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    Break it Down: Black Sails

    "I just thought she deserved mentioning, since I think its extremely unlikely anyone will ever run her with this Agenda; she'd be almost completely useless after a few Rounds. Assuming a 4-5 card setup (sounds pretty average to me) with a normal 60-card deck and an even split on the deck/hold, you'd only have about 16 cards left in the deck when you get to Round 1 Marshalling, and thats if you arent using any other draw mechanics. Black Sails is the first card I can think of that immediately eliminates one of the restricted cards as a possibility when deckbuilding." Surprisingly when friend of mine saw the agenda and the search plot, his first thought was to play it with Val. It even makes sense: since you´ll deck yourself if you play a long game, why not build an cheap agressive deck with afew power cards, search for Val first round and just spam the board. you just need a good plan for the following reset and such, but thats already deckbuilding. But having a guaranteed Val in the first round sounds pretty solid to me.
  2. Moneylender

    Moonboy Classic 2013 - February 1-3

    Thanks for the decklists! I´m a bit surprised that almost everyone runs 3x Dissension, and lot of you The Minstrel's Muse in addition. Even the stark decks, instead of no quarter. I haven´t seen Dissension that much in action, but huh seems like it´s good or something Is it more of a meta thing because of targ and lanni, or ist it just that good overall?
  3. Syd said: There seems to be a big pool, but so much of it is populated with redundancies. I mean, how many legal Robert Baratheon's are there? 4? I would rather see, maybe two versions of major unique characters be the standard, and open up room for exploring many other characters that have never seen cardboard (in the LCG era or otherwise). Thats a dangerous path, because most uniques end up being slightly more cost efficient or have a better ability than nonuniques in the same costbraket, and often become autoincludes: for example Penny or Missandei Without any rotation this will probably lead to decks of the same house having even more similar cards. Just my 0.02$ I do really like the idea of house starters with pre-biuld decks, that are focused and faster compared to the coreset. It sounds like it works really well in Magic.
  4. Moneylender

    So who won the joust?

    Bump for more infos!!!!
  5. Moneylender

    moving to nurnberg

    HI! I´m one of the super-pro players (just kidding) fom nuremberg I´ve dropped you an email how to get in contact with us, I wish you a lot of fun in our really fine an beautifull city!
  6. Great to see you back, and with broken ideas, Melnick! Last time I played Targ Kothh at a torney, I felt infact reminded of your char lite UBER deck. They have so many Get in play & out of play effects now (esp: ambush from the plains), so many resets: (valar+threat+bleeds+ first snow(was a great starter plot) and maybe the cavalry),and some really nice challenge effects, i really could get away with havng one char in play most of the time. To say the least, it has great potential. I can´t wait to see your decklist
  7. Moneylender

    Quentyn Martell

    My opinion on Martell so far was: They sure have some of the most broken cards, but at least they lack the consistent draw to really abuse it. I hope this card just turns out to be not a very reliable draw engine I`d give them my (now finally reprinted) +1 moneylending income if theyd just stop doing awesome Martell cards and give Targ some carddraw or something
  8. Moneylender

    Draw = Win

    Such a nice thread! Lets science this up some more, because we need more equations here! My theory would be if you don´t count 1-2 round wins, the side with better board postiion than the oponent ihas a better chance to win. And I´d describe board postition as *Amount of cards in play and playable this round cards in hand* x *cost of those cards* x* efficiency of those cards* +*hand reserve* (no idea how to add this in exactly) So you can improve your postiotion by somehow having a better gold engine and playing more expensive cards (works in draft nicely), just playing stark (teh bestest card efficiency ) or as the easy way, just adding draw to increase the card ammount. UNLESS your draw angine is so crappy iand not cost efficient at all, it weights down the overall card efficiency, like ...in Targ. ( bam! what a burn! Horrible pun intended! I´m sorry)
  9. Moneylender

