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  1. Yes, you were right. Until yesterday I lived under an impression, that it may kill only bases and installations, but then I read thoroughfully its card and found an overlooked word "unit". ... "It may destroy 1 enemy UNIT, base or installation" Mea culpa .
  2. cyb3k said: Ganthrithor also can suicide on units, so killing heroes with its ability is as legal as killing them by Zeratul's. Those abilities are offered by Leadership Cards, not Technology Cards. So it is allowed. At least, I can't find the rule which would forbid that. Yes, good point - that exchange leadership with technology cards. But I do not think, that Gantrithor may directly destroy units (during its own destruction), only bases or instalations. Did you mean using "Ultimate sacrifice" card?
  3. As to your first question: I guess you can not use them cumulatively. Question about multiple Recall (in one area with more your Arbiters) has been answered in the official FAQ (you may warp/teleport only 1 your unit no matter the number of your Arbiters in a destiny area). The same it is with Consume - possibility to draw 6 cards in exchange for 2 workers or units would be too strong, by my opininon. As to your second question: Gantrithor may destroy only installations and bases, during its destruction. But it may normally destroy heroes during a combat. Zeratul may destroy one enemy ground unit as a start of battle ability. Heroes are normal units (with a hero token). Rules say that ...heroes are also immune to the mind control ability and all Technology card abilities that destroy units... I would guess that it relates also to the Zeratul ability. But Zeratul may normally destroy heroes during a combat.
  4. It is realy nice work, Loku How much time does it take to paint one such a figure? I can not imagine myself to have a time and a patience to paint all those 180 figures. They are quite small for me to paint them in detail :-) But you could offer FFG that you would lend them all your painted Starcraft figures for some exhibition/con in an exchange for a Broodwar expansion. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Es un excelente trabajo verdaderamente, Loku. Cuánto tiempo te toma para pintar una de esas miniaturas? No puedo imaginar a mí mismo para tener tiempo y paciencia para pintar todas las 180 miniaturas, porque (según mí) están demasiadas pequenas para ser pintadas en detalles. Pero podrías ofrecer a FFG, que les prestases todas tus (Starcraft) miniaturas pintadas para algún su exhibición/con, por el precio de un nuevo Broodwar expansión . Creo, que mi espanol es comprensible para ti (no es mi idioma nativa).
  5. I always assumed that 3 mentioned technologies were meant for each rase one technology: Restoration for Terrans, Consume for Zergs and for Protoss remains (problematic) Cloaking field.
  6. FrankMcG said: Overrun: Says it's one movement point per squad that you want to overrun. My question is: -Is this the total cost to enter the hex? Or is it in addition to the cost to enter the hex normally? -Do you have to spend 1 or more movement points to then leave the hex afterwards? Example: A tank starts its action adjacent to 2 enemy squads. Both are in clear terrain. The tank owner wishes to pin both enemy squads. Would he have to pay 1 movement to enter the hex, 2 movement to pin the squads once in the hex, then another 1 movement to exit the hex for a total of 4 movement points? Or could he enter and pin the squads for only 2? Does he have to have enough remaining movement points to exit the hex containing the enemy squads? Removing razor wire. Says a heavy vehicle can spend 2 movement points to remove razor wire. Is this 2 movement points that has to be spent while you're already in the hex? Ad Overrun: No, you need additional 1 MP for each enemy squad on that hex + normal number of MPs needed to enter that hex. Tank must have enough MPs to leave that hex, because it can not remain on a hex with enemy units. But the effect of overrun does not happen automatically - if those squads are in trenches or pillboxes, it won't work. If they are in Op-fire and hit your tank(at close range!) they are not pinned and your tank returns to the last hex and is fatigued (and damaged). Ad Razor wire: After you have entered (with your tank) a hex with a razor wire, you may spend additional 2 MPs and remove it.
  7. I'd like to get clarified following questions relating to Dark archon's abilities: 1) Feedback ability. Suppose a skirmish Protoss vs. Terran, each side has one FLU unit and one assist unit in this skirmish (Terran has Science vessel and Prottos Dark archon). After playing combat cards, Terran plays EMP shockwave and Protoss plays Feedback reinforcements cards. And now, do I understand it right that: a) In case the Protoss is attacker, then his Feedback kills the Science vessel and also cancel his EMP shockwave cards before its evaluation. b) in case the Terran is attacker, then Feedback is canceled - similar question was answered in official Broodwar FAQ. Simply said does trigerring of card's effects in order (attacker then defender) override canceling ability of EMP shockwave's card? 2) Mind control ability. After a succesful mind control, I take control of an enemy unit. In rules there is a mention, that I may whenever destroy mind-controled unit (probably except the batle). But I do not know, whether it relates only to a situation when I would like to mind control the third unit (for which I do not have a mind-control token), or if I may do it whenever I like. If I could do it whenever, then it would be very nice killing tool. You do not have to have a sufficient attack strength, Mind control card is enough. What do you think? Thanks for your answers.
