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  1. Evening all, To cut a long story short, I am barely playing UFS anymore, only vaguely playing/contemplating Legacy. To those who understand, I started my training officially on October 1st, free time has very much gone out the window though I could not be happier! I am looking to trade my current block UFS cards, including incremental Tekken 6 set plus binder. Please contact nerv_uk@hotmail.com for details. Please note trades will not be posted here so as to not violate terms of use. I'll still see you all at the conventions. Team Patriot/B'stard has existed now through Raw Deal and UFS for over six years and still is very much alive, kicking bottom and taking names. We. Will. Not. Stop. Matt.H
  2. Speedsta said: ...those who take pleasure in portraying me as a sex-starved pervert, especially on weekends when I have no internet access to defend myself. Realising you have a problem is the first step to recovery.
  3. karuso said: that made no sense lol. i am getting messed up by this flu :'( I think Nathan's trying to say that that in Nathan's dreams, Nathan is dressed up as Yi Shan while tied to a bed in Phil's house with Morrigan (don't know what Morrigan is doing there, maybe she's making tea?). In Nathan's nightmares it appears that Ross is pleasuring Nathan. Hope this clears things up, Mr.Michael.
  4. Speedsta said: Benihime said: Ross, you do realise that, Karuso is Nathan and thus he probably would buy a box of Darkstalkers (which would then give him an excuse not to go to Team Nats), even though i told him, he can lend the stuff off of me. I was about 80% sure it was him, I was trying to bait out a response to confirm it...... What? You didn't know who Karuso was? It's YI SHAN!
  5. Long time no see! To cut a long story short, I've (finally) started my training at work, which is going to take about 3 1/2 years or so of my blood, sweat and tears. Though I still intend to play UFS during this time and should be at the national events, I won't be playing even half as much as I used to and probably have my UFS confined to a weekend or a Thursday every month. That being said, I've decided to sell off some of my more valuable cards, which I won't have the time to properly use. I'd rather they go to a UK player which is why I'm posting here. 4x Menuett Dance - £18 each, playset for £63 4x Knight Breaker - £18 each, playset for £63 4x Controller of Souls - £12 each, playset for £42 5x Midnight Launcher - £7 each, playset for £25 email: nerv_uk@hotmail.com Matt.H
  6. Antigoth said: You would not. Yes, a Bonus is when you increase a value. Yes, returning can cause a value to increase. However returning does not mean it's a bonus. Hence why you can neither apply bonuses, nor return Raging Gnome to it's printed damage. But does this not incorporate a bonus within the definition of returning? I am not considering the act of returning comparable to a bonus, but the incorporation of a value increase within the stages required to "return" as generating this bonus. The comparison to Journey to Repentence in the instance that Journey for Repentence activates to the targeting of a Foundation within the committal window, rather than the committal window as a whole. As such there is precedence for card interaction to occur within the steps taken for an effect to complete which, in the case of Journey is the targeting of a foundation within a committal effect window but after the completion of the initial declaration to activate the committal ability. For Spiritual Centre the activation is at the stage of a bonus being generated within the mechanics of returning an attack by calculating the value that is needed to restore an attack from it's current value to it's printed value (which results in a definite and specific number).
  7. Thanks again. Just to ask about a specific card interaction. Spiritual Centre (and similar effects). If returning, by the act of returning incorporating a speed or damage bonus, applies a speed or damage bonus to an attack. Can Spiritual Centre negate this speed or damage bonus. Would this be comparable to the targeting requirement of Journey to Repentence, specifically referring to Foundations and therefore creating a window where the targeting of a foundation within a committal effect activates the Journey to Repentence response. In the same manner does Spiritual Centre, by referring to a speed or damage bonus, react to the creation of a speed or damage bonus and therefore may reactto the bonus being applied that is incorporated in the midst of the act of returning.
  8. Tagrineth said: No, a bonus or penalty is +X or -X to a value. edit: though yes, return-to-printed effects have always been an increase/reduction to damage, going all the way back to Made Not Born from SC01. But OH MY GOD NEW RULING IS NEW. Thanks for the help. Not all of us have the time or trouble to keep up with the rules on a regular basis though. There's no harm in asking and we should not receive criticism for this in the answers that rules moderators provide.
  9. Antigoth said: Hewittzil said: I've heard nasty rumours regarding clarification of "return to printed effects," eg, Holding Ground, TKD Zephyr, etc. Does "return" now incorporate a bonus/penalty? Can you be more specific regarding a card interaction that you're looking for? Not particularly a specific card interaction. I'm rather trying to clarify if the act of returning an attack to it's printed damage is now considered either/and an attack damage bonus or damage penalty for the purposes of card effects, re: card interactions that effect gain/reduction. For details see Page 5 of the Hilde general discussion thread.
  10. I've heard nasty rumours regarding clarification of "return to printed effects," eg, Holding Ground, TKD Zephyr, etc. Does "return" now incorporate a bonus/penalty?
  11. Though on Chaos, this might possibly be teh most metal card in UFS:
  12. Well on Thursday next week, I'll have our shiney new asset for trade. Hoping to get some trading done in person at GenCon Indy so posting this for then. Haves: 100x Patriot Games Wants: Champion Characters Champion Assets 4x Knight Breaker 2x Menuett Dance 3x Controller of Souls Patriot Games Asset / Action Control Check 5 +2 Mid Block Death / Evil / Order / Water Asset Difficulty 4 Terrain After this card is added to your staging area, first you then your opponent name one non-character card. No copies of the named cards may be readied. Split Action Difficulty 3 R: After a card in your staging area is destroyed by your opponents card effect, take one foundation in your discard pile and add it to your staging area committed. Five Point Watermark
  13. Speedsta said: Archimedes said: Seriously, I am going to get annihilated by the mid westerners, the east coasters, and the british. At least we English will offer you tea aferwards But we're. all. out. of. tea!
  14. Grizzlegrom said: I just hope that when Mini-block comes around there will be some way to stop this.. Why hello there, Mr. Kazuya, welcome to Patriot Games! Our split Action wants to give you a nice big hug...
  15. GeneralReaction89 said: Scubadude said: I know marco the winner of the TN regional is looking for a team. that is a fact Thanks! Would either of you have an email address, username or way to contact Marco?
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