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  1. "Imperial Assault and Legion (insert current favorite complaint)." Yet everyone likes to blatantly ignore the fact that Imperial Assault is owned by Hasbro, not FFG. Hasbro simply outsourced their miniatures game idea to FFG, in the same way that Hasbro outsourced their previous miniatures game to Wizards of the Coast. Hasbro owns most of the merchandising rights for Star Wars, and they control what Star Wars merchandise gets made and sold. Just like AT-43 was the property of Rackham, and only being sold through FFG. Just like the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K card games, as well as the Talisman board game, are the property of Games Workshop, simply outsourced to FFG. Even the XCOM and Civilization board games are owned by Firaxis, not FFG. Witcher, CD Red Projekt. Fallout, Bethesda. To have Legion compatible with Imperial Assault opens up a legal can of worms, that in the best case ends up with profits being split between FFG and Hasbro, causing the price to be higher for the product. Looking at Imperial Assault and Legion prices, Legion core set is 10% cheaper and appears to be solely owned by FFG without Hasbro involvement. That means no "overseer" dictating what expansions FFG can make and release, no profit sharing causing prices to rise, no restrictions on who can sell the product. In the worst case, you end up with lawsuits, hostile property holders that inhibit development and expansion, and eventually cause product lines to die. Do you all want to create a legal battle between FFG and Hasbro just to soothe your egos? If you answer yes, then you will be responsible for when both Imperial Assault and Legion die because the expensive legal battle consumes all the profits that would have been used to continue expanding both lines. WotC and Hasbro had a legal falling out when WotC dropped Star Wars that ended with the previous Star Wars miniatures and Starships Battles games to die, tournament scene ceased to exist overnight, and most of the player base liquidated their entire collections in frustration caused by the legal issues between WotC and Hasbro over the Star Wars license. Anyone else remember how fast FFG had to drop the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K card games? FFG wasn't even allowed to finish selling off their inventory and had to give their inventory to Games Workshop. That is the kind of threat that looms over Imperial Assault with it being owned by Hasbro. Hasbro could simply say, "We are done with you, hand over everything you still have," and FFG would have to comply, while this community watches Imperial Assault instantly die. No amount of complaining would be able to change that.
  2. The product page mentions a 6 Round time limit, just like Armada.
  3. Painting and model making skills, terrible. Looking forward to the game, yes. I have been waiting to see if someone would revive and improve upon the old West End Games Star Wars Miniatures game of squad based combat. Wizards of the Coast and FFG's Imperial Assault are individual based combat on pre-made boards, and neither really caught my attention. I don't think it will have the depth the original had since the product page mentions 6 Round Time Limit for a game, likely streamlined for modern players. Terrain played a very large factor in the old WEG game. Streamlining isn't bad, so we will see where this goes.
  4. If the miniature size is comparable to the original West End Games Star Wars Miniatures Game, AT-STs, AT-PTs, T-47 Airspeeders, Banthas, Rancors, Repulsor Tanks are all possibilities as they were available for the WEG version. Although I expect something fast moving like the T-47 would not make the cut because it sounds like a small battlefield, like the new Runewars Miniatures game. I guess it will be a battlefield size of 3' x 6' or 6' x 6', both of which FFG seems to like for their miniatures games with time limits (product page mentions 6 Rounds just like Armada). That size is a bit too small for large fast moving vehicles such as the T-47.
  5. I see this more in line with West End Games Star Wars Miniatures Game where you had multiple custom squads of infantry battling each other instead of pre-made individual soldiers. My guess is that Star Wars Legion is more like the new Runewars Miniature game then Imperial Assault. Imperial Assault is more like the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures Game where you created a single squad of individual soldiers and heroes (mostly heroes). The comparison to Warhammer is probably accurate because the original Star Wars Miniatures Game from West End Games was a lot like Warhammer, and is a lot like what Legion is beginning to sound like.
  6. I see this more in line with West End Games Star Wars Miniatures Game where you had multiple custom squads of infantry battling each other instead of pre-made individual soldiers. My guess is that Star Wars Legion is more like the new Runewars Miniature game then Imperial Assault. Imperial Assault is more like the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures Game where you created a single squad of individual soldiers and heroes (mostly heroes). I personally passed on both Wizards of the Coast's version and FFG's Imperial Assault because they were centered around the small scale, individual characters, because I enjoyed the West End Games version where you created squads with customized loadouts (choosing what weapons, gear, armor, training, and number of soldiers in each squad), where squad morale played a major factor (FFG mentioned suppression tokens), where smaller combat vehicles were a major investment (T-47s, AT-STs, Imperial Repulsor Tanks, AT-PTs) but could still be used as the battlefield was large enough to fit them in.
