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  1. Oh man...... What a disappointment! I saw the Road to Legend announcement and thought we had an extremely enhanced campaign like in first edition. My imagination went wild with all the possibilities. Possibly act 3 or even act 4 level monsters, tons of new dungeons, an overland map with lieutenants putting cities under siege...maybe even cool coins like they used to have. So many amazing things could happen with 2nd edition. Not to mention I've been pining for a Road to Legend equivalent for second edition. And then I read it.... Co-op care bear stuff. So sad.
  2. Morthai said: new search cards would completely trow the balance of the search deck totally out. Even the secret room changes the balance quite alot. Not necessarily. If the percentage of each type of card and money value (of the total deck) remained the same, then the balance/odds would remain the same. I can not off hand remember the size or contents of the entire search deck, but say for instance there were 6 potion cards, 4 "trinket" cards, 1 treasure chest card and 1 nothing card. The expansion could add 6 more new potion type cards (perhaps some of the other potions from 1st ed, or completely new ones), 4 new "trinket" cards, 1 more treasure chest card, and one more nothing card. If the gold values mirrored the initial search deck values, this would in effect give you the exact same odds as the basic search deck while adding some variety. As a side effect, if you were using LotWQ, the odds of the secret room would be halved.
  3. Since its release with 1st ed Descent has always been brutal. Sometimes with quests that were nigh unwinnable for the heroes (think Well of Darkness and even worse Altar of Despair). It is a strategically involved game where either side can win and mistakes can be devestating. I have always thought that is one of Descent's defining characteristics, and one of its greatest. When the heroes win in Descent it really means something. 2nd Edition, from my experiences, has made it somewhat less difficult for the heroes (though not by much ). In particular, the reinforcing rule is much easier to plan for than line of sight spawing with multiple enemies. Ultimately though, my point is that to enjoy descent, the players/overlord have to be able to accept crushing defeats every now and again without all of the QQ. Otherwise, it won't be terribly enoyable. Which is a shame, as IMO Descent is tactically a tactically rich, challenging, and rewarding game. Just some thoughts.
  4. Hmmm…well they didn't actually say "no new search cards." However, they made a fairly comprehensive list in both the news add and the "About" section of the LoR page which mentioned everything BUT new search cards. So I suppose they may have just not mentioned them, but likely they aren't in there. Which isn't really a big deal, I just personally want to see that search deck have new and interesting stuff in it. There is just something fun about the random search draw and I think more variety would be rad. Either way, I can't wait to buy this box!!
  5. Can't wait. I look forward to adding this one to the collection! New campaign = awesome! New classes, dice, heroes, quests, OL cards, travel cards, items, etc = AWESOME! but… No new search cards = not awesome qq.
  6. @ Coldmoonrising I love the blood on the base in front of Laughin Buldar. Now I want to go back and personalize all the bases on my heroes! (I just have them all with uniform texture and color) Good work! Solid painting.
  7. Overlord999 said: imgur.com/a/6CAbt#4 Awesome style.
  8. @ Triu Gettysburg was awesome! W00t @ many other people (to include the OP) Descent 1st Ed was the mainstay of my gaming night for several years and I can say with a certainty that we loved it. I can also say with a certainty that I am well versed in 1st Ed. We played every expansion and ran one shot quests and season long campaigns. By the time we put the dice down almost every game piece had factory ink worn thin. As much as I reserve a place of honor for Descent 1st Ed, I am frimly of the position that it is/was a VASTLY flawed game. It had a great theme and huge doses of satisfying strategical decision making to be sure. But the mechanics of the game, to me, seemed always to vaguely fight against the fun. Threat management wasn't very difficult, nor often meaningful, but just a token slog. The spawning mechanic, though fun at first, became just another annoying factor that drew out hero turns to the far reaches of space/time. The quests were uninspired for the most part and the glyphs of transport were one of several game mechanics that killed what little immersion/believability the game had. I GREATLY enjoyed Descent 1st Ed, but…. Descent 2nd Ed is in my opinion far superior. It is just more fun. Choices are more meaningful, heroes can fill roles with far greater effect, the quests are actually interesting, the sculpts are not done by 7 year olds, reinforcing is much more believable, there are attribute tests, abilities are more intuitive and fun, the tiles look cooler, the defense dice are more like Heroquest (which is always a good thing), and my monster/hero collection is even bigger than it was before! Strategically, the game is just as deep as 1st Ed, just less clunky. The only drawback is that having just been released, 2nd Ed is not nearly as "rich" as 1st Ed was with all of the expansion stuff thrown in. Though there is already one of those on the way. Which, by the way, I must mention I am very pleased with. I like the idea of a small expansion with numerous additions to enhance the game. Plus, with only a few models, I will not have to go into seclusion in the West wing for a month to paint them.
