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  1. The hell did I miss this?? Thank you, kind sir. In equal parts for your answer and for not shaming me. Publicly, at least.
  2. Hello and apologies if this has been answered in another thread. I searched but couldn't find anything. I am confirming the steps to follow after a quest is finished (whether successful or failed). Specifically, does each hero heal completely of wounds, fatigue and conditions before traveling (and events pop up) and before entering a town or new quest? Logically, I assume so, but couldn't find anything in the rulebook that states so. Thanks in advance for any help and info on any other steps to follow post-quest. J
  3. Superb! I guess this is the closest thing we will get to "official" FFG releases. New to me, so that's awesome!
  4. This whole topic has been an interesting read. Great job with the characters; I'd try them out one day, once I get them printed!
  5. Morthai! Those are phenomenal. I really like 'em. Probably going to find a way to print them out nice at some point. I sleeve my character cards, so I should be able to seamlessly fit them into my pile. Thanks for sharing and te hard work!
  6. Hmmm. Not finding your quests in the database anymore... What happened to them? I'd like to give them a test run...
  7. I, for one, am super-thrilled with this announcement. It came much earlier than expected, and that's a good thing. Kinks can and will be worked out; my family and I are having a BLAST with the Core set over the last couple of weeks!
  8. Yeah, you guys make a good point… I think separating them into Archetype piles might work out best for us… Therefore, the only thing you can choose is which type you will be. The character will still be a sweet surprise
  9. Love it! It does make for great, unsuspecting combinations!
  10. Hello all! As a long-time 1st Ed. player (always a Hero, btw) we adopted a couple of house rules to add to our personal enjoyment of the great game. We typically played 1OL vs 4Heroes (sometimes 3…) and at least 3 of us players were the same, the OL and 2 of us Heroes. We loved the exploration aspect of the map, so we would allow the OL to "reveal" the map as we opened doors and discovered new areas. This gave him a little advantage, but we didn't mind. The fog of war was fun and thematic to us. Our small balance attempt for this was that we, the Heroes, got to draw 3 from the huge pile and pick our favorite amongst the 3, forming the team. I think I'll miss that…and the fact that you were "forced" to use someone you may not have been totally comfortable with…or knew how to exploit So, once the Conversion Kit is in my hot, chunky hands, I think we'll stick to that method. Every Hero draws 3 and chooses their favorite. Otherwise…certain Heroes may never get used!
  11. This game, since its release, has been my top 1-2 of ALL-Time. It was a pleasure to play; always fun. And I don't think I'll be abandoning 1st edition all together…there are still so many great things about it. However, 2nd edition will dominate, going forward… And The Conversion Kit was pure brilliance!
  12. mastrcbaoth said: All of these are so good…truly… I wish I had 1/4 of the talent you all possess… This one, in particular, spoke to me. What an awesome mini…and painted…it just is the end all… I wish I had this fig!!!!!
  13. Yeah, I like it! I think that the new character creation system is a little limiting…this would open up the dorr to some nice variety that will be needed after the many repeated plays this game will get. So, nice job! These look great and make a lot of sense!
  14. This is fascinating stuff any2cards; thanks so much for sharing! I am so excited for my Conversion Kit…it's sad, really…
  15. -shnar I love you. But only if you do this thing. Share with a link for artscow on BGG too please?
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