    Another Stahleck 2011 Tourney Report

    It was really fun playing you! The deck looks a lot more interesting then the usual rush, knights burning down houses, looting everything in sight and riding away with a local girl is just great And See who is stroger really surprised me with its usefulness
  10. Moneylender

    Martell: Outrageous

    I think too that martell has some incedibly strong cards, and just keeps getting more. (also they have the best plot to close a game with) The poor showing in Stahleck was surprising, but i guess the European meta has simply adjusted to martells strengh. The strongest builds were almost anti-decks to the usual martell: Stark siege (the most commen deck at the torney): It´s just faster, and too hard too control, besides meera and frozen make it even harder. GJ-winter: Martell is too slow, and GG is way to expensive to use agianst choke. Lanni shadows (2 in the top 8): just outdraws and outcontrols martell (besides those 2 top decks were just really well build and had great players playing them) So It almost feels like there is a bit of Rock/paper going on. With martell tearing some decks (esp. renown rush wich was really underrepresented, probably because of this) und the above decks owning martell. TL/DR Martel has too powerfull cards anyway
  11. Moneylender

    Diversity in the Houses

    As far as I see there is a very good amount of in house versatility possible right now. If you take stark for example, they can use their military for a quick rush, or for board dominaton and you will be surprised how different both decks can be, regarding playstyle and cards used. And then there is the Direwolves deck, wich also having different flavors can range up to slow ultra board control. They also have a very well done Bolton theme wich can simply combine with all types or be a deck on its own featuring some witty combinations. Beyond this, There is a good amount of resource denial/ location control possible in Stark, which you can use as support or as the driving deck strategy. And this are just the major builds in my opinion. Another example would be Baratheon. Yes it is very good at rush decks, but the house has a greater range. The shadow and Ashai mechanics blend together very nicely in a few different ways allowing Lanister-like powerfull board and even brutal hand control, and depending on your design focus can still utilise the quick power gaining ability, resulting in the "late rush" deck. There is also a Stark like location/ resource hate available up to the point of being the main focus. And just to mention an exotic build that performs incredibly well: Baratheon threaty with the Isles utilising the plot Fear of Winter , is just cheap, fast and annoing. Well... and risky, too. In general most decks do not have to dedicate themselves to a theme entirely, but choose wich in house theme to include to what extent in order to create the desired effect and pace. Like in Targaryen you can use the same burn effects to clear the board, possibly repeatedly, at late game, or to "increase" your military claim in an agressive build.
  12. Moneylender

    Chosen Few -- Who all submitted a deck?

    I was very interested in this, and then build a neutral NW deck. Well this turned out to be a horrible idea. I gave up building further decks as i realized how many time that took ( seriously that edition checking was really tiresome) and how utterly disastrous the deck turned out. ( No resource cards was one reason for this lol )
  13. You are right about plot aouto includes. But i´ve always seen it from the other angle,when there areabout 5 plots that you can expect, there are still 1-2 plot slots that can catch you off guard, or that you can use for some interesting effects. Plots I have seen turn around a game sometimes are an unexpected Red wedding, or a fortified position (can stop you from winning this turn, and get rid of very protected characters). Sometimes even a Wildfire can do horrible things when its played as a second reset when the board seems so very safe. So what I´m trying to say there are staple plots, but still enough efficient plots to keep this game interesting. And I´m loving it that new ones are coming so often, the last one being Relentless Persecution.
  14. Moneylender


    Coming from the CCG days I still find the current cardpool lacking for each house to have at least a few interesting and efficient decktypes. So in my opinion adding even more houses would make matters even worse by narrowing the future cardpool for each house, probably leading to each hose becoming a one trick pony, two at best. I agree though on the neutral hate, it´s nice having a few netrals but I prefer inhouse cards too. Maybe they should print more dual house stuff instead, still adding more to the card pool but having the house flavor, like they did wicth Arryn and Tyrell some time ago?
  15. Moneylender

    One thing about "silence the guns"