  9. I have been meaning to post up my descent minis for a while now. I have everything painted from the begining of 1 st edition. (save the sea of blood lieutenants and a few of the promo heroes) I just started on the bases of the second edition minis. I DO enjoy me some Descent! Especially when mixed with some good friends and a healthy portion of Lager and Skoal. And my opinion of 2nd Ed: Excellent! Not to mention the sculpts are far and above some of the weak examples in 1st Ed. Anywho…pics:
  10. Descent has been my 2 group's game of choice BECAUSE it is about people vs other people. Competition. It is what makes Descent the great game it is. The very substance of the game is the struggle of wits between the players and the OL. Without this struggle, Descent becomes somthing else. It is not without co-op though. The four players do a LOT of cooperative planning and adventuring, at least in my groups. But what makes that cooperation so rewarding in Descent, is that if the players won, they did so in the face of a worthy (if I may call myself so) adversary. I would hope for a focused effort on continuing this vein in the Descent portion of Terrinoth.
  11. Also, I look forward to Antistone getting a hold of this...
  12. PWBrian said: Judasgoat said: I've got nothing but tears... I just bought Descent 2 weeks ago... I haven't even punched out the tiles yet. You've still got time. Descent 2.0 is still being printed, so I say crack that big wide box open and play the hell out of it until this comes out. Plus, all of the heroes and monsters will be usable in second edition. And it looks like they are unique from what is in the base set, giving you a sort of expansion right off the bat.
  13. Descent has been the mainstay of my board gaming for near 4 years now. 2 full gaming groups have played descent, including all of the stand alone quests and both campaigns, in my "Descent Facility" every other week since I bought the base set. And it IS truly a Descent facility. I have painted the ENTIRE set of heroes and monsters (including the new DungeonQuest ones) and they sit on display just in reach of the Overlord seat. I have a huge desk with hutch just dedicated to all of the cards, tiles, and tokens, with each having their own seperate drawers in numerous organizers. And the beer fridge sits fully stocked just next to the gaming table. A table which happens to have an aged and stained top of oak boards and wooden legs with inscribed runes. I wont mention the descent replica potions and shields that adorn the walls. I suppose I ought to post pics of my geek-out area....but in any case: I really like Descent. So when I saw this announcement, needless to say I was a bit excited. My only concern at first was that all my stuff was now void. But that was quickly negated when I read about the conversion set. In all the time my friends and I have spent playing Descent, the only issue we've had with the game was the lack of clarity and inconsistance regarding pieces of the mechanics. I don't mean the complexity, I quite enjoy that about descent. The in depth strategy and length of play (well not always the length of play) were somthing that kept us coming back. We just didn't like the INability to easily adjudicate many situations with out house rulling. And now it looks like that part of Descent is going to be vastly improved/recreated. Of course we can't know if it will be done well unitl it is in our hands. However, there is a serious set of material in the first edition and the effort of any second edition writing process is geared toward making a better game (not just creating an entirely new game). I have high hopes!! This is gonna rock!!
