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  1. 1. Rem (Prophetess) 2. HallowKnight (Elf) 3. Brando (Warrior) 4. Elliot (Ghoul) (Had to drop out before finished) It took us about 50 minutes to get the game going, but as soon as we got all the mics and cams working we played for about 5 hours. It ran smoothly for everybody but me. Every once in a while I got disconnected and had to restart my modem. But other than that it was a great game. We will definatly do it again, so if anybody is interested we just sign up. ps. I think 4 players is just right for a word game since it runs a bit slower than a normal game
  2. Me and Elliot are currently waiting for to yankees to come online and play the world game. But since they're late anybody can join. All you need is skype, yahoo, mic and the game. So if you're reading this right now (check when it is posted for our local time) (14.45 GMT+1) and want to play, you are free to join. Just add me to yahoo: little_razie
  3. Seriously. Noone is interested?
  4. I am the tiny Swede who likes world games:) I was pretty active on the old forums for a while and then I went away and just stopped. But now I'm back. Yay
  5. If you are interested in setting up a 'World Game' and have the following capabilities; 1) Yahoo Messenger with *MIC* with the ability to *VIEW* a Web Cam (As Primary communications) 2) Have HIGH SPEED connection 3) Can invest a MINIMUM of 4 hours of UNinterrupted Game play (Minus Bio and Smoke breaks ) 4) Have your Talisman Board set up within reach of your computer and Mic. 5) Be set up and READY to PLAY 1 HOUR before 'Start time' (just incase there are any comms issues) This will also give us a few minutes to get to know each other, answer any questions, help you set up, and generally abuse Hallow Knight for a bit of time before he is totally awake. How the Game is played One Player has the 'Master Board' and Rolls all dice (Dice rolls displayed on Web Cam) each additional player MUST have the secondary boards. Setup: Adventure cards MUST be pre-sorted, I recommend, by classifiation (Events, Strangers, Objects, Magic Objects, Bags of Gold, Enemy Monsters, Enemy Spirits, and Places) Spells: Alphabetized* (POSSIBLY Shuffled) Counters and Gold: Sorted by type and number Table space for a character for each player, with room for Items, followers, counters etc. (I put the characters on my desk in front of me, with a 'sticky note' of which player is the character, that way I can keep track of the voice and the character, I also put the characters in order from left to right, of who gets to go 1st, 2nd, etc.) The Talisman Board, is set up to my Right on a Card Table, LOTS of ROOM! Game Mechanics: Setup: Master board player shuffles and lays out all 14 character cards face down. Each player picks a number, and that is your character card, so there is little to no chance of the Character cards 'being loaded'. Master board player Shuffled Adventure cards, are placed near (if you wish infront of Cam) as the Master Deck. Master board player Shuffled Spell Cards, are placed near (if you wish infront of Cam) as the Master Spell Deck (More about the mechinics of Spells later) (Keep in mind, the MORE things infront of the Cam, the harder it is to see the dice rolls, these games are for *FUN*, I like to win as much as the next person, but I do not have to cheat in order to win, cheating would only be a waste of not only my time but yours, so there is a degree of Trust in this type of game). Each player 'Rolls' a Dice (Master board player would says something like 'Hallow rolls....*Rolls Dice on Cam* Hallow rolled a 3, 'Rett Rolls...*Rolls Dice on Cam* Rett rolled a 1, Hallow moves 1st. (I hope you follow that) Dice resolution (For Cave, Temple Etc) Player specifies they are ROLLING for (whatever) Master board player rolls the dice on cam. Combat resolution. 'Character is the Yellow Talisman Dice, Monster is the White Dice' Character to Character Resolution 'Attacking Character is the Yellow Talisman Dice, Defending Character is the White Dice' *Keep in Mind, when we play, we try to specify it over and over again. Hallows strength is a 4, he is the yellow dice, the Dragons strength is 7, it is the White Dice, the dragon is +4 on the dice roll (for anyone else the Dragon is +3, but since Hallow can't count, he'll never realized he was just shafted )* Spell resolution: There are a few ways to do this, based on if anyone draws a character with the ability to 'Know' the Spell cards. 