  7. There are many Imperial Academies for joining the Imperial Military, it is just everyone thinks of the one on Carida. I don't know where Drayson went, but he did go to one and it wasn't Carida. My information is really old school, dating from the mid 1980s through late 90s, scraped together from many sources, West End Games RPG, computer games, books, comics, Decipher's Card Game, old Essential Guides from 1992 and 93, although it is far from complete. Most is probably out of date and/or has been changed over the years due to inconsistencies, which there was a lot of during the 90s as everything was just slapped together. It used to be the other way around, Adar Tallon was capitals and Dodanna was starfighters, which went along with Dodanna being the primary designer of the A-Wing and its tactics. Granted both are experienced front line commanders who are more then capable of leading either type of ship into battle. One such source was West End Games, who had the RPG license from the 80s through to the 90s before going bankrupt due to fire destroying large quantities of their stock forcing them to sell the license to Wizards of the Coast. West End Games created a large base of lore that was expanded upon over the years, changed by others, and rewritten to fit into the current lore. Some examples: Aing Ti Monks Walex Blissex's personal history Detailed Information on the political structure of the Empire, Rebel Alliance, and Corporate Sector The Tapani Sector and the Lightfoil Now the Aing Ti Monks have teleportation powers, the Lightfoil was created by the Jedi instead of being a cheap knock off of a real lightsaber for spoiled rich teens to play with in the Tapani Sector, and the Victory Class Star Destroyer was almost axed from the lore altogether with Episode 3, Clone Wars series, and Wizards of the Coast cutting whatever they didn't like from the lore. Much of what Wizards of the Coast removed is being brought back by Fantasy Flight Games, and was originally created by or expanded on by West End Games. Now we have Disney cutting apart the lore to fit in Episodes 7, 8, 9, among the cuts is everything Kyle Katarn did after defeating Jerec. 20 years from now and everything being discussed today could cease to exist, or be changed beyond recognition.
  8. Everyone is speculating on the Empire, but seems to be drawing a blank on possible leaders for the Rebels, partly because everyone is focusing too much on admirals. The Rebels relied not on grand fleet tactics, but on exploiting the skills of individuals to give them just enough of an advantage to win. Short Bio - (If I made them for the game) Commander Narra - took over command of Renegade Squadron after Captain Solo stepped down, used overly aggressive tactics to catch the Imperials off guard, but became predictable and was lead into a trap that annihilated Renegade Squadron and gave the Empire a clue to search around Hoth for the Rebel Headquarters. (+1 Starfighter Attack, -1 Starfighter Defense to all friendly starfighters in play) Walex Blissex - designed the Victory Class Star Destroyer during the Clone Wars, and later the Vic-Star Deuce which was an improved version of the Vic-Star, defected to the Rebels when Imperial Atrocities were becoming blatant and his own daughter becoming an Imperial Zealot who ripped off the Vic-Star design to create the Imperial Class Star Destroyer. After defecting he exposed all the weaknesses of the Vic-Star and helped create tactics to exploit those weaknesses. He designed the A-Wing alongside General Dodonna, and helped to refine Rebel Starfighter Doctrine. He went on to analyze Imperial War Machines for their strengths and weaknesses, and help design tactics to overcome the strengths and exploit the weaknesses, earning him the honorary title of General. (More powerful/damaging critical hits caused by attacks from the ship he is on) Adar Tallon - a Clone Wars veteran on par with General Dodonna who openly opposed what the Empire was becoming under the Emperor. Faked his own death when the Empire began hunting him down. Organized his own little rebel force before joining the Rebel Alliance. His expertise was in capital vs. capital combat. (Extra attack die for the ship he is on) General Airen Cracken - another Clone Wars veteran that was a logistical genius, master of threat analysis, and commander in chief of Rebel Special Forces. He was able to keep front line Rebel forces throughout the galaxy supplied with just enough equipment and material to keep the fight going and create the illusion that the Rebels were better off then they were. (Expendable upgrades on his ship do not get discarded when used) Captain Dhas Vedij - former Imperial Commander and second in command of the Imperial Nebulon-B Class Frigate the Far Orbit. He staged a mutiny and