    Hi to all of you, since this is my first post. So we played silence the guns yesterday and had a lot of fun doing so. I found the map very well balanced beacasue first the US troops rocked the germans away, and after round 4 tho whole thing turned, but ist was still possible to win. But then one huge problem appeared: That big german tank just rolled into the Hex with the pillbox, and the game was over for the US. As long as the tank is there you cannot move into the hex and meet the win condition, so you have to take that thing down in only two rounds, with only those two relatively weak tanks of your own. The only way I can imagine to do this is if you have that pillbox completely surrounded and can attack that big guy with alot of units at once. But this will exaust most of your force ang give the Germans free hand. So do you know some way to solve this problem, or is this a balancing issue? Thanks for any tips!
  16. Moneylender

    The Chosen Few

    It is the coolest contest ever Fooling around with some ideas I really noticed how much of the usual deck "smoothness" is lost, when you don´t have a sigle 5 gold plot, or the familiar bunch of cheap characters like the refugees. Being forced to unusual building choices, esp. gold curve wise, really gives an interesting insight about deck efficiency. I like this!
  17. Moneylender

    Black hatchling!

    Some awesome stuff they put in there. Is the last chapter pack again packing the best cards of the set, or was ist just such a good set overall? and.. oh gosh that sword for Beric is so ridiculous
  18. Moneylender

    Reek and end of the challenge

    Thanks for clarifying! It seems to me that this combo is somewehere very close to the "too good to be allowed" cap of card intereactions, but still on the good side because Reek himself is prone to a great amount of character control. For me It´s just great having such combos in the game!
  19. Moneylender

    Reek and end of the challenge

    I´m amazed how coplicated things here got. Since I´m struggling to grasp the above to the fullest, I´ll just ask THE ONE important rule question concerning reek: Does thepart of his ability that he is removed from the challenge prevent triggering a "dubious loyalities" attached to him, after winning the challenge and changing controll, to get reek back under your controll? Card text: Response: After you win a challenge in which attached character participated take control of attached character if it is not under your control.
  20. Moneylender

    Building a Shadows Deck

    What I know to work very well for Targ with shadows, is using the wildling agendas to play undercosted wildlings, and so having more gold for shadow cards. This can be very efficient if you use the shadow cards to fuel Kings Landing for a lot of draw. It´s still a little expensive and there are a lot of cards effects that you´ll have to keep in mind when playing, but it´s a real fine control deck.
  21. Moneylender

    Lets play the ban game....

    Well over here the narrow escape abuse haven´t started jet, so no opinion on this one, but we are very used to Venomous blade, and it´s not that a big deal. But the card I´d really like to be out of the environment is the new Salladhor. I was so happy when he rotated out, just because he adds a big luck aspect to Baratheon, as in getting him early and keeping him for more than one turn alone could win you a game, disregarding the rest of your deck. (and even that Lady that can stand him in the marshalling is back too) Just my 2 cents
  22. Moneylender

    X-agenda decks

    hmm just my 2 cents, but I think a very simple solution would be to rule these armies "lower the cost.. to a minimum of 4" that way more than 3 agendas would still make some sort of sense (traitors, coldhands whatever) but not make those armies extremely undercosted, while keeping them playable. Anyway, I´d extremly prefer an errata or even a ban to a "silver bullet" anti-card, or to plain nothing.
  23. Oh I Thought it´s all about Joust . Because for us germans it´s still the Kings format.
  24. You don´t want to use the original deck from the tornaments? Just my wto cents but for me this would make more sense, because in gaining the top spots the decks is as important as the player. Thogh I admitt the Us players would have a limited cardpool, and everybody knew the others decks, but still it would be more like the countinuation of the original tornaments. Anyway: I´m very excited to see the results PS. Gualdo congratulaions for the win, and thanks for the report that shows how well deserved it was!
  25. I´m a little lost on the timing in this one... "bay of ice: After a player wins initiative, that player kneels all cards named Bay of Ice, then draws a card." "attack from the sea: When revealed, kneel all locations." Well I know that you count initiative before the plot effects happen... but I´m stil not sure which effect comes first, and if I get to draw that card... Thanks for your help!