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  1. We've run into some confusion over the agenda 'Mandatory Upgrades' If I steal this agenda as the runner will I have 5 ticks to use? I believe you would as the rules state an agenda is active while in any scored area, which stolen agendas are placed, but my friend is certain agenda abilities are corp only. Thanks!
  2. With that print up, I'd almost consider skipping out on Mtg Regionals for that. Ugh.... Ah well, At least I'll get to enjoy the show finally this weekend.
  3. I don't get how people keep saying there is a lack of Card Draw in the LCG right now. The best piece of card draw in the format is Samwell Tarly, a 1 cost neutral that triggers off of cards that are played in every deck in the LCG, and are fetched or played by 2 good plots in the format. He's unanswerable in LCG outside of 4 cards, give or take (Flaming Pitch Tower, Ilyn Paine, Guilty, and Valar). He's easily fetchable by Summoning Season, and and protectable by Maester Aemon and Retreat. I just don't understand how people keep saying that only Lanni has Card Draw when all of it's card draw is outclassed by Samwell. This isn't me saying "ZOMG BANHAMMER", I'm just noting that Samwell means that all houses are on even footing in LCG for card draw, though in LCG the differences between decks come down to about 20 cards, with 30-40 of the same neutrals and cards that are the same across houses (Refugees, ect)
  4. Oh man, It's over now. I've got my Martell LCG deck at near full power and it's ready to roll! Anyway, I'll be around on Tuesday before I head back down to Winona, so I hope a few people are around for some games, I've got a lot of near decks sitting around that haven't gotten much use.
  5. Oh, don't take me the wrong way, I see the power in this card, thats for sure. To me it's a little more powerful than previous entries in the National Champ cards (Ghost of Highheart, Bandit Lord, and First Snow). I just am putting my opinion out there to be a counter to the coming tide of calls for the ban hammer or some sort of errata, becuase that seems to be all these message boards and FFG ever seem capable of. Not a slam against anybody, just an honest opinion. Also, I laugh at the thought of me calling for a Banhammer. Trust me, my friend, that will never happen.
  6. Just going to echo JJ's thoughts, a very very well designed card with a multitude of uses. That said I'm of the opinion that anyone calling this card an NPE or overpowered is just having a kneejerk reaction. All of the Nationial Champ cards have been powerful cards, that's true, and I don't think this one is any different. Having a good answer to things like ITE Euron and Arianne Martell is a fair thing to ask for, and the additional phase is always going to be benifitial to both (outside of Dominance, which claims a single power, and Challenges, which is already available in Epic events.
  7. Hot, very very hot. One of the most nedly cards I've seen in a long time. Not an auto include, but **** close, 0 cost is very tempting, but I'm not one to be tempted by the Late Lord Frey. I'd always want to have some sort of insurance with this guy on the table. Seems amazing on the iniative. Also going to be a very fun multiplayer card.
  8. So after me and my friend opened up our Core Set and played a couple games with it straight up, we started to edit our current decks with the cards (Jon Snow is beastly). We played a couple of games and hit the sack. The next day, later that night, we decided to play a couple games with our updated decks and I noticed something. The cases that had cards from either the core set or new chapter packs (white bordered) had imprinted the card back onto my cases, making it painfully obvious which cards in my hand and on top of my deck were new. Is anybosy else noticing this problem? I'm going to try and find a scanner tomorrow to show you guys the difference, it's quite noticable and irritating. Is there anything I can do to avoid this problem?
  9. I'll try and be around on Saturday, but I'm not sure on that.
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