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  1. Ok, SO i have a whole bunch of cards for sale. I'm probably going to put them up on E-Bay, so once I do, I'll post a link in this thread to my profile so people can see what i've got for sale.
  2. New things are getting done everyday, and the Role Playing only gets better from here out.
  3. Roxas +1 TonyBam +1 Sorry, forgot about the traders thread lol.
  4. @ Spirit: Sorry, nothing I see for a Destiny Island. @ Morbid: My E-mail account is messed up right now, so for now the only reliable way to talk to me is my site... When I get it fixed, I'll post here.
  5. Well, you earn points for each post you make, each challenge you win, etc. Those points work like in-game currency, in that you can buy items, armor, weapons, stuff like that with it. But in addition to the in-game stuff, I'll also be putting some KH and MTG cards in the shop for people to purchase using their points. Upon purchase, the card will be mailed to you. SO for the members who are active alot, it's a noce way to score some free cards as well as RP. RP basically means you create a character and act them out on the site, (in the case of my site) going on missions, fighting the other member's characters, and leveling up as you get stronger. There is an explanation on the site's news and info area.
  6. Roxas said: Did you receive/send out the cards yet? Recieved and Sent. Look for a Green envelope conatining your cards, and a pleasure doing business with you! I'll take a Look at your thread now, Spirit.
  7. tonybam14 said: did you see anything for donal lvl4? Short answer, nothing I need. However, deck building will be happening today / tomorrow, and I bet there'll be alot I'll need to trade for. So I'll let you know next time I come on tomorrow, k? Morbidsanity said: hey i'm interested in a lot of your cards, hit me up at x.melendez2001@yahoo.com i can trade and buy cards My E-Mail is bieng buggy, but I'll get to you as soon as possible, thanks. Spirit of Xehanort said: How many Destiny Islands do you have? Uh, about 5? Although I am currently using them all, as always, if you make a good enough offer, I'd be willing to trade out of my decks. As stated above, my E-Mail is bieng wacky the last few days, so the best chances of contacting me and garaunteeing I read it the same day are my site (daisukesdojo.web44.net.) or on here.
  8. 1. Deck sizes aren't that relevant: running 41 may be somewhat better than running 60 in the sense of getting certain cards, but then again running more good cards in a format that allows for so much draw is just as good at least, so... it's a preference thing, really. 2. You would honestly need to rip a booster box, maybe even 2, before you had a viable deck. Starter's will not do a **** thing for you. 3. Unfortunately, a large part of the "Good card" pool in KH is the chase rares, calles SRU. They only come foil, and the chances of a foil are 1 in 3, SRU is obviously higher than that (1 in 6 or 1 in 9 sounds right, not sure). And these chase cards are usually the best cards (like Ultima Weapon, Donald 4, Goofy 4, King Triton, C&D, Dragon Maleficent, Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith, The King, etc.) making building a top-tier deck very difficult without them. There are also Promos, but due to power creep, only a select few promos are worth getting a hold of (Unless you just like the card).
  9. I'll do a Non-foil Parasite Cage for a non-foil Cid.
  10. Yet another case of terrible english causing problems...
  11. But it does say it affects ALL friends. By your logic, Monstro Lv. 1 only affects the player who played it... which is wrong.
  12. jb2909 said: Hello, I'm interest for Dark riku, Donald level 4, goofy level 4, Destiny island, Chip and dale, Agrabah level 3, graviga and disney castle. What do you want for this? I've many cards from set 1 and set 2. Thank you. Do you have a trade thread? tonybam14 said: sounds good to me. email is:tonybam14@yahoo.com can i offer you genie jafar and some other cards for donald lvl4? I actually just pulled a Genie-Jafar last night lol, along with a Cloud. But I'll take a look at your thread. My Wants list will be up soon, I'll link it when it is.
  13. Looking for members to come to the Dojo and Role Play. www.daisukesdojo.web44.net You can be a character from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or even make up your own. The site offers prizes and things of that sort, including KH Cards in the Shop for purchase using points you earn from RPing and competing in challenges. Come check it out!
  14. Roxas said: Barrel Spider with Phil is instant HP loss if they want to go anywhere. Behemoth is a friend killer, even if they use magic his effect clearly states that once you state the word battle all friends have to participate. You know, Beast / Herc / Pan all get around the barrel spider pretty easily... Behemoth can be burned by magic during a player's action phase: If they really are running a magic burn deck, they can indeed kill it without battling it. Just letting you know.
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