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  1. If I read you right, it sounds to me like it's a tie with everybody voting 0, so the Speaker decides how the agenda is resolved.
  2. Not quite. The Naalu retreat ability occurs before the Space Battle step (and after Space Mines), while the Mentak special ability is a pre-combat ability. Pre-combat abilities are part of Space Battles; they just take place before combat rounds. Archon is correct that the defender chooses the order that pre-combat abilities occur (per the FAQ), but the Naalu ability takes place before that starts. This is important because say the Mentak are attacking with cruisers, a carrier and some fighters, and the Naalu have some destroyers and decide to retreat. If the retreat was a pre-combat ability, the Naalu could do anti-fighter barrage and kill some fighters, and then flee before the Mentak could use their pre-combat cruiser ability. Instead, the Naalu just flee, and they can't get a bunch of extra shots in before they go. (And the Mentak still don't get to use their ability)
  3. Don Kristobal said: I wrote Corey for an official ruling: -------------------- Question: Do the following qualify for the 2VP PO " I destroyed a SD after combat this turn": 1) No spacebattle only planetary landing of GF on an opponents planet with only a SD? 2) No spacebattle only planetary landing of GF on an opponents planet with only a SD and a PDS? 3) Use of AC Star of Death after winning a spacebattle in a system containing a SD? ---------------------- Answer from Corey: Hello Kristobal, In order to fulfil this card, you must fight a ground combat against enemy units. Therefore #1, #2, and the Star of Death do NOT complete this objective. ---------------------- I have to say that's a rather wacky ruling that I'm going to ignore. It creates an incentive to NOT defend your Space Docks with troops -- so other players will not be able to score points off your docks. That doesn't make much sense to me.
  4. Steve-O said: JackWilton said: QUESTION: Can a Carrier with XRD pick up Ground Forces, activate a system two away, then off ground forces in the system along the way? Say the Carrier is on Mellon, and Wellon is activated with Bereg's system in between. Could the Carrier pick up or off units along the way onto Bereg? No. GFs are picked up during the Movement step of an activation and are dropped off on the Planetary Landings step. Planetary Landings happens exclusively after Movement, so the Carrier can only GFs in the system it stops moving in (and remember, ships aren't allowed to stop short of the activated system. They either move to that system or they don't move at all.) This answer isn't entirely consistent with the rules. It is true you cannot off units along the way the act of landing troops / PDS / leaders can only take place in the activated destination system during a tactical action. However, you may pick up GF from unactivated systems en route to the destination, and land them upon arrival.
  5. This is incorrect there are no penalties for bombardment. The only similar rule is a die roll if you razing a Distant Suns counter that carries a possible penalty. The use of X-89 in lieu of bombardment also forces discard of all action cards.
  6. We used a couple of different rules: Instead of placing tiles in a snake order, we just went 'round the circle repeatedly. The last two players to place tiles also got to place one C wormhole each after the map was finished, on any accessible spot on the board except a Home System or Mecatol Rex.
  7. My group at long last finished our first Star-by-Star game referenced above, and I imagine every future game will use these rules. Final score was Saar 14, Norr 12, Letnev 9, Mentak 9, Jol Nar 6. Saar won it by taking the artifact at the wormhole nexus from the Norr. Came down to the absolute wire. In the previous round, Saar had gotten ahead and was targeted by everyone in range: Letnev knocked out a fleet at the Nexus (only to lose it to the Norr), and Mentak knocked out the other Saar fleet at Starpoint. A desperate Saar attempt to take the Norr artifact at Rarron failed. Saar ended with one advanced fighter guarding all three Space Docks, and two damaged Dreads at Lodor. Next round: Saar 13, Norr 13. Norr sends three Type IV, Hylar V cruisers to take the out three Space Docks. First combat round: three cruiser misses, one fighter hit. Second round: 1 cruiser hit, 1 cruiser miss; 1 fighter miss. Saar plays "Courageous to the End" and rolls two fighter shots. Two hits! Everyone is dead; the docks survive, and that heroic fighter pilot gets a planet named after him. Mentak misses a chance to send a lone Type IV cruiser after the now-unguarded Space Docks, believing Saar doesn't have the mustard to build a fleet to beat the Norr and take an artifact this turn: He's worried now about the Norr. Instead, Saar plays production, builds a massive fleet, and defeats the significant Nexus fleet and ground garrison the following turn, taking the artifact. Mentak had a big empire like Saar and Norr, but never managed to translate that into quick Victory Points. Letnev started by pasting Jol-Nar (the new player), and kept him around to milk him for VPs from time to time. It cost him: At the end, Jol-Nar got his revenge by grabbing several Letnev planets and preventing him from scoring the 3 VP, 11-planet objective. Endgame MAP: http://home.comcast.net/~johnnylump/John-John-Paul-Ryan-Wade%20Turn%2011%20map.JPG Endgame SCOREBOARD: http://home.comcast.net/~johnnylump/John-John-Paul-Ryan-Wade%20Turn%2011%20obj.JPG
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