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  1. ColtsFan76 said: Since everyone likes to repeat themselves.... I will say once again, "FFG did not spend lots of money to acquire the BattleLore title just to shut it down." If they wanted it did, they would just let DOW continue what it was doing and it didn't cost FFG a dime. Right, that's the way I see it also. Good post
  2. Trump said: We're all affected in different ways, but I don't see the silence of FFG having any effect on me. They want more money from me? They'll put out more product. If they never put out a single expansion again, that's fine. I'm quite happy with what I have now. I Fully agree.
  3. This weekend I first played the 100 years war. This includes new arbalestiers with and arbalest as weapon. I thought this weapon, and it looks also like that, that this was a better weapon as the regular cross bow. But in fact it has less abilities as the cross bow. Was this intended or what are your opinions on that?
  4. Why isn't anything of this showing up in the new "upcoming releases" page?
  5. For the 2 other expansion Mr. Borg mentions (-------- ----) and (------ ----). Which both fits 2 words. The first 2 words of 8 an 4 letters and the second is a combination of 6 and 4 letter. The latter midth be the "Shadow army" (6 and 4 letter). Any others speculations?
  6. Why, it is already a great game as it is. I love it even when I don't get any news.
  7. I was playing a troll scenario lately and my opponent played the wizard's lore card fireball at my troll. As the text on the lorecard we played it that the fireball killed the troll (the complete unit) with only one lore symbol thrown. Afterwards we doubted whether this was the right way to do. So the question to you all is does the fireball kill the troll or does it remove one life token per lore symbol thrown. Thanx in advance for your opinions.
  8. I like the idea as well, especially the peasants, which play an important role.
  9. Indygnome said: (I might live to regret this post) At the time the English national sport was war (mainly with France), and although they werent fighting all the time for that dreaded 100 years war period, they were practicing hard when they werent actually fighting. I suspect however that given the period in history being discussed it would be fairly easy to bring in other countries who had a beef against (us) English. The Scandinavians had a beef and claim to the throne left over form Canute (Cnut if you prefer). Spain, although they were busy with the Moors if memory serves me correctly. France at that time wasnt unified so there are some issues that could come in there. Add in the various factions in what would become Italy, which at the time maight be described as a whole bunch of city states. And lastly for this post, but certainly no means the least troublesome, The area that later becomes Germany is quite a good place for some trouble. Internaly England has to contend with enough as it is, as SW touches on, nuff said. How about witchcraft, the famous ducking stool and the if she floats shes a witch etc. Plenty of room for more to go on and still feel some ties to the period. Oh, and a final wildcard, we could always toss a crusade in for a laugh, upset even more lands and go for some desert terrain. Andy (who thankfully for everyone else isnt the game designer ) Don't forget about the Dutch. BTW I believe their was a post at DOW about this subject with lots of countries and what races they could be
  10. Hi guys. Where can I find the GTM scenario's?
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