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  1. Thanks a lot. So for standard out of box game i was right - there is no difference in gun jam tokens.
  2. Thanks a lot now it is very clear - rules was confusing for me as part that you must step on tile as normal was not clear. Very clear explanation. Thanks a lot again.
  3. Hi all, I am confused with damage cards for jammed guns in both damage deck A and B. There is Gun jam damage card with green cross and red cross. My work mates whom i play game thinks it is for clearing (green X) and causing (red X) gun jam. I arguing there is no such a rule in game rules and i treat both as just gun jam. Where is a truth and what is reason for green and red X on gun jam damage card? Thanks for info. I have Wings of War Deluxe set (that one with 4 minis boxed).
  4. Hi all, I am still puzzled with some Drakon tiles and how play them. I am too dumb or my english is not enought to get meaning of rules for Teleport, Strong Wind and Master key tile. All other tiles is marked "This action occurs as soon as your hero enters chamber" (except Magic Harp - i understand its rule ok) but tiles in question is marked "The next time your hero is moved". So how i need play this tiles? I will place that tile on map and i not need to enter that tile to trigger its effect? So ut come in effect in time i move my fig after i placed that tile? And what happens when i reenter that tile? Nothing? Lets see - i place teleport tile - so i will remeber this and in next turn when i decide to move my fig i can teleport it? WHat happens when i enter that tile again or my opponent enters my placed telport tile? I am really confused with that tiles and dont know how to play it. Can someone clarify this for me pretty please? Thanks a lot
  5. Alttitude rules are in Deluxe set already. I had hard time to get copy of it too. There is no english version. My one is italian. its no problem at all as no text is on cards and if it is in english. Only manual is in english but i got printed czech manual from distributor here and on web here is english pdf manual too. What i can say Deluxe set with 4 mins and two A/B damage packs is great value to start with this game.
  6. Thats great! Thanks for answer. I am just not sure about climb and dive manouvers. I think they both count as steep manuouver? Right?
  7. Hi all, just bought WOW Minis Deluxe set with 4 planes with 4 manouver packs. I wondering if additional minis that i can buy come with manouver pack too for its plane. Thanks for clearing this out.
  8. Thanks for clearing this up. After i reread book again i found this too.
  9. Hi all, I started read this book again and come up with question if Grimm Land natives can be kids and how to alter Human adult stats to represent them. I think they not have same archetype stuff like player kids. Just need lower adult stats from book bestiary? Thanks for ideas.
  10. Thanks a lot for long and comprehensive answer. Verz valuable ideas for me. I am in process of reding book too. What i read yet i like game a lot. Not so tactical and just pure fun. I will show you my conversions when i done it. Thanks again and check your back. Red Hooded can be there
  11. Hi all, New D6 book just arrived and looks so great. I just noticed some characters from D20 version missing in bestiary. Like Frog pronce and lovely Little Rad Ridding Hood. Is there some guidelines how to convert them to new D6 stats? Thanks for advices.
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