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  1. You can sometimes get core sets with the ships and upgrades removed on ebay for a very fair price (I've seen $10-$15). There are also other groups that sell or trade figures for a good price. Check out this Facebook page among others.
  2. Predators (and therefore Aliens) in same universe as Star Wars. Confirmed.
  3. It's more Romulan looking than anything else Trek related. If it weren't for the cockpit (something most Trek Ships don't have) I would definetly be getting even more of a Trek vibe from it. Should be possible if you have your mobile arc on the port or starboard side and the opposing ship is out from the corner of your base where the two arcs meet.
  4. Seems easier if each ship from the preview had it's own topic rather than people constantly adding to the pages and pages of main "Wave 9 Revealed" topics. -First things I noticed was that the debris cloud has deployment nubs like bombs. The debris cloud reference card refers to dropping debris like bombs, and the leftmost upgrade card (the illicit) on the bottom row appears to be something like "Rigged Cargo Container". You can clearly see "ACTION:" and the word "DROP" on the card. Shenanigans that change something normally constant in the game are always cool. Dropping debris seems fun, I just hope the card isn't too expensive. -Also, I noticed that the ship gets's large ship ID tokens a first for the game. To make it even more interesting, they included zero as one of the numbers. Looks like you get 2 large tokens and one small to put on your card. -Not related to the contents, but related to the rules, an upgrade card that removes the turret icon on a ship in exchange for a mobile firing arc (and probably a bonus of some kind like rerolls or negating an opponent's evade roll) would be very cool. It would be hard because most ships don't have base tiles cut into 4 quadrants, but not entirely something that we might never see.
  5. They aren't offered up too often on ebay, but when they are, they are usually fairly cheap for just a deck. OR You can join and post on this group. Lots of stuff for sale or trade. https://www.facebook.com/groups/StarWarsXwingSwapandSell/
  6. Or you can make this pencil box tournament transport someone posted on X-Wing Miniatures Mods and Repaints (Armada and IA too) Facebook group.
  7. Just curious, does anyone know what sort of prize support FFG had at Worlds? As far as I know it was the official FFG prizes that they announced and nothing more. That tournament cost $60 to play in. A store that is giving out hundreds of dollars in additional prizes and store credit are much better ambassadors for the brand than the company's flagship tournament but we've got people crapping on them for not being generous enough with their prize pool. Well then, people should also disclose their displeasure with worlds prize support if they feel so.
  8. My credentials: For years, I ran easily one of the largest game stores in my state. My annual sales rivaled that of non-Mcdonalds fast food joint. Sales were in the tank when I took over the store. The two previous managers had alienated alot of people with things like pricing Magic cards solely off what he thought they were worth, not the going price, and things like having Sunday be dedicated to a certain game, and then kicking those players out 2-3 times a month to run other events all day. First thing I did was just start treating my gamers with respect. In three months I went from 3rd (out of 4) in sales to 1st. I was never not first in sales and profit margin for the chain I was part of my entire time as manager. Most tournaments I ran I charged nothing and still gave away prize support. Even large events where I had to rent the Legion Hall (40K events) I gave away every ounce of money I could in gift cards (remembering that gift cards usually only cost a store 50% of their value). If hosted a $25 tournament and only gave away the stuff you could get at the same tournament run for $10 down the street, I would have been run outta town. We had a competing large game store one block away on the same road. It had a much larger gaming space, nice new tables & chairs (ours weren't bad, just not new and fancy), but they charged for events I ran for free, and still gave out less prize support. They went out of business along with the other 3-4 stores in town that tried and failed. 2-3 pieces of pizza and a soda run about $2 per person. Just doing that would have probably quelled this discussion before it even started. Part of the problem is the exclusivity of the regional events. If this were a Store Championship event and you paid $25 to get in, but got almost nothing, but the guy running a SC event next week on the other side of town charged $25 and gave all the final round winners the play mat they were using, you can bet your bottom dollar I know which store would have better attendance next year. More regional events nationwide would quickly cull the herd of stores that don't run events up to player's satisfaction. If a store has to basically shut down to run an event this size, they either need to not run the event, or move it to another location. I've done that plenty of times. I think people stating their displeasure with how events were run and how prizes were handled is extremely important so that FFG knows. These stores are official ambassadors of FFG, and FFG deserves the right to know how their game is being represented. I think stating it here is a fine way to warn people that certain venues are not as desirable of locations to attend events at than others.
  9. While I'm not a fan of 2-day events, remember that Regionals mean almost nothing in the long run other than a chance to play with a ton of people. You don't have to win a store championship or regional to play at Gen Con or Origins. You can just register (although I'm guessing Gen Con is finally sold out). The bye is useful, but not the end all be all for winning a large event. The fact that you don't have to win a smaller event to attend the next level higher event makes the 2-day regional events much less of an issue. Still think it would be easier if each state just had a regional (or a few regionals for the really big states) and you were limited to playing in just the one for your state or perhaps limited to only playing in 2-3 regionals per person to keep numbers down at each location.
  10. Spoiler alert! Saving you from spoiling your evening by actually watching the film.
  11. I bought this for a few bucks specifically to fix a B-Wing. If anyone wants me to send them a variety pack (in pairs of course) of a dozen or so for $1, hit me up with a PM. You'll need a pin vice, but if you get it mounted properly, it will not break again. Photo for reference:
  12. Never liked wood toilet seats where you can see the wood grain. Used to go to summer camp where they had them and I always swore I was gonna get splinters on my tokus. But plastic is horrible when it's hot. I mean the ones that look like stained wood. If it's wood, but painted, I'm fine. Don't even get me started on padded seats... Having said all that, I pretty much never use the seat. Not sure how, where, or why, but somehow in my childhood, I learned to use the facilities directly on the porcelain. Heat is never an issue.
  13. Never liked wood toilet seats where you can see the wood grain. Used to go to summer camp where they had them and I always swore I was gonna get splinters on my tokus.
  14. Looking to order some Battlefoam for my empty case. I'm going to make a custom foam tray that holds some of the ships I don't have. Need to know if the Punishing One can fit into a 1 inch tray, 2 inch tray, or thicker.
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