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  1. OK, Klaus, good to know that there still exist willing volunteers . I will count on your group.
  2. I began designing another TOI campaign, this time covering a theme of the Market garden operation. But due to a fact that I took a little bit different approach to it, I would need several testers, who would be willing to test it. As for now I have finished 3 scenarios out of total 5. But due to time and spatial reasons I do not have posssibility to test it. My requirements for a tester group would be following: a) having TOI base game, both its expansions and the second set of map tiles from TOI base game b) testing the campaign foremost in a classical 2 player mode and then again in a 4 player mode. The only possible complication might be that each scenario takes place on 2 different battlefields (each comprising from 8-12 map tiles) at the same time, so in 2 player variant it could be a little bit more demanding as to player's experience. In a 4 player mode it should not be a problem . If there would be any interest, I would finish the remaining scenarios and then translate them from my native language (Czech) into English.
  3. As a TI newbie I have some unclarities I encounterd while playing my first TI game: a) if some race special ability enables that race to execute a primary ability of a given strategy card instead of its secondary ability, do they have to pay a command counter or not? b) in 3 or 4 players game, when each player draws (chooses) 2 strategy cards. On the Initiave card is written "that you do not have strategy action during this round". But I think that having Initiative card does not prevent me from (legal) playing my second strategy card. Or is it not so? c) in 3 or 4 players game, when you go through numbers of chosen strategy cards. Do you have to go through all 6 or 8 drawn cards, before a turn ends, so that each player will have 2 actions (per turn), or you determine the order by the lowest number (on a card) for each player, so that each player will have one action during a turn (as rules say)? d) one secret objective card (from base game TI) says something like "I control at least four planets with a particular (same) technology speciality." What if there are not enough such planets on a board? Is it a bad luck for me? Thanks for your answers.
  4. If there remains any area on that zerg planet that is empty, zerg may build there their units. They may not build in an area with their base, which is occupied by terrans (as you wrote). Other solution could be using collateral damage, supposing that zergs would have defenders at their base area. In that case terrans would not have to wait (and survive there) till regrouping phase.
  5. I guess there is one other possibilty except those you already mentioned. I remember it beacuse it is used in a case when you are about to loose one your resource area and you have already put some your workers on it. If you fully deplete a resource area, all your assigned workers go to your unavailable worker pool. So you can save them in case you would lose a battle of that area.
  6. I have uploaded the first (and I hope that also last ) Errata and clarifications document relating to Ardennes campaign. It can be found in the same Scenarios section as the campaign itself.
  7. Probably it has been already answered here, but still: a) Merging templars on Conclave fleet card You can merge Templars on any planet (via Build order), even without a base on that planet. OK. But can you merge Templars placed on Conclave fleet card? You can place them there legaly (as you build them) instead of placing them on a given planet. "Archon" Technology card says... "you can merge... on the active planet." I think, that it is not possible. b) Collateral damage. Suppose a following situation: Terran player controls a 2-area planet. In one area has a base (but this area is otherwise empty), in the other area he has some his units. Protoss player wants to use his Reaver with collateral damage tech-card to mobilize to the area with terran base and destroy it immediately (before he moves it to the other area via mobilize order). But as rules say Collateral damage is activated only during a battle and in this case no battle will occur and therefore terran base will survive even if Reaver ocuppies that area (and supposing the Terran will move it to an adjacent area). Similar problem is with an infesting of a terran base with a queen. Is in this case also needy for a battle to occur or can a queen do it even if the area with a terran base is empty? Thanks for your answers.
  8. Artemis said: Looking forward to your "little bit epic" (as to a number of used units) campaign! Sorry for a mistype, I wanted to write Looking forward to your "little bit less epic" (as to a number of used units) campaign!
  9. 7times7is49, if I could make a "suplica", I would rather appreciate that scenarios in your campaign would not require 2 copies of a base TOI game (24 squads, 12 tanks and 12 vehicles per nation should be enough units for every "normal" 2 players scenario ) I think that there are more ToI players who have Map pack 1 (which is more often usable) than those with a second copy of base TOI game (which components you use very rarely). Looking forward to your "little bit epic" (as to a number of used units) campaign!
  10. If you let me know some contact on you (e-mail would be the best), I will send you that scenario (cca 2,5 MB size). Maybe its author will not mind .
  11. Recently I finished 6 scenarios from Normandy expansion and would like to compare my impressions with yours. a) scenarios from a campaign of the 29th: They seemed to me designed rather in Americans favor - i.e. the Americans had always great(er) chance to win. In my case Americans won with cca 11 or 13 CPs. Germans scored 0 CPs :-( I would also reduce number of used American tanks (to a half) - mainly in scenarios St Lo and Siegfried Line. i) Omaha scenario. This one I liked the most. I really felt like I was there. What I did not understand was a minefield placed in one hex (level 2), which prevented moving German troops from the right part of cliffs to the centre part. I would expect that German froces from all 3 parts of cliffs should be able to move to any other part in case of crisis. I think that one level 1 hex (with 2 TTs in front of it) in the middle of coast 2 level hill hexes was not a mistake of an author but a key place to penetrate enemy lines :-) iv) Siegrfried line scenario This line seemed to me relatively "weak" - only 3 pillboxes, several trenches and a stretch of barbed wire. This should stop 8 tanks? Instead of Artillery deck for Germans I would appreciate several ATs (probably some weaker variant of 88mm). However combination of Barracks and Ammo depot operational cards was able to cause "tough moments" for squads of 29th. By the way where should be placed this ammo depot? It was not mentioned anywhere. I placed him in one building with a German command objective marker. b) normal scenarios: i) Picking up pieces scenario I guess that German should not have problems with stoping or eliminating British soldiers on beaches, but I think that they very hardly manage to eliminate 2 from 3 British elite soldier squads (if they keep in cover). In my case, all british soldiers on beaches or cliffs died while the rest of Germans died trying to kill second british elite squad (both full British elite squads survived the battle without a scratch :-)) ii) Hide and seek scenario I did not understand for what purpose had Germans thermite charges, they did not need them to destroy sought guns before Americans. Moreover that operational card that allows Germans to switch position of hidden guns. I think that Americans do not have problem of getting in time of out beach, but I think that they can not reach the switched (changed) position of guns in the second end of map, lay the charge and detonate it during 8 turns. Or, Germans may try to concentrate only on elimination of American demolitions squads and if they succeed, they win relatively easily. The remaining 2 scenarios I have not yet played, so I can not judge. It is fact, that I played those scenarios only once, so maybe I overlooked some aspects or made some tactical "mistake" :-) What was your experience?