  14. That looks outstanding. I would download that without a doubt.
  15. Certainly +1. Maybe something to add some depth to the story of a descent campaign?
  16. I interpret it like this: Steelhorns must move like a rook...they often mention diagonal moves when they apply, and if you took it to mean simply a straight line (like line of sight) almost any move would be valid. Steelhorns may spend movement points for other actions at any time, including after the attack, so long as the spaces moved are in a straight line and he does not spend a movement point on actual movement after the attack. Steelhorns must move at least one space. Otherwise he would not technically have moved in a straight line. (though this last one should never be a factor as in that case he would just declare a battle or ready action)
  17. joshuapavon said: Hi! I've read the rulebooks for original Descent and WoD (which is all I have so far) and also the Errata. I understand that players can only draw from Treasure Card Decks AFTER they have opened the corresponding treasure type in-game already. However, for the "basic campaign" described on the front of the Quest Guide for the original game, it appears to say to me that heroes may purchase treasure cards during the beginning. I interpret this to mean that during "normal play" heroes may only purchase treasure cards after they have opened that corresponding treasure in-game. And, when playing "basic campaign" heroes may only purchase treasure cards 1. At the Start and 2. Afterwards, only after they have opened the corresponding treasure. Do you think that is correct or no? Thanks very much! -Josh My current group is making their way through all of the quests from vanilla, Well of Darkness, and Altar of Despair (and maybe ToI also) before we start the real fun in Road to Legend. We are about half way through WoD and have used the basic campaign rules since about quest 5 of the base set. I think your interpretation is correct and that is how we played it, though technically the errata was published after the basic campaign rules. However it does not specifically say that basic campaign rules are void. Anyway, I can tell you that it does not cause much of a balance problem for two reasons. One, there is a boost for the OL related to the average level of the heros which makes a big difference early in the game. Two, when the heroes can actually afford a silver draw, It will cost them most of their money and if they don't get the perfect item they are shafted for the start. The only thing I can not speak from experience on is how well it works with level 4 heros (5 consecutive wins) as the heros in my group have never gone more than 4 quests without a loss.
  18. Skywalker said: I know not many people seem to be getting these but pics of the wave 2 minis have been put up. I wonder when wave 3 are due I bought all of the first wave and intend to get the rest of the figures. They are excellent sculpts I think. Well worth it if you have the money and are going to use them. Especially if you enjoy painting minis.
  19. Yea Descent certainly takes a while to play, especially at first. My main group (that plays every other week) consists of four players who do not normally play games like this or rpgs and such so the time frame is certainly a factor for us also. Here are a few things that help it go a bit quicker. First and formost is playing. The more you play the faster it gets for several reasons. The rules are more well known the more you play by everyone so there is less consideration in that regard. The players become more used to their options so their decisions come much quicker with time. The overlord on the same token also gets quicker at making decisions with cards and monsters. A big game delay is the time spent thinking and going over the options. The less time doing this the faster it goes. My group has finally really grasped the game and the heroes usually role through the vanilla quests in about 8-12 turns. So that is a big factor. (or if they lose it goes even faster!) Second is organization. There are SOOOOO many freakin pieces and figures and tokens and cards and..... You may already have everything at easy access, but if you don't, spend some time organizing the stuff. A fishing tacklebox, or a box of screw and nail drawers, or something similar can make area set up a lot faster. Thirdly, just set a time limit. If you hit a certain time, just stop. We have "saved" the game pretty easily once. We just took digital pics of the characters, I wrote down my overlord stuff, and marked the figures on the map. After that I could clean all up until the next time we played. Getting the one shot quests down to 2 and a half hours will still be rare, but it could happen. We usually finish in anywhere from 3 to 4 hours now.
  20. Hi, I have two groups that play fairly regularly. One group is not full and is usually missing someone anyway. We play just outside Bethlehem PA just off I-78. If you are interested let me know and we can try and get you in on some Descent. The beer, food and Skoal flows nicely when we play. I dont know what kind of drive you would be looking at though depending on where you live.
  21. Hirst Arts? I would love to see these. I think we will try revealing it area by area on the next run and see how the group likes it.
  22. Thanks for all of the input, all points well noted. I can certainly see how it would increase the time required to play having to lay out the tiles when a door is opened.
  23. Unless I am misunderstanding the rules, each dungeon is laid out in its entirety at the beginning of any given quest. (I am fairly new to Descent but that is how we have played it each time) Then, the items, terrain, and figures that populate a given area are placed upon the opening of the door to that area. What I am wondering is if anyone places the room and hall tiles only after they are seen by the Heros. After thinking about it, I suppose this could be done without much problem if entire areas were placed on the table at the same time you would normally place all the pieces for that area. Has anyone tried this? If so what problems or reccomendations might you have? Thanks
  24. I am in Bethlehem PA, USA. Descent rocks!!! Ever since Hero Quest I have been waiting for somthing similar but better. Now it is here! Also I second the sticky nomination.
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