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  1. Tibs said: Dilution of some dangers, yes. But the overall dangers are no less. I like getting surprised by the Dunwich Horror and by the Three Acts deck when I expect them to be quiet. I like the surprise, but when we were playing the league, we had a KiY Act Card come out, and we just ignored it. Thes odds of a 2nd act card and more over, a third act card were so low it wasn't worth sacrificing to stop the effect.
  2. That is interesting, it looks like we were playing both flying monsters and monster surges wrong. So is the correct movement for flying monsters like this: 1. Comes in through open gate. 2. First movement is to street even though no investigator is there. 3. Second movement is to (1) an investigator in an adjacent street / location or (2) the sky. Also, will a flying monster move to an investigator that is in a location connected by the same neighborhood. For example, if an investigator is at Unvisited Isle and a flying monster comes out of a gate at The Unnameable and the monster moves, will it move towards the investigator at Univisited Isle?
  3. There may be some variant out there that allows for co-op play, however no instructions are included in the game to support it. When compared to other games, one thing that is hard for some groups to get past is that the overlord is actually trying to kill the heroes. In other words, the overlord player is a team of his own and wins the game by killing heroes. If your group is used to games like D&D where the one player serves more as a storyteller, then this might not be the right game.
  4. We just finished scenario 2 in about 1.5 hours.
  5. When I first started to learn the game, I used this flow chart. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/23313. It looks like it has been updated several times since I used it.
  6. One complaint my group had with the summer league is that we all got rather bored of our characters. I would like to see a way to mix up which investigator you get to play each scenario. One suggestion is for the scenario to specify which investigators are to be used. In my idea, each scenario would name 8 investigators to be used each with a numeric number. If you have 4 people playing, then you would use investigators 1 thru 4. This would have the added advantage of putting all teams on a level playing field.
  7. The hero also loses half of their money. They keep all of their weapons (although it might be a good excuse to sell back an extra weapon that you've been hanging on to and no longer need).
  8. I have not played Gallactica, but what from I've heard the game was really designed for people who are fans of the show. I can say this about Arkham Horror: Of the 20 or so games that I own, Arkham Horror is still my favorite.
  9. Thanks everyone for the help. Looks like we played each and every one of these wrong
  10. Hello Everyone, We just played our first game last night and have a couple of questions on the rules (like most beginners do). 1) Do skill cards get exhausted when you use them? If not, then what cards to get exhausted? 2) Does the overlord start with any cards in his hand? 3) When Spawnings new monsters: Considering that monsters must be placed on the board out of line of sight of the heros, do they actually get placed down? Or is the overlord supposed to track their position through other means? 4) I only have two gold chest counters. Did I lose one? Thanks for the help!
  11. This is a great idea! I look forward to trying out what you come up with. Deck dillution (particularly with the Dunwich portals) is really what is stopping me from buying Black Goat of the Woods.
  12. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I just picked up the game (along with a few others including Android) and I'm eager to start reading. I'll let everyone know how it turns out tonight. Oh, and I just found out we'll have 7 total players
  13. Hello All, I just purchased this game and plan to pick it up tomorrow. I'm looking forward to reading through the rules a few times and trying the game out tomorrow evening. One problem we have though is that we have 6 total players coming to game night. Is there a common way to allow for a 6th player? I've seen advice on board game geek that suggests having two people play as the overlord, or adjusting the monsters the overlords controls to balance an additional hero. Does anybody have any suggestions or has had a positive experience with 6 players? Thanks!
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