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  1. This event is going to be rescheduled to a Sunday in May. Unfortunately, it's suicide to try and compete with a MtG Prerelease and Release, which just so happens to be occurring the weekend of April 17th and April 24th. Stay tuned, because this event WILL happen!!
  2. For those interested in showing up and throwing down in April, you may email me direct: iari.melchor@gmail.com Also, if there is enough interest in making this a 2-Day Event, i'm thinking it's going to be very possible! However, this will largely depend upon the number of advanced inquiries and RSVP's we get between now and about a week out from the Event (weekend of April 17th, 18th), so early communication is a definite must!! Lookin' forward to throwin' down w/y'all! Cheers, iari melchor mka RockStar
  3. Need to chime in and add to what Tader Salad started. As the official TO of this event, i need to amend a couple things: Here's the blurb i put out on ufscentral.com. Please note the changes: date, and location. Thanks, RockStar - RockStar here, TO for the aforementioned UFS Throwdown in the SF Bay Area. Still waiting on a couple details, but i wanted to let everyone know what we've got going on so far... What: UFS Regional Event Where: Epic Adventure Games, Scotts Valley, CA (Santa Cruz County). For directions, look here: http://www.epicadventuregames.com , and follow the About Us link. When: We are currently looking at Saturday, April 17th, 2010. Starts at 12pm sharp. NOTE: THIS DATE IS NOT AS YET CONFIRMED. WILL CONFIRM BY THE END OF THIS UPCOMING WEEK. Format/s: Singles - Standard Format (5pt Shuriken only). Current Errata and Bans list strictly enforced. Diversity enforced. Cost: $8 per person. Why Should I Play?: This event will feature some of the best and brightest players in the SF Bay Area who are IN LOVE with this game, who also happen to be some real kick @$$ people to hang with! Prize support will include an unopened Booster (which set is still TBD) for the Event's Champ, as well as Booster Paks (Standard and Legacy) for Top 4 (or 8, depending upon the turn out). There will also be special prizes including (but not limited to): Street Fighter Comics and Toys, tchotchkes, as well as other 'goodies'. There will be other awards handed out, not just Top4 or Top8 cuts! Everyone wins at this tournament! There is still more to work out, but these are the preliminary details. All comers are welcome! Shout out and let me know who's gonna make it! Cheers, RockStar
  4. Are you located in the US? If so, which coast? If you're on the West Coast, then there are still a couple playgroups that meet weekly.
  5. Welcome to the game! A better place to post this would be here: www.ufscentral.com These forums are going to be shut down the next month or two, and most ufs'ers have moved discussions to aforementioned website.
  6. Braydox said: Thats only 50 players in each state that wont be that hard to do especially since people in canada also play UFS. So it won't really be that hard to get the UFS population up to 2500. And when that happens they need another tekkan 6 set. Truly, i appreciate your optimism. May it be so.
  7. Unifiedshoe said: I have a hard time believing the game wouldnt hit that level if it were reintroduced as a living card game. I'm honestly really suprised FFG didn't go ahead and release a Shadowar boxed set before pulling the plug. As am i, tbh. I think a ShadoWar LCG would be HAWT! My prior comment merely points out that FFG isn't going to throw any more $$ into the game unless the Fan Base grows on its own, without any advertisement or Support - which it won't.
  8. Braydox said: I dont know if there are still people reading this but my store manager said that she got the e-mail from fantasy flight games saying that if we get this game to a fan base of 2,500 they will relaunch it. Which is their way of saying it's not gonna happen anytime soon.
  9. This deck looks brutal. And, only 8 attacks, NewFS?!?! On avg, how long were your matches, i.e. How many turns/game? You went undefeated, so obviously you had plenty of Fire power (pun fully intended), but were there ever any turns that you wish you had drawn some Orange, and just didn't have any? Again, 'gratz on the win, man! You rock!!
  10. 'Gratz, Shaneth!! Wish i had the funds to fly Eastward and play with y'all. Maybe i'll make it out to GenCon this year, just in case there's a UFS Event and i can finally meet everyone! Did you post your winning deck list yet? [Goes to check...]....
  11. Hey bro, For some reason your list is somewhat confusing... Do you have any NewFS for trade, or are you only offering Legacy cards for the newest sets? As i read it now, your newest "Haves" is last block. Correct, or no? For my own part, i'm looking for cards from ShadoWar to the most recent. Do you have any of those for trade?
  12. Best places to look: coolstuffinc.com and ebay (no kidding).
  13. +1 BlackFireDragon. Good trader, will trade with him again!
  14. Actually, Rockman, the way i see it, should UFS continue on with FFG as an LCG (way too many acronyms), and should it continue on only by ShadoWar name only, then i think it would be easier to build themed decks. I think it would also be a lot easier to tie in Story lines for each character, and each expansion could therefore be a twist to new story arcs. I'm also going to suggest this to Jason of Jasco Games on the google groups. If you're not already a member, i totally suggest you become one: http://groups.google.com/group/ufs-relaunch Happy New Year!
  15. After thinking about this, and finding out from my local hobby store from informed LCG players just WHAT LCG stood for (yea, i'm still a nOOB), i have to say that i'm very much on board for FFG making UFS into an LCG (man, that is a LOT of acronyms); even if it means only promoting UFS as ShadoWar. I'm IN! I think players benefit from this in a HUGE way: 1st, most of us aren't financially and independently wealthy. An LCG means that we could own the Starter Sets (and every card therein) for a very affordable amount. The later-released expansion sets would only then add to the flavor of the game, and would still be very much affordable for the average/casual gamer. 2nd, LCG's, i think, are more affordable to produce? This looks like it could be a win-win situation for all involved. That said... I'm still very much in support of Jasco Games, should FFG choose to pass on this idea.
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