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  1. If resources, etc., were no significant issue (which, of course, they are), I would like to see Tannhauser follow the same route (no pun intended) that Asmodee is following with Formula D (the update of the Formula De race game): what looks like about three double-sided map-only expansions a year. Granted, there's no (strong) need for Asmodee to put out other types of expansions (although some people might like some additional street-race characters), but Formula D is, I think, like Tannhauser in that running around the same old track (or castle, or whatever) can get old.
  2. Personally, I'd rather see ToI focus on operations or the like rather than specific theaters. So far, they've basically done one of each. The Eastern Front approach, as noted, has a lot of competition, but battle/operation-focused packs, with the chance for more linked scenarios, open up some slightly fresher avenues.
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