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  1. Great work, Elyeti ... it's going to be a fantastic year with all these toys
  2. That would really be awesome. I have seen now what Days of Wonder is doing with Smallworld and Memoir 44 and I think FFG can't stay behind...
  3. The least we might expect is an official scenario every now and then. Look at Days of Wonder ... they always have a christmas scenario for Memoir 44 . And yes, I would still buy any expansion to this great game system so don't worry, FFG. It's just way to quiet around our beloved Tide and I couldn't care less about all this RPG stuff...
  4. Knowing from the Memoir community where the Eastern Front is very popular, I put my bet on that one. But I would appreciate it if it would turn out to be a copy-cat situation with Memoir. So after the Russian theater I would like the addition of more material for the european war. Extra maps, tiles and weapons are always welcome.
  5. Hmmm.... better check my local shop on Monday. Sure as hell I want to have these little gems ASAP ,,
  6. Scragnoth


    Sagitar, you bought a great game. Just take a beer, coffee or hot choco and read the manual. It's not that bad if your english is fair. And don't try to do all the dificult stuff at once. take it step by step. Niet je hoofd laten hangen (don't get depressed) ! groet, Scragnoth
  7. I do agree with the idea of echos inside a pillbox and all that but that wouldn't lead to casualties. So I can only see a benefit when you opt for suppresive fire.
  8. I'm wondering if they would be able to add a real good A.I. If not then it's really a waste of time, money etc. The real deal is playing with friends not staring at a screen....
  9. I also bought some boxes to organize my stuff. One box for the germans, one for the Allies and one for the basic game pieces.
  10. On the page http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=8&esem=2 you will find the text: The Tide of Iron: Designer Series is an incredible addition to the Tide of Iron base game, offering a whole new level of depth and historical context for players to enjoy. * Scenarios vary from short, fast-play skirmishes to massive tactical battles. * Historical backgrounds and anecdotes for each scenario written by the scenario designer. * Several scenarios incorporate the North Africa Days of the Fox Expansion. * One epic scenario which requires two copies of Tide of Iron for a massive, multiplayer experience.
  11. As an answer to my question about the release of these expensions, Jeremy Stomberg replied: "We expect both to be on US store shelves by Christmas, but cannot promise that they will be available in Europe at precisely the same time."
  12. And a campaign structure where battles are tied to one another ...
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