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  1. Will defo be coming! Im dragging Dan (Nemesis) along with me so thats 2 more for your count. While im here, could anyone help me get the last few cards for my deck together? Anybody willing to lend me one or more of the following would be loved forever (in the thought kind of way ) 4x Quick Exit 2x Ninja Cannon Fury 1x Stand Off Look forward to seeing you all there! Theo
  2. Well once again, i am dissapointed. Like early rotation i wouldnt have minded if they had just given us some warning. Now im stuck with more worthless cards i have only just bought. Time to get used to the idea, maybe, maybe do it a bit longer after a set was just released etc. Very dissapointed, i was looking forward to some new things in UFS and beleive the only reason the SCIV sales were down was because noone in england could buy any. Sucks to be us eh? maybe see yall around. Theo
  3. I noticed in another thread someone mentioning Any effects referencing a printed number on a face-down card would see that number as a 0. I know theis would seen pretty obviouse but i wanted to make sure, would my opponent be able to use the F on Sacrifices for the Cause mutiple times to commit as many of my blank foundations as they like? Im of two minds of this because SftC doesnt reference a facedown card specificly nor does it reference the printed value of the card. Just wanted a clear answer on this as my friend who has just built Yoshimitsu was asking. Cheers. Theo
  4. needs more quick exit. F with Jin, QE ready Jin, F with Jin etc. thats of course after i have got my playset, then you can get yours! Theo
  5. Im trying to build my own Taki deack but without access to the set yet iv got nothing but paper to go by. I understand what you are saying about Tower of Remebrance - Ancient Gate (hereby reffered to as ToR-AG so i dont have to keep on spelling it) and how it stops the opponents combos but surely it will stop yours too. It will ready at the start of your turn no matter what and the only way to commit it to stop its static effecting you is to play its E which will force your first attack to be turned face down stopping it adding to the later combo.... how do you get around this in such a combo heavy deck? Theo
  6. Errrrrm Taki and Sophitia for Soul Calibur Rikuo for Darkstalkers Yun for Street Fighter and Fio from KOF Oh and Nina from Tekken of course! Theo
  7. Carefree, Pure Hearted and Sisters of Battle are the only cards i dont like the art on, I love Taki's artwork and think Possession Stance and Knows her Objective are the best artwork in the set. I am also loving the cartoony style of Lizardman, it realy suits him. I also think there is alot more going on in the cards, more action (not the card type) based if you know what I mean, you realy get a feel for an attack this time round, there are very few cards with characters not doing anything which was a problem in previouse sets IMO. Theo
  8. Would have loved to come to this event and defend second place and maybe upgrade it to first but it was just too far away! also with my two previouse team members not able to come i would have had to have made a new team which i didnt realy feel like doing at the time. It also didnt help we were all a bit out of cash from Nationals. I did look at coming but my best bet was a flight then a taxi costing over £100 and then id have to get back again, not to mention iv never entered an airport before... So a dissipointing no show by Colchester. Oh well hopefully next year will be closer! Congrats to Patriot for defending their tital, if they played anything like they did last year, it was well deserved! Theo
  9. Kisheri and clash of the ages were both given out at UK Nats afew weeks ago. Dont know whether that changes anything. Theo
  10. Realy interested in the Chaos Heihachi reaching the top 8, im running one at the moment and it isnt doing that spectaculary in my meta at the moment... must be doing something wrong! back to the drawing bored eh? hehe Theo
  11. Simple Question realy! Out of all the decks you have built over your time of playing UFS what was your favourite and why? It doesnt have to have been one that won anything and by no means does it need to be you best deck that you ever built! Il start us off! My Favourite deck i ever built was my :Sophitia: I still miss this deck alot! Sophitia was always my second favourite chacter on Soul Calibur 3 and one of my friends in the meta had already tried this Sophitia off of life and decided to dissasemble it in place of Yeong Seong (thats not how its spelt is it...?) I always loved the ability and saw how fantastic the deck could be with Whereabouts Unknown so i built her off of Order. Admitedly I wasnt sure what I was doing at first and it started off as a throw/large attack deck that could mill if needed but then of course the descovery of Armoured Defence changed that alot. And low and behold Sophitia 1 shot kill, you have no hand was born! I took her to UK Nationals 2008 and came 39th out of just over 100 people which i thought wasnt too bad for my first major tournament. I then had to edit the deck a bit to handle the rotation but with the re-release of Widow Maker and Armoured defence that wasnt too much of a problem I only realy had to change my kill from Sophitia's Guardian Judgement to Go Shoryuken. Added in Dark Heart and Military Rank for recursion of my kill (Dark heart was great with sophitias ability, you just happen to *forget* to play armoured defence play a widow maker discard heir hand, let it hit they try to draw and.... Responce you dont fdraw anything and i get X amount of attacks back from my discard pile!) ahhhhh Good times Good times. Took Sophitia to UK Team Nationals 2008 afterwards and helped my Team (Dan-Nemesis playing Ibuki and Joe-Viewtiful_Joe playing surprise surprise Donovan) come Second which was great because it got me alot of the Soul calibur promo foundations that i hadnt been ablt to get hold of untill then! There we go i have rambled enough! Now lets cheer these forums up and remenise together! the floor is all yours! Theo
  12. Speedsta said: Alternatively I could always run the extended format I came up with a while ago, where all non-banned legacy character cards and character-only cards are legal, and you can run any card with a character-only ability if you are playing that character, but the rest of your deck must be legal for standard format. There was a banned list with promo Nakoruru, K', Ukyo, Nakoruru, Yun-Seong, starter deck Tycho and Kasumi Suzaku. I like the sound of this but i will also say that if you did do this i would run without question Felicia With Feline spike and Yi Shan Support and i just think that would be too broken in the format! heck im sure id be hated by alot of people if i brought the spike back.... My thoughts! Theo
  13. Yes the (4+) is part of the cost. When you play the response you must make a control check against a difficulty of 4 (you may commit foundations if needed) before the ability does anything, if you fail the check the response fails and nothing happens. Hope that helps! Theo
  14. WOW! realy wasnt expecting that! Talk about it at work on Wednesday as well as beat you at Dissidia! Who you thinking of playing then?
  15. does this count promo astrid and jin?
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