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  1. You won't be able to create characters with the BB. Still the box is worth buying for many other reasons.
  2. Half of the table has the app but we vastly prefer the physical dices as it take too much time to assemble a pool in the app imho.
  3. I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that these are Beginners products. And I'd add that they make perfect demo games to run at conventions or at your FLGS. But as a home game they fail at one point: bridging with the Core Rules. Mind you there is nowhere in the BB or the CR a page telling you what the major changes are between the two rulest. The pregens are built so differently from the CR that it is often better to ditch them and recreate new ones from scratch. These flaws are imho easily countered by just releasing a PDF with advice on turning the pregens into CR valid PCs and outlining the main changes from the BB to the CR. All in all it can be done in 2-3 pages, maybe 4 if the add art & tables. Now on the abridged ruleset, I feel that while being nice, I would have preferred them to be more CR accurate like what they have done in Shadows of a Black Sun. While we may not be the main target audience for the BB, if the BB rules where more in line with the actual rules, it would make the abridged book a great book to keep at the table for the PCs to refer to a rule or even to bring with you at holidays for an impromptu game !
  4. Yet this choice makes the campaign sector focused rather than the more classical commando mission wa had during the WEG era. Maybe further in the line we'll get something like the Darkstryder campaign
  5. I guess that they'll also have a followup adventure like "The Long Arm of Hutt" in addition to the extra two characters. I also bet that the Free RPG Day Star Wars product will be focused on AoR.
  6. I wonder if they'll include extra adventures/suggestion to build an Onderon sector campaign in the book...
  7. Will I buy the BB ? Certainly. But while the BB in the ruleset is fine for teaching the game, I think that the one used in the Free RPG Day adventure gives a more accurate taste of the core game. What I'd at least wish FFG to add to the AoE BB is a simple conversion folio that ease the transition from BB characters and rules, to core game. My group wanted to keep the EotE BB characters and we had a full session dedicated to applying the necessary changes with the rulebook. It was almost as complex as a full character creation process due to the lack of suggestion and the goal of keeping the character's background intact.
  8. In the mind of the original game creators Take On You the troops didn't have a command Pack, only the heroes did. FFG changed that with the relase of the Reich and Union Troop Packs. So if you want to play with these option you will have to buy one of each pack. They contain extra tokens so you can play one troop of the base set and one from the pack with both their command pack.
  9. Well the original ToY campaign had issues but was very, very different from the one FFG published years later. The same goes with the map who had some minor graphic changes.
  10. A true second edition is what I expected from FFG when they first announced the revised rules. Sadly they went the less risky path of keeping the components the same and thus were also constrained by it. My guess is that should they create a new edition for TH, it will be once the game itself is long out-of-print and will certainly bring more freshness to the game (new units, new format, new rules and of course new price). I also think that we'll get unpainted miniature with premium packs for those who want pre-painted ones. But before that I really want FFG to try new game formats with the TH license; I really would appreciate a game offering a more broad aspect of the world maybe a risk-like game set within a specific theater of war (Europe first then Asia and Africa later), maybe a Cold War variation with locations and characters from the TH setting (4 factions to select from with alternate abilities) and of course more novels !
  11. The two books in questions are the two novels: Rising Sun , Falling Shadows and Operation: Night Eagle. While I'm sad that Tannhauser will stop receiving new products for some time, I'm happy with what we have got 'till now. I sincerely hope that FFG will continue to develop the IP maybe as a RPG, a LCG, a novel or even a Deckbuilding game. I don't think that Tannhauser suffer from the comparison with Dust Tactics, the games and the universes they're set into are much different. However I think that despite FFG spending resources into the game, they never did much to communicate on it. News about the products were few and rapidly lost in the flow of more popular game news, support was almost inexistent with questions taking so long to answered while other games had multiple FAQ iterations and it was never really supported in events making it difficult to popularize. If the IP is to be resurrected in later date, they will have to rethink their communication strategy. And if they return to the game, they should start with something else, not the board game we know: maybe some new novels, a simpler card game with the 4 factions vying for resource control on the theater of war map, anything that would help expand the public knowledge about the IP without requiring prerequisite knowledge.
  12. The main problem with the current version of the lore is that we don't have a big picture of the world. We don't know what exactly the Union is (Is it the United States, or the named of the Allied forces ?), how the power blocs came into existence, how global is the war (is the european front the only one ?), etc. Much like in the classic war movies we only have a tiny fraction of the information, the one needed to play the game and it make me sad. Worse the only attempt a starting to fill the holes was the Take on You chronology which was badly mistreated by FFG back then. Thus I have high hopes tha the novel will help fill some holes...
  13. In fact Celerity is part of the Command Pack of the Shin Agent Trooper who has a 7/7/6 Movement Value so I guess you could always use it in place of Operative Sanction or Infiltration
  14. Itami and Mizu are available in FRance since last Saturday. If the shipping isn't too steep you can try buying them online on Philibert website...
  15. Yes, I noticed it too. i'm not really sad to see they go as they actually never had much use inmy own games. In fact I prefer the Bonus Packs as they area real addition to the character strategies. BTW by removing the Challenge tokens FFG also reduced the token sheets from two to one and stopped giving these extra useless Crate Tokens...
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