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  1. To be more precise let me quote the TI3 rulebook: p. 35 "Admiral +When an Admiral participates in a Space Battle (as attacker or defender), its owner may role one aditional die for the ship that is carrying the Admiral. (Note that only one additional die is rolled, even if the Admiral is on a War Sun.) +A Dreadnought carrying an Admiral receives +1 movement. [...] I understand that Assault Cannon dosn't work but if Nano tech and Type IV drive work on the Flagship what about the +1 movement?
  2. While playing our last game of TI3 Shards of the Empire + Shattered Empire we where wondering about the Admiral and Flagship compatibility. Is Flagship considered a Dreadnought as the latest FAQ seems to point to? (In that case they would give them 1 more movement + the extra combat dice the admiral give to the ship is in) Thank you for your answer!
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