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  1. Thank you for answer. I was little confused.
  2. Hello, in the rulebook there is: "Ship units in a Port may support a combat in the adjacent sea area but may not support a combat in any adjacent land area (not even in its connected land area). Ship units in a Port provide no defensive Combat Strength to a combat in its connected land area." What is connected area and what is adjacent area? Do I understand that ships in a Port can support even in another sea area where isn't Port located and is next to sea area where is Port? Thank you for answer.
  3. Ok. Thank you. That's interesting idea. I'm going to try it tomorrow .
  4. Hello, I have question about doors in Kitamon Reserach Base. On the map there are 9 circles with door symbol. But I have only 8 reinforced door tokens. Do I have to use some proxy token like wooden door token or one of those door symbols is misprint. Thank you for reply. :-)
  5. Hello, I am new in Descent and I didn't find answer to my problem anywhere. In 6th quest of the base game I don't know how works rule with Eternal Guardian. He is immortal and he can be killed only by the Blade of Light. The Blade of Light can be obtain only in Area 3 on the east encouter marker. So if Eternal Guardin "beastman" moves into space with encouter with the Blade of Light heroes will be doomed unless they haven't telekinesis. Because they don't have any chance to move into the space with the Blade of Light and then kill The Guardian. Do I understand it right? Thank you for help.:-) ( And sorry for my bad English.)
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