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    Luftwaffe Flak said: If your worried about the rules being too much in the book form, I highly reccomend Universal Heads reference PDF's, I dont leave home without them with any game he's done, heres the link to TOI (it includes the Days of the Fox expansion AND is fully updated to the changes in the rules and the errata per the Official FFG FAQ list). Heres the link, HIGHLY recommended I say! http://files.boardgamegeek.com/geekfile_view.php?fileid=37250 Yeah, it is really a nice summary (though I do not understand why some sections - like units abilities or squad special. - are there thrice, in each nation section, it seems to me redundant). After reading through I have refreshed my knowledges and noticed some new facts for me :-) But: a) at the AT-guns section was this paragraph: Cover Equipment units in the same hex as at least 1 entrenchment gain +1 cover. In DOTF rules I have not found any rule that would say something like this. b) On the last page in paragraphs relating to counting attack/defence value are not included bonuses granted by Alfa, Bravo specialization. (but it is a trifle :-))
  2. If a player A has a concealed squad in a building and a player B wants to assault that concealed squad, he may not - he can not see that squad. The squad has to be "revealed" first. Moreover player B may move through that building hex, but may not end movement of any his squad there. Even if he passes through the building, he does not automatically reveal the concealed squad (unless that concealed squad for example use Op-fire etc.). However if a squad of player B finishes his movement in an adjacent hex to that building hex, the enemy concealed squad is revealed (at the end of status phase) - see rules relating to concealed squads. Hope, it will help you :-)
  3. Your question is similar to one of mine, that have not been yet responded. May a concealed squad be targeted via a strategic resp. operational card? I think that in your case Heavy fog card provides cover to all units that are not (yet) fatigued. Concealed squads every round becomes fatigued, so this bonus will vanish after end of their activation. If you mean to use this bonus during moving of these squads, then this bonus cannot be applied for covering, because it is not provided by a terrain but by a weather. (as stated in rules for concealed squads) So if your concealed squad would enter a (non-covering) terrain hex, then if it is within LOS of any enemy unit, it is spotted no matter Heavy fog card. But Camouflage operational card would help :-)
  4. Hello, only few my recomendations/opinions to your scenario: I did not play it, only read it. a) 2 mentioned German trucks should be included in list of German units, they are mentioned only in Special rules and during setup you may forget them. The same case is with other 2 mentioned Italien trucks. (triviality) b) You may not deploy trucks on a hex with building (blue hex as you writes), only squads may deploy on a building hex. (triviality) c) You should solve problem of possible buying transporting trucks via reinforcements cards. If you permit it, they (americans) may get troops very quickly to the german main building over the road. (this is usually forbidden). e) what about artillery shot, that drifted to a hex with a truck transporting (camouflaged) americans? Because you do not need LOS to use artillery card (only you roll against 6, though a final drift may be significant. If hit, a vehicle should be damaged/destroyed no matter a camouflage. d) I do not understand, which meaning has a bariccade of obstacles (wires, mines...) on maps 8B, 5A, 4A? Americans deploy east from it, they have to advance south, so they do not have to cross it at all. Neither Germans. Is it because of American reinforcements, in order fro them to have to cross the bridge or the western river? f) position (hexes) for american reinforcements is quite precarious, they are quite vulnerable on that plains. They may be eliminated before they get behind a river, so then they are useless. This relates only to squads, not to tanks :-) g) 3 decks for german player are too much. In 8-round scenario, with 3CPs per round (let us say), you can not manage to use even 2 decks. In your scenario I would instead of Artillery and German reinforc. decks use Ground support deck. The second deck could be Morale, if ever. If you use both reinforcements decks, then you may have numerous balance, but attackers may have problems with overcoming the same number of enemy units. h) Morale deck is usually assigned to a nation that defends, and Command deck to the one that attacks, so in your case you should change them if you want to use them. These are only my brief impressions, probably you had good reasons why you included this or that feature, but as you wrote, that you begin to play TOI, I would start with playing already written scenarios, learning rules and knowing which deck is good for what situation, etcetera. I wrote my first scenario after 2 months of playing already written scenarios:-)
  5. I have encountered some unclarities in game: 1) May a concealed squad be targeted via strategic cards (for example snipper attack or suppresive support)? I think it may not. 2) If a flamethrower squad attacks (from an adjacent hex) a building hex with enemy medic squad (or bravo squad with 1 star), how much is their cover reduced? Building cover is + 3, but the additional cover bonus is not provided by a terrain, so the enemy squad should retain their + 1 cover (due to their specialization). 3) How it is with providing cover bonus to units a) via Take cover card? I think that: it may be assigned only to i) a fresh (not yet activated) squad (no matter if pinned or disrupted) it may NOT be assigned to i) a squad being just active ii) a squad in op-fire iii) a fatigued squad b) via Heavy fog oper. card (globally)? I think that: it may NOT be assigned to i) a fatigued unit it may be assigned to i) a unit being just active ii) a unit in op-fire iii) a fresh (not yet activated) unit Would this cover bonus (via Heavy fog) be applied to an assaulting squad (their defense roll) or not? And how it would be with a "defense bonus" of medics or bravo squads - would it count (as a defense bonus) if such a squad would assault? 4) Relating to hex and halfhexes: If two map tiles are put next to each other, half of their boundary hexes are half-hexes. A half of each such a hex lays in one map tile. A question is, if a unit stands on such a boundary hex - in which map tile does it really stand? On both? or on each. I encountered this problem when playing Stavelot scenario, where you have to check out if American trucks and halftracks are in an area of 2 maptiles.
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