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  1. mattherobot said: Huh? What are we disputing, I'm a little confused. I think we've established that you can definitely encounter monsters the turn you come back -- the question is whether you have to take all or nothing, or you can pick and choose. I don't think anyone is arguing that you absolutely can't deal with monsters when you return. Otherwise, why would the rules say you don't need to, instead of saying you may not? I don't know why the rules are worded like this, but "you don't need to do X" only means that, and doesn't automatically imply that you can do X, if you want. Wether you can deal with monsters when returning from an Other World depends on wether the part "Evading Monsters" (p. 6) refers to movement in general, or only to Arkham movement (it seems to be listed under Arkham movement). Anyway, after reading that part from page 18 again, I guess I changed my view: "[...] This rule only applies during the turn he returns to Arkham; [...]" If my interpretation was correct, it would just be a clarification, not a rule, so I guess my interpretation was wrong. Well, sorry for the confusion.
  2. mattherobot said: I may be wrong here, but while there are two kinds of movements, there aren't two movement phases. That's correct, and that's what I wrote. mattherobot said: he rules state something to the notion that you don't have to encounter any monsters when you return. It's phrased in such a way that you could encounter them, if you like. That's an interpretation. Literally, the rules only imply that you can choose to ignore all monsters, then, and anything else is speculation.
  3. Adrian said: Problem of the question is that removing seal and opening portal are two different actions. Burst is a two-part action. Question is can a first half of a two part action be executed if second cannot? They may be considered two actions, but one of them is a consequence of the other action: "A gate burst works the same as a normal mythos card, unless the listed gate location has an elder sign token on it, in which case the gate bursts open, causing the elder sign token at that location to be removed from the board." ...so if no gate bursts open, nothing will cause the elder sign to be removed.
  4. cim said: Items, allies and skills is what I suspect it's supposed to mean, and then other than curses and blessings, all other Investigator cards that existed when it was only CotDP and the base game work fine, I think. I guess that makes sense - except for skills. Thematically, why should a fast Mi-Go makes you lose the bonus from the +1 Fight skill, or from Martial Arts? This makes even less sense when you consider that Martial Arts can be a skill as well as an investigator ability, and it seems arbitrary if it's ignored in the first case, but not in the latter. cim said: However, you can get some unusual results from cancelling Allies - consider Harvey Walters (3 max stamina), versus Cthulhu (-1 max stamina), with Dark Wind Covers Arkham (-1 max stamina in Arkham, among other effects) as the environment, having that R'lyeh encounter from Innsmouth (among other effects, -1 max stamina), and having Sir William Brinton (+1 max stamina) as an ally. Cancelling allies temporarily, for the fight, gets Harvey devoured... (none of the things affecting their stamina negatively are Investigator cards, so it doesn't really matter what you count). Er ... no comment.
  5. Thanks for the correction, I didn't have QU's sheet in front of me.
  6. Knuckles Eki said: Trump is right in answering Trump's question. In the expansion there are maps with areas connected as so, and if diagonal movement between obstacles isn't allowed, the plasma guns are not pickable the whole game. Oh, they are - see the rocket launchers next to that room? Which arises the question wether a marine can try to commit suicide w/o blast weapons, when trapped. (melee weapons don't work, they only affect adjacent spaces) ...no, but seriously: I don't think there's something in the rules which prevents you from moving diagonnally between blocking obstacles, so I suppose it's ok.
  7. Tibs said: Try: Chaingun / Spec Ops / Perfect Aim / Assassin Many larger beasts don't stand a chance there. Speaking of aimed + blow-through: Was the question wether discarding an aimed order makes all blow-through attacks aimed answered?
  8. Dam said: Suck it up and face Quachil Uttaus like a man. QU is only -3 modifier with Physical + Magical Immunity, his attack is "first player devoured", no checks, no nothing. There are items / allies to ignore an AO's attack, and the Messenger can be discarded to prevent being devoured. No checks - indeed. No nothing - not quite. ^^
  9. Sorry, I guess I have to explain my point of view a little better: My interpretation is that you never deal with monsters when you leave a gate, even if you want to - because I think you only deal with monsters during Arkham movement, but not during Other World movement (the kind of movement you do when you start in an Other World - not to be confused with the Arkham Encounters phase, Adrian ).
  10. I think simply ignoring items and allies would be better. Skills, curses / blessings, benefits / detriments, madness / injury cards and personal stories should still work, IMO. I don't own BGotW, so I can't say much about the corruption cards, but I suppose there is no reason to ignore them, either (except for RAW - but we're talking about CotDP here ^^). Are there other investigator cards that matter in such a situation?
  11. My opinion is that you only deal with monsters during Arkham movement. When you return from an Other World, that's during Other World movement (you started movement in an OW) or during another non-movement phase, which is why you don't deal with monsters then. I know that's only my interpretation, and I don't want to convince anyone that this is how it should be played - just wanted to mention it.
  12. I agree with Dam's answers 2 to 5, but not with 1. I mentioned the reasons for my opinion already in the first thread linked by Nephilim: new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp
  13. GalaxyUC said: When playing with 2 players or less, is it kosher to skip the Mythos Phase every other turn, rather than each player running two investigators?? I think this might be a little too easy. I think skipping 1 in 3 mythos phases if there are 2 investigators, and every other mythos phase if there's only one investigator would be a good idea.
  14. I think you did. ^^ Tibs is talking about choosing which of the too rifts to close that are on the board, when a rift is to be closed. You're assuming he talks about which rift progress marker is removed, if an investigator has an encounter in a location shown on two rift progress markers on the track.
  15. I'm almost sure there was an official statement by Kevin that a doom token is always placed when a gate opens. However, that's some time ago. The only passage in the AH rules you'll find is: "Doom tokens are placed on the doom track on the Ancient One sheet as new gates open in Arkham." (page 3 / description of doom tokens) It's a little vague, though, and sounds more like a general description, than a specific rule.
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