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  1. Julia said: Any enhancement to "basic" skill rolls also applies to special skill rolls. So, a +1 to Fight also applies to Combat checks. And the special text of a skill should be applied in the same way Juolia is correct. In some of the later expansions there are cards which specifically apply only to the basic skill or the special skill, but they state that specifically on the item card itself.
  2. I am particularly fond of the Innsmouth rumors: all pain and no reward. Wheeeeee!
  3. Tef said: >>Magical immunity applies to the bonuses from skills and magical weapons that are added to the combat check Spells, not skills. Well it's never stated, that VoR grants a bonus to Fight, also. It grants bonus to all checks. So I think, that it's quite logical that Magical Immunity will negate that bonus from a Spell. Thank you. I meant spells, not skills. I still don't think magical immunity affects VoR, but I guess I will wait for the new improved FAQ.
  4. First off, my bride plays also. That is pretty cool. She doesn't have the patience for long games that I do, but from time to time she likes to play a game of AH. I use the small chthulu to act as doom tokens on the AO sheets. Haven't had a problem with size or anything. I use the large ones to mark sealed locations. Easier to see than those little elder signs. Yes they can be cumbersome and get in the way of monster chits and investigators, but we haven't really had that much trouble. I will definitely use one of the large ones as the first player token when I play with my sons this weekend.
  5. Tef said: A quick question about Voice of Ra spell. Does the Magical Immunity of a monster negates the bonus granted by VoR? I guess that it does, as MI negates all the bonuses to combat checks from spells Voice of Ra applies to your FIGHT check, rather than the subsidiary COMBAT check. Therefore the Voice would not be negated by magical immunity. Magical immunity applies to the bonuses from skills and magical weapons that are added to the combat check.
  6. Nyogtha said: That said, there is always Vassal (Google it). There might be a AH module for that, or you could always dive in and create one for your own personal use. It was a Vassal module for AH that resulted in the FFG folks asking the person to cease and desist. I have corresonded with some game companies that encouraged having folks put their games into a Vassal module, but FFG is not one of them. I don't know why, but I suspect it is because they are pretty well established, while smaller companies like the free advertising of having a Vassal module for their games.
  7. Dam said: Tibs said: I think that one of the other "Old Ones" (Avi, Dam, JGT) said that it's a shame that you can't drive the deputy wagon to Devil's Reef (or Y'ha-nthlei) but you can drive them back. Same goes for the Kingsport Head. Heretic ! I'm against Paddy Wagon for both going in and coming out of a non-connected area. Kingsport Head is at least connected to the rest of the world above ground (water). Hmmm, I have always played as Dam describes. Can't use it at all for DR or Yhanthingamajig (I'm glad someone besides me refuses or is incapable or both to learn how to spell that location) coming or going. However, Tibs raises an interesting point. I must study the board when I get home tonight. I feel my sanity slipping away already!
  8. teh-V1s1on said: Yeah where is that locator thread? I live in hampton roads and it is always good to find other gamers. Any of you going to the Williamsburg Muster this weekend? A group I'm apart of is hosting its second annual Convention. ODMS... Lots of Miniature wargaming (Flames of War, ancients, ect) but alot of board gaming too. This time last year at the muster is where i first played arkham horror and i have been hooked ever since...I can post more if any of you are interested in stopping in. Locator thread = http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=5&efcid=1&efidt=117896&efpag=15 As for the Williamsburg Muster (getting quite a bit off topic here, but what the heck, I'm a rebel!) I was planning on going, however, friends are coming in to town on Saturday from Chicago. Consequently, Bride has indicated (rightly so) that friends we haven't seen in a while take precedence over games. Plus, it looks like Saturday weather may turn crummy again. Friday I have work, and Sunday is church in the morning, so I can't justify the 2 hour round trip for just a couple of hours of play either of those two days. If I can figure out how to PM, I'll shoot you a note with my contact info. I'm right in Norfolk, so perhaps we could get a game of AH going some weekend.
  9. SgtWaka said: Ok, boss..thanks for the welcome. I spent 5 years in the Navy, back in my youth, in Virginia, and i swore i'd never go to the east coast again. Its alot better now. Besides, Norfolk ain't Arkham. Are you in Norfolk now, or was that in the past? Looking for players in the Tidewater area. Perhps you could have Redd add you to the locator thread.
  10. Aha! I did not realize that you were in Russia. That is really neat. I understand that the phone calls might be a bit expensive, though.
  11. Lesseps said: This is just ridiculous! I don't get an answer from support or store mail for 3 days already. $450 from my credit card approved though... I really start to worry. I just checked the shopping section of the web page. At the top it says that due to annual inventory, they were pretty much shut down for about 2 weeks. Any oders placed during their hiatus would not begin to be processed until 11 January, which I believe is when you placed your order. You are probably behind all the folks that placed orders prior to that day. There is a phone number on the contact section f the web page. If you aren't haveing any success with email, try calling. I've never ordered from FFG direct, but some of the other regulars have indicated that they have great customer service. Good luck.
  12. Lesseps said: So you mean in Other wolrds you have just SINGLE encounter, not two ? For a second, Arkham asylum was not in my example. Only Docks and Science building. And I don't see any problems in getting 10 bucks for 10 trophies in one turn, this is logical. And reading on Asylum clearly says you can have 1 free sanity OR full for $2 in your encounter. Thus no more than 1 free per encounter. P.S. And after all bull is one of the things I can hardly agree with on forums. Watch your language please. Negative. Regarding gates and monsters and other worlds: Monsters are fought during the movement phase (phase2). Getting sucked through the gate happens during the Arkham Encounter phase (phase 3). The Other World Encounter happens during the OW encounter phase (phase 4.) Thus, you must fight the monster, then get sucked in, then have an OW encounter in that order, and all on the same turn. It is not until the following turn that you move to the second OW area (phase 2) and have your second OW encounter (phase 4.) As for selling multiple trophies on a single encounter phase, I'm pretty sure Dam is right, and I think it has been FAQed. I'll see if I can find it and post it for you.
