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  1. Thanks everyone for the quick responses. I think I have a pretty decent handle on the rules now!
  2. On page 22 of the rule book under 'Activate Raiders' it says the following: 3. If there are no civilian ships in the area, the viper moves one space area towards the nearest civilian ship. If several civilian ships are equidistant, it moves clockwise around the Galactica. This should read "Raider" instead of "Viper", right? 1. If you are succesful in your skill check to leave the Brig, do you continue back on the order of events and draw a crisis card next? 2. You remove civilian ships from the game as they are destroyed. What do you do when you run out of civilian ships and are required to put one in play? 3. Recommendation: Put the Brig in the index for the next printing. It seems there are a lot of questions surrounding how the Brig works, so it would seem useful to have all references listed in the index. 4. When someone new becomes President, are all of Quorum cards that the previous President had, handed over to the new president? I think that they are, but it wasn't completely clear. 5. Clarification....Heavy Raiders ignore Vipers and can drop off a boarding party even if there is a Viper in the same space, correct? Thats it for now, thank you in advance for any answers. I really like this game!
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