  8. sloejack said: Greetings all; ... for Gen Con and noticed "Tide of Iron: Fury of the Bear" listed as an event. I did a little (not a lot to be fair) of catching up on the forums and looked around on the site but didn't see anything about the expansion. Oh, FFG tried to keep it under cover, but did not succeed. If some of you will go to that Gen Con do not forget to take along a keg of honey, to apease that furious (Russian) bear
  9. ZITARIX said: I don't exactly understand this card. What should i put near my units beside the invisibility token? How look this dummy token? Should i just put identical unit and move 2 of them same time? I can't find this in errata. It is explained at the end of the core rulebook (as a card errata): Strategy Card “Go to Ground”: “Action Phase: Place up to two concealed squad markers on two friendly squads located in the same hex. You may not choose squads that are adjacent to enemy units.” Hope it helps
  10. von Stichen said: Though a medic squad in the hex will give you one more defense die. Yes, but only in case you are a defender. If you assault with whatever squad, you get no bonus to defence, unless your attacking squad has a special "medal" token (see Normandy medal tokens).
  11. Oh, 7times7is49 was a little bit faster than me, otherwise I would not post my answer, which would repeat his words
  12. creepwood said: Artemis said: c) a squad in Op-fire has been pinned via cover attack and is then fatigued. It can do nothing more this round. I was wondering about this, under Pinned and op-fire in the rulebook, I didn't find anything about a squad in op-fire mode that gets pinned also gets fatigued. Can you point me where it says that? creepwood said: Artemis said: c) a squad in Op-fire has been pinned via cover attack and is then fatigued. It can do nothing more this round. I was wondering about this, under Pinned and op-fire in the rulebook, I didn't find anything about a squad in op-fire mode that gets pinned also gets fatigued. Can you point me where it says that? Yes, see page 29, a subsection Opportunity fire in a sidebar Squad conditions... "A pinned or disrupted squad can never be placed into Op Fire mode; a squad in Op Fire mode that is pinned or disrupted is immediately fatigued."
  13. panzerjaeger said: I need some clarification on a few rules if anyone can help. 1. When attempting to destroy a building, do you consider the concussive fire ability? 2. When you do destroy a building all squads inside are immediately pinned. What if they were already pinned before the building was destroyed, do they become disrupted? 3. Can a squad move into a bridge hex and not use the road side of the hex? If so do you consider it be as if you crossing the stream without the bridge? Thanks for your help. Since I have not yet played any scenario with destructible buildings so I would try to interpret the Normandy rules relating to this, as I understand them 1) I guess that concussive fire ability was used before Normandy expansion, if you attacked squads in a building, and it gave you +3 bonus to attack. In Normandy rules there is no mention about it, only the fact that you use firepower vs. vehicles if you attack the building itself and firepower vs. infantry if you attack (only) squad(s) inside that building. I guess that you could use that concussive fire bonus, if attacking squad(s) in a building. 2) Cannot answer. I would understand it as in case of overrun - un-pinned squads get pinned and pinned squads remain pinned (ommiting situations if they are in trenches or some Blitzkrieg cards which allow to disrupt overrun squads). 3) There was somewhere some talking about it. A squad or a vehicle may normally enter a bridge hex from a non-road hex. The only difference is other number of needed MPs (and not going over the road - may be important if using truck ability "effective on a road"). Hope I am not too much wrong .
  14. If I understand it right the question relates to a problem of a pinned fresh squad, a pinned squad in Op-fire and a squad with officer. If we ommit using certain Morale cards which allow a player to remove pinned or activation tokens, then we have following situations: a) a squad that has been pinned via Op-fire (cover attack) during its movement and is now (logically) fatigued. It can do nothing this round. b) a squad that has been pinned via normal (cover) fire before its activation. It is only pinned (not fatigued) and if any squad with an officer ends its movement on a hex with this (pinned) squad or already is on such a hex, that (pinned) squad may use Rally ability and fire at half-firepower, no matter whether the squad with the officer is pinned or disrupted or fatigued. However this ability may be used for a squad that is fresh, as states the rule. c) a squad in Op-fire has been pinned via cover attack and is then fatigued. It can do nothing more this round. d) a squad in Op-fire has been fatigued via taking hits from a normal attack. The same effect as in case c). Whenever a squad is fatigued or pinned (disrupted) it can never be put to Op-fire. Only solution is removing that problematic tokens via Morale cards (or maybe some other strategic cards) or wait till the next round .