1st way we did it. Everyone has their own 'spell deck' and here is the trust factor. Everyone keeps track of 'HOW MANY' Spells the other characters have (we used face down purchase cards, so you can see at a glace that, the Elf had 2 spells) If the Elf Casts Alchemy, *EVERYONE* Removes Alchemy from their Spell Decks, and places them on the discard pile. *IF* By chance, the Elf Casts Alchemy, and the Druid HOLDS the Alchemy Spell in his hand, the Druid would IMMEDIATELY DISCARD ALCHEMY, and DRAW A NEW SPELL. The 1st person to Cast it 'has' the spell. 2nd way we did it, because Rett was the Prophetess (and her ability is to always 'know' what spells are held. Everyone had their Spells Alphabetized, Rett would draw a spell card for whomever, and TYPE in a PRIVATE YAHOO CHAT WINDOW what Spell you have. ********* SPELLS IN THE WORLD GAMES ARE A LITTLE TRICKY, BUT AGAIN, THIS IS FOR FUN, IF YOU WANT SOMETHING OTHER THAN AN ENJOYABLE FEW HOURS..DO NOT SIGN UP!******** A turn will go something like this Rett: Its Hallows Turn. Do you wish to roll for movement? Hallow: Yes, Roll the Dice (or cast a spell, whatever) *DICE ROLL ON CAM* Rett: Hallow rolls a 5, do you want to move to the WOODS between the Chapel and the Village, or the PLAINS between the Chapel and the City? Hallow: Plains between Chapel and the City. Rett: Hallow draws 1 card, (Rett takes Top adventure card, shows it to the Cam and reads what it is) (everyone else digs out that particular adventure card) Rett: Hallow draws 'The Witch', Hallow you have to roll for the Witch, are you ready? *Rett Rolls for Hallow on the Witch* Rett ofcourse turns Hallow into a Toad, with his 'loaded Toad Dice' and states 'The Witch is on the Plains between the Chapel and the City. (EVERYONE puts their Witch on this spot, and replaces Hallows character with a Toad Piece). Rett: Its YOUR Turn, Do you wish to roll for Movement? *etc etc etc etc* Now that you read this entire post, HOW do you signup, volunteer, request to play etc? Post on the board 'WORLD GAME *DATE SUGGESTED* Please don't say 'World Game Saturday, say World Game Saturday March 15th' Make sure you have the following information to SEND VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE TO PLAYERS 1) Yahoo Messenger ID 2) Skype ID 3) Time Zone/Location (I'm -5 GMT, (Eastern USA) Hallow is -6 GMT (Central USA) 4) What times you are available to play (prefer in GMT so we can figure out local times) *LASTLY* Do not Sign on, and be UNprepared. There is nothing more frustrating than 'Hang on, I have to do this, that, the other thing' well yes there is.. The game will take approximately 50% *LONGER* than a normal Talisman game, just due to the fact that there are multiple boards, and we stop from time to time to go over EVERY Card, EVERY Character etc. Plus you have questions 'The Elf moved where?' and 'I thought the Elf only had 1 gold' if there is a discrepancy, MAJORITY RULES. (Hey I'll face it, I've forgotten to Add or Subtract a Gold here and there, when in doubt just ASK, 'I show the Elf with 3 gold, 2 lives and a Sword' if everyone else says 2 gold 3 lives and a sword, well obviously I must of missed something.) and remember *THIS GAME IS FOR FUN* oh let me say it again *THIS GAME IS FOR FUN* and one more time *THIS GAME IS FOR FUN* So that is how you do a World Game ENJOY! ! ! !
  6. Ok, I am back on the forums and what better way to celebrate than challenging everyone to a worldgame? this thread is to check if there is an interest for an semi-digital online game. I also post the rules/setup/way of playing so that everybody who don't know what this is can learn something new and interesting. These rules are stolen/copied from Retts post on the last forum but I think everything is correct. If you have any questions just post them here. Also if you are interested in trying this: add me on yahoo: little_razie
  7. Me and my friends always play random. We shuffle and then everybody takes turn drawing 2-3 characters and then choose in which order to play them (in case they die) The last couple of games we started eliminating the toptier and lowtier-characters (as we judge them) so that we got to play some of the less chosen ones. top: prophetess, troll, wizard, warrior low: ghoul, priest
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