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  1. Good; maybe when they're done with the sourcebooks I don't need, they can publish an Age of Rebellion adventure I want to play.
  2. To be honest, I'd hope the player in question was mature enough to ropleplay it properly. To reinforce that, I'd vary my description of the NPC's appearance, words and actions depending on the result of the roll. If the Charm roll is passed, then the NPC is clearly friendly, shares interests and sense of humour with the PC and their suggestions make good sense. If it's failed, then they're clearly sycophantic, trying to ingratiate themselves by pretending to agree and their plans clearly benefit the NPC more than (or at the expense of) the PCs.
  3. I would say it's the same reason they all wear black, but then going by Return of the Jedi, the proper Jedi uniform is a black tunic and trousers. Obi-Wan only wore brown robes because he was hiding out on Tatooine and that's what everyone on Tatooine wore. Then along comes the prequels and for some daft reason the Jedi uniform is ... brown robes? That's nonsense (unless you're a fit bird, in which case you get something tight-fitting that shows off the midriff - but still brown ). But my comment about the red Sith lightsabers was meant to be facetious, but actually I think there's a ring of truth about it. Apparently, red lightsabers use artificial crystals, and apparently the Sith only use artificial crystals. So basically, they're all cheap hipsters.
  4. Luke only got a green lightsaber because the blue didn't show up against the Tunisian sky in the Tatooine scenes (early trailers showed him with a green saber before it was recoloured). As far as I'm concerned, lightsaber colour is (in-universe) simply personal preference. Sith use red ones because they're all trying to be "individual" and edgy. Blue and green also contrast well against the brown robes most Jedi wear. Personally, I like blue ones. Green is OK too. Purple is fine for Samuel L Jackson, but not for anyone else. Any other colour is just a bit ... wrong, IMO.
  5. What I'm thinking of doing is getting a large sheet of paper and marking it up with a series of concentric circles, one for each range band. Divide it up into the four fire arcs and place the character's ship at the centre. Then all the other ships can be placed relative to it and moved accordingly. It should help keep track of where everything is. Then we can concentrate on narrating the action, rather than worrying about the geometry.
  6. As far as quirks go, the droidekas are a little scared of the R2 unit, and the R2 unit is more skilled in interfacing with Clone Wars-era technology than "modern" stuff. The droidekas may also have ... self-restraint issues ... when facing squads of soldiers in white laminate armour. I'll save that for the most inopportune time to reveal, I think.
  7. I can't buy them from anyone in the UK. They're all out of stock - have been for ages.
  8. My players currently have an Astromech droid, a medical droid and a couple of scavenged Droidekas. What sort of things have you done to personalise your players' droids? Are there any rules in various supplements that cover this sort of thing? I'm not thinking of much - just adding extra tools to the Astromech, giving other players a black die when interacting with it because it's been hanging out with one character for too long, that sort of thing. Also, is there any sort of reduced "NPC sheet" that we can use to keep track of their stats and damage and whatnot during play?
  9. Easier said than done, sadly. I'm beginning to think that the existence of the Adversary decks is just an internet hoax.
  10. ... after the rest of the squadron (and fleet) had dropped the shields. Then a couple of Despairs rolled on the Executor's own Piloting roll (or whatever you use to steer a capital ship). Alternatively, there's this option:
  11. In TIE Fighter, you could fire warheads at other warheads. Not much use against missiles, and even with torpedoes, the slight speed difference usually meant the missile couldn't catch the torpedo before it hit, but it was a useful tactic against rockets and space bombs.
  12. Someone mentioned the TIE Fighter computer game ... There, most fighters could outfly torpedoes - even TIE bombers could dodge 'em. Admittedly they couldn't do much else while dodging the torpedo, but the option was there. Some of the top-end fighters such as the Advanced and Defender could even outrun them in a straight line. Perhaps ordnance should have a delay? Fire it this turn, and it hits next turn, giving the target a chance to try to evade or shoot down the incoming warhead.
  13. SEApocalypse; when Han turns up to save Luke at the Death Star, this is after he refused to join the rebellion; it rather stretches credulity, IMO, to think that he had a change of heart, then goes back to Yavin, then convinces the Rebel high command to lend him a couple of soldiers, then flies back to the Death Star to save Luke. Another data point - in X-Wing Alliance, you start out flying a YT-2000 armed with laser cannon in a turret. While piloting the ship, the lasers fired in a fixed forward mode. You could either man the turret yourself (in which case your droid flew the ship - badly) or let the droid man the turret (in which case he fired the guns in all directions - badly).
  14. The one that usually gets mentioned in this sort of topic is Diala; I don't recall anyone complaining so much that Gideon didn't get his mission. I think it's because Diala's a Jedi, and a Jedi without a lightsabre is just wrong. Moreso, I think, because the miniature and the box art show her waving the sodding thing around! If she started with a fairly crappy 'sabre, but could improve it via her upgrade cards, that might be better. Perhaps the side mission could instead let her learn a new Force ability - Force Throw, or the ability to use the lightsabre as a ranged weapon, or something. That way, it's still worth winning her side mission, but she doesn't feel like she's missing something without it. We just assumed that what the model is actually holding is a scaffolding pole painted fluorescent blue.
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