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  1. I live in Norway and ordered it from FFG. The book cost me $24,95 and $35 for shipping, lol, making a total of $59.95!!! This is 388,- norwegian kroner, or (in Norway) 7 beers at the pub. How do you like them apples?
  2. How about including Norway in your world tour Ross? It`s not like we get many visitors here... I mean, with the polar bear infestation and all... Emperor have mercy...
  3. I guess using old Star Trek episodes as base will give a million plots... I mean, there are some similarities, yes?
  4. Me thinks it looks cool. Looks like the imperial ships have done now for quite some time.
  5. I feel a bit silly here, but release date Q1, Q2 and so on?
  6. If I, in the Arkham encounter phase (phase 3) draw a card saying "A gate opens", I immediately get drawn through the gate and get delayed. When I am delayed in this particular situation, do I get an Other World encounter in the same turn during phase 4?
  7. Letrii said: To make it even more interesting, have the power fist used by an untouchable. He would be immune to possession attack if mastery test fails, or could he not use a daemon weapon? Of course he can! You actually gave me a VERY evil thought about an arch-nemesis...
  8. In my experience, the guy with lots of fate points also spends them rather quickly in sessions... He re-rolls every little thing, ending up with too few when it really matters. No problem for me.
  9. Finally something to help bringing my players down to earth.. When did you say the book was going to be out Ross?
  10. DH rules and is the best RPG ever!!!!! So that so! And anyone who disagrees with me is stupid! ;-) Seriously, this thread is about GM`s (like me) bored shitless because whatever intricate plot we come up with, the players vaporizes it with bolter fire faster than you can spell cuppycake! (I know, don`t ask). So, how do one turn the group into bla bla. The setting is uninteresting. You can investigate inside a cave if you want to...
  11. Killing children and innocents for no obvious reason is a big CP-gainer in my book. That said, I wouldn`t describe the off-shot head of a young girl just to make a point. That`s too radical for me. People are playing for fun, not to be reminded of Gaza or whatever. Better to give the PCs moral choices and bad situations. The players kill everything simply because they can - I have to make fighting more lethal for them, or the typical hostage with explosives kind of deal. Oh well, they`ll probably just shoot the hostages...
  12. I make my own gangs... They suck, but they`re mine... Seriously, I`d like a "Calixis Sector Illustrated - a visual guide to Important Places". I would also like a book on vehicles, shuttles, and gear - fully illustrated mind you! More or less Imperial Armour for DH.
  13. Just can`t see the problem here... Deathwatch is coming later on, good rules for SM are already out - everybody is having a good time, no?
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