  15. I have encountered several questions and would like to know correct answers: 1) If you buy a technology (via a golden research order) that has only 1 copy (for example Nuke or Mind control) and you decide to add it directly to your hand, do you have to shuffle your combat deck or not. Principially you should not, because you did not add any card to it, but rules explicitly does not say that you should not. 2) Comparing costs of units in base SC and in BW, with exception of Archon, I found out that Scourge cost raised from 1 gas to 2 gas. I think it probably will not be a mistake, since it was not corrected in any FAQ. But it seems to me quite expensive, when this unit usually automatically dies during a skirmish. 3) If playing reinforcement cards during a combat, I am not sure whether you may place a reinforcement card (meant for a different unit) to another unit - i.e. to bluff. For example you have zealot with hightemplar(supporting). You have reasearched Psi-storm and Halucination and let us say Singularity charge technologies. May you legally place into this skirmish that Singularity charge card (as a reinforcement card) and pretend it to be for example a Psi-storm. It is clear that this reinforcement card's effect will not be "evaluated", because the zealot does not match with a dragoon unit, but as to the matter of bluffing, it might be useful 4) Kerrigan leadership card "Glimpse the future". There is written: ."..you choose where each your opponent places his z-axis navigation route..". (or something like this..) Does that mean that Kerrigan's player places z-axis navigation routes (both their ends) for all players or that he only places the second end of each opponenent's z-axis navigation route, after each opponent has placed the first end? 5) Aldaris leadership card "Conclave fleet" combined with Arbiter Recall ability. Do I understand it right? a) if using ability of Conclave fleet card (reacting to mobilize order of a different player) I may not use my Arbiter Recall ability (supposing the Arbiter is on Conclave fleet card). b) if using this ability during MY mobilize order I may legally use Recall ability (no matter whether the Arbiter is on Conclave fleet card or in the destination area with my base). Thanks for your answers.
  16. artemis8

    Lurker rush

    ice_cz said: I think that you can't do this. Because you can build units only on the planet where you have base, so your hydras can't morph in this build order. I think that you will need 2 build orders on opponent planet to morph your hydras. No, I think Blarknob is right. Because all technology units (archons, devourers, guardians and others) do not require a base while transforming from their previous/prerequisite units (templars, mutalisks...). It is an exception confirming a rule . However they do require a build order on a planet where such a prerequisite unit is present. So you can not execute a build order on a planet A a want to build a lurker on a planet B (but it is written on those technology cards...)
  17. longagoigo said: old gamer said: If thats the case, when you assualt a hex with a building in it and a squad is in the building and you defeat the squad, can you advance in the building or just the hex? A building is basically a terrain hex. There is no separate entering of a building. If you enter the hex, you enter the building. Only a few words for clarification: 1) A building on a hex occupies the whole hex - so after a succesful assault you can not stay outside the bulding (in the same hex), if you choose to move to the hex (just as longagoigo wrote). 2) A pillbox and an entrenchment occupy only part of a hex, so that after a succesful assault on a squad (located there), the assaulting may enter the hex but not that fortification itself (as it was said in that FAQ). Probably it is because if you move to the hex with a fortification then: first you enter the hex and then you may (for another MP) enter the fortification itself. These 2 "steps" are probably recflected when concerning an assault on a squad hiding in an entrenchment or a pillbox - after a succesful assault you may enter the hex but not the fortification itself (which would require an additional MP).
