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  1. Khouri said: It is explicitly noted that when fighting with two pistols they can be fired on any fire mode as part of a full round multiple attacks action. Independent targeting is a talent that extends the basic limit between ranged targets and doesn't take up any actions to use by itself. So the answer is yes, firing a weapon on semi/full auto is normally itself a full action but allowing to fire two as part of a full action multiple attack is indeed a rule by exception.
  2. Brother Praetus said: Given the trait which goes along with the background, that of The Bloody Edge, and its usefulness solely against the living, I would think that they typically prefer not to fight most warp entities or beings with the Machine trait. That said; heretics, mutants and psykers tend to be living beings who or often internal threats to the Imperium. Most death cults; which The Moitat most assuredly is, tend more towards removal of those internal threats, but will not scoff at other "challenges." -=Brother Praetus=- For my moritat I am leaning towards some leniency towards mutants from a background experience in Broken Chains where the mutants were more pious than the general populous. Instead hating demons and a general distrust towards the Mechanicum seemed a natural progression. The power is in the blood and since neither machines nor demons bleed really they are deemed offensive in the eyes of Him on Earth.
  3. Brother Praetus said: Furious Assault CANNOT be combined with Swift Attack, Lightning Attack or Two Weapon fighting, as Furious Assault can only be used with All O maneuver, which is its own full-round attack action. The strike must succeed after any attempt by the target to actively defend themselves, so a successful dodge or parry ends the potential for the second strike. You still determine all results of the first attack before attempting the second, and the second attack can still trigger whether you manage to do any damage with the first attack. In case you were wondering, a Charge action cannot be combined with any of the above talents for additional melee attacks, either, as it is its own full-round action. For more detailed descriptions and explanations, check out pages 11 and 12 of the Errata. -=Brother Praetus=- Post Script: Beaten to the punch again. (Vigorously shakes fist at No1) Oh well. Kudos sir. However using dual shot and/or independent targeting is also considered a full round action yet you can do so with the weapons on semi/full auto which doing so themselved is also considered a full action. Is this considered an exception?
  4. We were doing the first Haarlock adventure and when we made it to the surface we decided to try and infiltrate the red circuses. Naturally my moritat was nominated/volunteered to join the games - during which the group made an obscene amount of money on betting. However I started to have reservations about it - partaking in these games for the enjoyment of persons on a planet far from the Light of the Emperor. To which our cleric said 'well, these heretics just aren't going to kill themselves' - which ended up becoming my sig.
  5. Interesting read. Lathe blades it is. I am trying to talke my GM into swapping the best quality power swords then into sanctifies lathe blades since BQ power swords are insanely expensive.
  6. There really aren't that many mutation charts in the books. I am, slowly, writing an adventure that deals heavily on a mutagenic element. Has anybody come up with a larger chart? I was wondering if digging out the old Gamma World charts would be worthwhile.
  7. Redeucer said: Warp Shock is a special aspect associated with warp entities. It only comes into play when facing them, not all the time. Warp Shock is the result of the taint of the Warp/Chaos, not fear. It's the result of being faced with and partially comprehending non-Euclidean geometry. It's the result of hearing thousands of whispering voices in the miasma around a daemon and actually make sense of some of what is being said. It is the Warp itself seeping into your soul because of it's very presence near you. I agree the game uses the Fear mechanics for determining Warp Shock, but by the rules it also is a separate effect. (Emphasis mine) From a metagaming perspective I tend to agree with you. However from as rules mechanic your third sentence is incorrect. Warp Shock If a character suffers Insanity Points resulting from a failed Fear Test involving entities from the warp, ... DH - p. 238 As such, warp shock in indeed a direct result of fear, a singularly specialized form of fear. It is not a separate effect, reather it is an additional effect in certain situations. Looking at this from a different perspective, if a character has 20 insantity ponits thereby making him immune to fear (1) effects, are you also saying he is not immune to warp shock? It would seem in this case insanity would be the perfect reason to grant immunity. One could say that by definition a character with fearless is indeed insane.
  8. Brother Praetus said: Assassin X uses his normal reaction to parry Cultist 3 successfully, and follows up with a successful counter which disembowels Cultist 3 with a vicious strike to the body.Against Cultist 4 we see Assassin X once more parries; this time with the reaction granted by Wall of Steel. Again there is a successful use of counter-attack, deftly alleviating Cultist 4 of his head. Cultist 5's attack is easily dodged by Assassin X, thanks to his final reaction granted by the Step Aside talent. -=Brother Praetus=- Isn't this too many reactions? You have parried twice as well as dodge. It is my understanding that while step aside and wall of steel allow an extra dodge and extra parry by granting an additional reaction, you are still limited to two reactions. For example you can not parry twice, dodge twice or one of each in a round rather than, as is implied here, you have two dodges and two parries equalig four reactions. Or did I read this post, or the rules, incorrectly?
  9. Lyinar said: Of course, I very much decided to throw a bit of Ciaphas Cain style lightness into the GRIMDARK! RAAAR! of the setting. Fillion would make a great Cain. Midnight Meat Train would also be an interesting idea for a sinister mutant or daemonic cult. In fact a lot of Clive Barker could be great ideas. Cabal (Night breed is a poor adaptation) for example. Take out the hippie-dippy bits in the original Wicker Man.
  10. Is promethium essentially oil? The warammer wiki states it essentially is petroleum based but each planet's version is unique. I was wondering since the only place I have seen it mentioned specifically was in a Cain book that took place on an ice world. I am asking as I am currently toyig around with an adventure the gist of which is promethium becomes warp tainted and when burned releases mutagenic fumes.
  11. I have bought a few Reaper minis to paint and use. Many could work in a pinch and are often much less expensive than Warhammer minis. Have looked at the Chronoscope ones as well but have a backlog of minis to paint so I haven't picked up any yet - that and am saving up to buy Creature's Anathema first. The other issue I have with the WH minis is that the vast majority of them are in power armor. I have picked up a sniper that is pretty neat but the majority of the cool ones I wanted for my Moritat assassin are unfortunately are all femaly Soriatas or Witch Hunters. For alternatives our GM picked up some Star Wars ones at a sale and they seem to be ok. There are also some board games that include figs are fairly decent.
  12. Alasseo said: You may want to point out to the player (very explicitly) that DH is a lethal system, that punishes characters that think they're bulletproof, and as a result, he should think about his options carefully. How more explicit does the GM have to be after having three of the PC's getting killed in short order? At some point it might sink in to try different tactics realizing he is not a Marine in power armor or other character in a book. Have him try and arbeit or guardsmen if he loves combat so much. At least the he will have more combat skills to work with and practice at making characters.
  13. In the Soul Drinkers Omnibus in Bleeding Chalice it goes into a little bit regarding the Great Harvest for getting recruits, the initiation process and the initial 'scout' designation who have some of the implants but not all.
  14. The tricky part is that the faith talents only deal with the warp while the issues above seem to be xenos and no corruption points are involved so technically there would be no issue. That being said the general fanatacism of the Soriatas in the class description as well as in the books, not to mention original Hereticus alliance, implies all heresies are to be stamped out and eradicated. Perhaps some visions or dreams to the player might show him the Emperor's displeasure with the cleric's meddling in blasphemous affairs.
  15. Looking at another thread here some of the faith talents from the Adeptus Soriatus in the IH might come in handy for that nasty warp entity.
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