seized control of the Far Orbit, becoming Captain and the first Rebel Privateer to operate in the Core and Colonies regions. He inspired loyalty amongst the crew, encouraging them to step up, take the initiative, and think outside the box. He made excellent use of nebula and asteroid fields to surprise and evade the Empire. (His ship ignores penalties for "space terrain") Kaiya Adrimetrum - created her own rebel cell in retaliation against the Empire for killing her husband and was recruited into the Alliance, eventually receiving the title of Commander. She was reassigned from being a special forces commando to second in command of the FarStar. A confident, competent leader who inspires loyalty and goes to the extreme to protect those under her command. Unfortunate events quickly put her in command of the FarStar, and while she was nothing more then an average fleet officer, she specialized in getting the right people into the right place at the right time. (Gets full effect from "stored" command counters instead of the reduced effect) "Corewatch" - known only by his code name, this rebel spy operated in the Core Worlds, Deep Core, and Colonies regions providing the Alliance with detailed information on Imperial Fleet Deployments and Maneuvers. Planned and orchestrated many raids on Imperial facilities in the Core which forced the Empire to divert strength away from the Outer Rim, where the Rebels were strongest, and protect the Core where the Rebels were the weakest. (Opponent must play with the top command dial of each ship face up) Admiral Drayson - An Imperial Academy Dropout who ended up in command of the Chandrila Defense Forces. He reorganized the entire defense force and its policies that almost completely eliminated piracy and smuggling around Chandrila. Recruited by Mon Mothma and put in charge of organizing the defense of whatever ship Mon Mothma was on. His organizational skills resulted in the Empire never being able to insert spies into Mon Mothma's presence and would never be able to attack her ship without it being able to escape. (His ship can not be targeted if another friendly capital is within Range 1 of his ship) Corporal Marmor - Commando trained by General Crix Madine and defected to the Rebels alongside Madine. He is in charge of keeping Home One's starfighter compliment operational and combat ready by finding creative but effective ways to repair and maintain the fighters. (Discard to return one of your destroyed starfighter squadrons back into play) Major Hassh'n - Mon Calamari who has found an affinity for commanding Mon Calamari Star Cruisers and is capable of getting the most out of a cruiser's engines and shields. (His ship has its allowed turns increased by one) OR (His ship has 1 extra shield point on all sides) Toryn Farr - coordinated the activities of the Echo Base Shield, Ion Cannon, and escaping transports. Specialized in communications and relaying orders between many groups to get them to all act in concert. (Friendly ships within range 1 of her ship can reroll one die each game round)
  9. Snake Token too powerful and has been fixed.
  10. Well, I can't exactly help you in that request, but I can offer some insight from my previous experience with card sleeves. I have played Trading Card Games in the past and found that with basic card sleeves (simple clear plastic) a deck of 60 cards the size of regular playing cards (about the same size of the large Arkham Horror cards) will increase in size by about 50% of its original size, exact number not known, no pressure applied. Applying pressure will reduce that number to about 20% to 30%.
  11. Sounds like everything was done right. Ways to increase the difficulty without changing the rules or adding expansions: Play with more then 4 Investigators (personally I have found it harder to win with more then 4 Investigators without serious micromanaging of resources) Try out all the Ancient Ones from the base game (Hastur is the one I have the greatest trouble against) Try using Investigators that are at a disadvantage against a certain Ancient One (although that means choosing Investigators after Ancient One) But, in my experience, the Base Game is pretty easy once you have the Rules and Basic Strategy done. Shub-Niggurath is a big deal when the Terrible Experiment is in play, unless you get a bunch of weak monsters or have someone who can take 3+ monsters a turn.
  12. dkw

    Custom Heralds

    In the time I was gone it looks like I actually created something here. More people trying to turn Nyarlathotep into a Herald. Seems there are enough people who believe he would be better suited to being a Herald as opposed to an Ancient One. Anyways, a new creation based on Soul Eater. Check the Custom Great Ones thread for Medusa.
  13. It has been awhile since I have been around. Here are a couple of new ideas of mine. (Characters from Soul Eater) I am debating whether to increase his Doom Track to 13 or not. The Snake Token to go along with her Abilities: And a Herald related to Medusa.
  14. dkw

    Custom Heralds

    The hardest part of Lust was finding a picture that was "Safe for Work," that still conveyed the meaning.
  15. dkw

    Custom Heralds

    Lust is still giving me trouble on how to make it.
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