  18. CthIngo said: Artemis said: and more map boards (similar to those in TOI base game) [in order not to hoave to buy another TOI base game because of lack of suitable addittional maps] You know there's this neat map expansion out right now, with all the maps and tiles from the base game (with enhanced graphics)? Oh, FFG surprised me, that they have already published it. As I understand it now, there are included only those original 12 map boards and a board with several obstacles. The cost (of this Map pack) is 1/3 of the cost of the base game, hmmm! If I would like to get some replacements for missing soldiers and vehicles, I should count on rising the final cost to at least 1/2 or 2/3 cost the of base game. Maybe it would be better to buy the second copy of the base game TOI? But if I need mostly those maps and only a few figures. Yet one more question, Cthingo: Does enhanced graphics of new map boards guarrantee better rolls (dice results)? If it would be so, than it is a must have. Otherwise it is only a matter of having a bigger table (unless you play on a floor [with more than 12 map boards])
  19. Thanks for clarification and nice explanation concerning cloaking, withdrawal and splash. Strange, it did not strike me that a clockwise order (starting with the first player) in resolving several situations occuring in the same time might be used also in the start/end of planning phase
  20. artemis8


    I guess there probably is not any explicit rule stated in official rules that would "create" crater tokens on a map of a scenario. I sometimes use them (in my own scenarios) as a result of certain Artillery or Air bombing cards, which would score certain number of hits on a hex.
  21. I think it would come handy some expansion or let us say some upgrade pack containing few soldier figures and vehicle miniatures from all till now published armies [as a replacement for those lost or missing] and more map boards (similar to those in TOI base game) [in order not to hoave to buy another TOI base game because of lack of suitable addittional maps] Yes, another set of leadership decks would be good too [i can imagine von Paulus, Zukov, and several American and Japanese admirals], but it will probably have to wait till Russian and Pacific expansions.
  22. Recently I encountered several problems playing BW wxpansion: 1) First two are similar. "Preemptive action" event card and Daggot's cerebrate leadership card [Overmind, 2nd stage] (i.e. possibillity to place one order [out of 5 possible] at the start of planning phase). Which of those two happens first (if both are in play)? The same problem is with "Unexpected action" and Khala devotee leadership card (Zeratul, 2nd stage). Both operate with placing/changing an order of the last order at the end of planning phase. Which of those two happens later? 2) "Terran civilization" leadership card (Mengsk, 3rd stage) enabling building level 3 building of Factory, Barracks and Straport for free. If playing it, may I play this upgrades even if I do not have adequate level 2 buildings? Or may I only use it on those building, which I already have on level 2? 3) If Tassadar faction plays together with another team and he chooses to play "Warp gate" card, may units of that other team also use the gate or not? 4) Should not the Daggoth cerebrate installation be destroyed only via Dark templars (like in a videogame), being in the same area during the Regrouping phase. Not by collateral damage or presence of other enemy units. 5) Splash and cloaking. Battle between Terran and Zerg, Zerg is deffender. Skirmish one: marine (normal comabt card) vs. hydralisk (burrow). Skirmish two: marine with SV (stimpacks + irradiate) vs hydralisk with support of lurker (normal combat card). After resolving skirmish one, the hydralisk withdraws to an empty area and the marine survives. After resolving skirmish two, the marine dies, the hydralisk also dies, the lurker and the SV survive. And now the question concerning a splash damage (from Irradiate): When the Zerg player chooses a victim for that splash damage, does he choose from both the lurker and the withdrawn hydralisk or may he choose only the lurker, because the withdrawn hydralisk is already in another area? Thanks for your answers.
  23. Good notice MB . But the wording of the mentioned rule is a little complicated. The squad (exiting the truck) really goes THROUGH the hex, that is already full. In this regard is your notice OK, but it is not clear if the rule covers the situation when a unit STARTS its movement (by exiting a transport) in such a full hex. It then does not really GO THROUGH (if you catch my meaning) the hex, it already IS on the hex and wants to LEAVE it. It does have meaning but try to think of a situation when this (fourth) unit (exiting from a vehicle) on a hex would be pinned/disrupted and have to retreat to some adjacent hex. This method, if it was legal, could be used as a sure way how to unload a squad from a vehicle. Either you get it out via a normal movement or via a forced retreat. Little strange! I have not met yet such a situation in the game and if I did I would probably not allow the fourth unit to exit a vehicle. What do think others?
  24. Yes you are absolutely correct. Space limit is space limit. Unless your opponent can move that loaded truck again (remove activation token) or remove a pinned token from the squad, then he will have to wait to the next round and hope that your dices will roll badly
  25. Hilman said: The card is to be bought in the Command phase and put in the play area. From the play area it can be activated during an Action phase. Yes and moreover I would specify that only during an oponent's Action phase. There was an interesting answer to this question in one list of FAQs. "If you play this card (you have it in your play area), then taken precisely, your opponent should ask you before each action in his turn if you want to use this card not." Because you can enter/interfere whenever in his X actions in his turn.
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