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  1. But in all honesty... If you are going Fanboy.. You will be there for Yugi or Magic... Simple facts really.
  2. RANDOM TACKLE OF A THREAD!!!! *Tackles thread* Yeah take that thread. O.o Hello all you guys. Long time. *waves at.* So how you all been? Also anything new in the game? <.< >.> I expect there should be seeing as I haven't really been in the game at all since this "new" now old forum has been about.. I still miss the old one where all my posts were. *Is weaping over those lost posts (Most of which being spam. But still I took the time to spam.)* So yeah as I was saying... BAAKAME!!! My story began in the 12th century! I mean... Anything new here? Also. WTH We're still waiting on the OP? O_O!!!! That was meant to be out 15 months ago now. <.< Wow the game has been going over 15 months. o.o Spooky.
  3. Well a delayed response by me.. But a response all the same. =3 Welcome back. ^^
  4. Rawr. =3 Yesh join if you feel like joining in a war for cookies. <.<
  5. gopho

    UK, anybody?

    Now what are you comparing that to? <.<
  6. The whole site is friendly towards others.. =D So have fun with the game and here on the site. =D
  7. gopho

    UK, anybody?

    We're both in Stoke-on-Trent.
  8. gopho

    UK, anybody?

    Well good you all should know about me. ^^
  9. Typical.... Yes typical.... Oh well.
  10. gopho


    (J-file...... <.< >.>) Well there is a long list but lets go into it a little. What I am watching: (All subbed.) One piece Bleach Naruto Shippuden Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Reading: One piece Bleach Naruto Shippuden Kingdom Hearts Watched: Yu-gi-oh Yu-gi-oh GX Naruto Pokémon FMA Kiba Eilen Lied Death Note .Hack//sign Ghost in the Shell SAC Gundam wing Outlaw star Cowboy bebop Legend of the four Kings Dragonball z Dragonball Dragonball GT Tenchi (all of.) Crono Crusade Card captors Sakura Digimon Monster Rancher Avatar the last Airbender Escaflowne Guyver Medabots S-Cry-ed Shaman King Yu-Gi-Oh 0 (Yay for the Sadist Yami. =D) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  11. A stupid question before I even ask it.... But is there any news about this reaching the UK?
  12. A little late... But welcome here. =D Have a fun stay on the site and even more while playing KH. =D
  13. Thats a lie and you know it.... Your not Craig your Billy.... <.< >.> Yes... Billy.... <.< >.>
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