  13. The Thing In The Attic said: 30 games in 5 days...your mate on paternity leave and yourself on sick leave....Man! My wife wants to know how your wives let you get away with this especially with a newborn babe on the scene. If your wives actually agreed to this can you get them to call my wife please and explain to her the phenonemon that is Arkham Horror and that 30 games isn't really excessive My first thought was that 30 games in 5 days must have reduced both of your sanity to 1.
  14. Wow, it has been a long time! Good to see you back. I bet (based on your handle) that you are quite pleased about football this year. I'm rooting for the Eagles. Maybe we'll see each other in the Superbowl. Sorry for the off topic, but I just had to pipe up.
  15. I've said this one before, but we had Amanda Sharpe starting with a tommy gun. She very quickly picked up whiskey and a motorcycle. My son and I had visions of drunken sorority girls racing around Arkham on a motorcycle with automatic weapons. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.
  16. IIRC, in the story about the hounds, they move inter-dimensionally. Angles are required for them to teleport to a victim. Such as the corners of a room. Without corners, they can't come get you.
  17. DrFaust said: Svartnatt said: Put another way, if I am at -1 to my roll, spend 1 clue token to raise it to zero, does the bonus dice due to the skill actually raise the roll to 1 dice? If so, I only needed to spend 1 clue token to get a roll, rather than the 2 I actually used... If you're at negative dice and spend a clue token, you are now at one die. The skill's bonus die puts you at two dice. That's how I learned it anyway. You re correct. The use of the clue immediately puts you up to one die, plus a second for the bonus. If that fails, and you elect to spend anouther clue, you get two more dice. Lather rinse repeat as required.
  18. One of the regulars here keeps posting about his love of th eAzure Flame. I don't have KiY, so I looked it up on the wiki and saw that it is a magical EFFECT which boosts your combat. That led me to wonder: Is Azure Flame a way to get around the weapons immunity of a Lloigar, since it is an effect, not a weapon? I guess I really need to get some of the small boxes.
  19. Bliciant said: I will give you an example to make it easier example : Im on my mythos phase of the game and i draw "Strangr Power Flux Plagues City!" -Headline- and the card show on the lower left part the location of "Independence Square" And the card says " all investigators in other world areas may immediately return to arkham..... Clue Appears at " the unnamable" Am i going to open a new gate at "Independence Square" or not? Maybe. Generally the answer is YES. There are two reasons why you wouldn't. If there is already an open gate there, you won't open a new one, you will have a monster surge. If there is a seal on the location, you will not open a gate there because the seal blocks the new gate. If you have some of the expansions, the gate symbol may be in red. That means a gate burst, which blows the seal away and puts a new gate on the location, but does not add a doom token. Based on some of your posts, I don't think you have any expansions yet, so this probably won't apply to you.
  20. Since the environment could change on any turn, I would say that as long as it is in play, it stops the rumor from taking effect. Eventually the environment will go away, but the rumor never will unless it is passed (or failed, though that won't happen while "Happy Days" is on the board.) Every now and then the mythos gives you a break. Usually just to slap you down harder just when you think things are going your way!
  21. grouik said: awp832 said: i believe he is referring to this encounter: IH expansion, Science Building: Yes you are right sorry! But unless I am mistaken at least 2 encounters do this. And why couldn't we move the open gate to a sealed location? Or one with a gate? I'll take a shot. I'd say you can move the open gate to a sealed location if you wish. However, you would just end up with an open gate there. You would still have to close it, and since there is already a seal there, you couldn't seal it to move closer to a win. I can see good reasons for moving gates, though. Move a gate from a rare opening location to one of the common ones which increases chances of monster surges, but reduces the advance of the dom track. I've used this encounter to move gates from Devil's Reef or Yghthapsdhfak (still can't spell it) to somewhere easier to access. You can't move the gate to a location with another gate, because the rules state that the open gate replaces the location for game purposes until it is sealed. So that is not an option.
  22. Thanks, Dam. I missed that one. I guess I've been playing wrong. I still like my logic, however. Been lurking for a while. Switched to a hard wargame for solo play. I'm going to be visiting my sons this weekend, though, so we'll probably get a game of AH in Saturday night.
  23. Tibs said: Nghtflame7 said: I just looked at the rules, and can see why the example does appear a bit confusing. We play that a flying monster in a location, moves to the street whether there is an investigator there or not. Only once the flying monster is in the street will it go to the sky if it can't get to an investigator when it moves. Make sure to clarify that this is a house-rule. A (moving) flying monster in a location will move directly to the sky if there is not an investigator in its space or in an adjacent street Was this clarified in the FAQs? The way the example in the rules reads, it only shows that a monster goes to the sky from a street, not a location. That's where I saw reason for confusion. My logic was that since a monster can't swoop from the sky to a location (other than Devils Reef) to attack an investigator, it shouldn't be able to move from the location directly to the sky.
  24. I just looked at the rules, and can see why the example does appear a bit confusing. We play that a flying monster in a location, moves to the street whether there is an investigator there or not. Only once the flying monster is in the street will it go to the sky if it can't get to an investigator when it moves.
  25. The card you are referring to is "The Stars are Right" and it is a white card, not colored to match any gate color. The key here is the card says SHUFFLE the gate deck, then continue drawing until you get a card matching your gate colors. This card is so that from time to time the deck gets shuffled, and the cards can come up again during the game. Are you playing a non-English printing of the game? Just curious, as the syntax reminds of some other folks from other countries who have posted here.
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