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  1. Page 7 of the expansion rules clears this one up nicely.... Although the losses incurred by the losing side remain basically the same, the looting system has been adjusted to simplify it and to avoid certain abuses of the game. If the loser had one or more figures in the square: The winner gains 1 loot. If the loser was defending one of their non-capital cities: The winner gains 2 loot. If the loser was defending their capital city: The winner immediately wins the game with a military victory.
  2. Owning the game and having played it several times now, it is very open for an expansion pack or two. I would imagine that there would be extra races and wonders in an expansion pack as well as new main board tiles. As for making the game 6 players, while that would be cool it would take well over 4 hours to complete any game. That may be for some but not for me.
  3. I think UK Teams was his other one...
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