cities of Adventure: Reference Cards before about March 20, 2013, please visit FantasticDiversions.com and use the "Contact" link to let J.C. know. To check your deck for this error, look for the "Orris" and "Shellport" cards in the Island of Dread group. Report what you find and that will tell me whether or not you need this fix. For those who do, I will mail it to you for free. DO NOT REPLY HEREIN. Use the contact method specified. I am rarely back this way unless I have news to share on fan add-ons for RB2E.
  13. Also available as printed cards in the Cities of Adventure: Reference Cards deck made available through my game site (see my sig links).
  14. Cities of Adventure: Reference Cards are now available in commercially printed form via P.O.D. service. This is a not-for-profit product; you pay only what the service charges to assemble the cards, deck, and tuckbox (plus S&H, of course). Drop by FantasticDiversions.com to learn more, as I won't retype everything here. You can also learn about other fan creations in the pipeline.
  15. Draii's approach is the one we use in games with experienced players willing to face a longer game. I am speaking of trophy points onlhy here. Yes, it can make (some) games longer, which is something we don't care about. It does speed up the initial rise of Craft and Strength (maybe too much), but the excessively high levels are harder to gain later on. The downside to this approach is that ultimately there's (slightly) less risk of death in the earlier part of the game. Some might prefer that though I don't.
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