  12. I do not know much FFG marketing strategy, but I would dare to guess that another TOI expansion (Russian or Pacific) will have standard format - i.e. normal box - like it was the case with DOTF and Normandy. Since I have only three FFG games, I do not know whether some expansion for a "big format" game was also in a big box. But I do not think that they would keep secret publishing of this expansion. I would understand it in a case of some brand new game. But as it is said "nothing is as it seems". Let us keep expecting and hoping.
  13. Try this link: http://app.fantasyflightgames.com/tideofiron_scenarios.html .
  14. I have uploaded to the custom section my Ardennes campaign, which I recently finished. Some its scenarios have been revised and some new added. For play you will need TOI base game, DOTF and Normandy expansions. Good hunt!
  15. I completely agree with Cymruisant, it is a very nice work, Klaus, though I only read it briefly. It is good to see some small-scaled (as to number of used units) scenarios, that are linked into a campaign. Moreover when their theme is a less usual one (no tank divisions, no conquering of beaches or fortified positions). Something like "make-do with a little". Only pity, that playing them requires either a map pack or second copy of TOI - which not everybody must have. Could be a reason to buy one ?
  16. Yesterday I encountered a situation when one M10 tank (from Normandy expansion), which may be affected by surpressive attacks, was in the same hex as one American squad constaining an officer. My question is: does a presence of an officer (on a same hex) guarantee to this type of tanks any bonus like it would do in case of a friendly squad? (for example removing disrupted token during status phase or enabling limited concentrated fire if pinned). After reading the relevant rules I has been confirmed that officer bonuses relate only to squads, but I would ask for certainty. Thanks for your answers.
  17. TOI_Enthusiast said: Could someone make a HISTORICALLY ACCURATE Battle Of The Bulge scenario? I only have the base set for now, so could you please use only the base set? Thanks! I sincerely doubt that anyone could design such a scenario. If you consider how many armies were engaged (3 German ones and several Allied ones), the area on which it took place and the fact that it lasted for more than 1 month -- it is impossible to incorparate it all in ONE scenario However, there are several official scenarios (Stavelot express and cca 2 scenarios in Designer series booklet) and several fan scenarios relating to Ardennes offensives (Bastogne, Wittmans breakout, St. Vith...). I designed 4 scenarios from this period (which are also at disposal at the scenarios section) and now I have been revising them into a proper campaign. In, let us say, 2 months it should be finished and tuned. I think that even now you have quite good choice of what Ardennes scenarios to play
  18. I encountered several unclarities a would like to know your opinion: a) Spotting round card (Artillery): In case of scoring 0 or 1 hit, you can keep that Artillery card (do not discard it) and you may use it again but 1) When and how often (I guess only once every next round, until you score at least two hits with this card) ? 2) Do you have to roll again for establishing contact and for a drift or not? b) Satchel charges operat. card (Normandy) says something like this: "... you (demo squad) can throw up to 2 these charges to the adjacent hex for 2 MPs..." Does it mean that you may throw 1 or 2 charges for 2 MPs together or throw each charge for 2 MPs? c) Concealed squad (on a hex providing terrain cover or in a trench) firing from AT gun (on the same hex): If a concealed squad fires from an AT gun, it does not become revealed. So is the only way how to reveal it, either moving with some of your units to the hex it occupies or use Reconnaisance card (Air support)? Thanks for your answers.
  19. 7times7is49, I have sent you an email message to your above mentioned e-mail address. I hope that our mutual communication will be now "unobstructed" (by firewalls or non-working cgi scripts ).
  20. Artemis said: Only little clarification: A squad in Op fire mode can be silenced (in a sense of fatigueing it), if taking at least 1 succesfull hit as a result of a normal attack (you do not have to kill all its figures) or takes at least one hit from a suppressive attack, thus immediately fatiguing the unit. I would like to apologize for my yesterday misinformation relating to normal attack against a squad in Op-fire. I lived under impression (and played it so), that a succesful hit to a squad in Op-fire (no matter wheter normal or surpressive) will cause it to become fatigued. However, when I searched the rule book for a confirming that, I did not find any (probably because none such exists ).
  21. Thass said: A squad in Op fire mode can be silenced if either all figures are removed as a result of a normal attack or takes at least one hit from a suppressive attack, thus immediately fatiguing the unit. Only little clarification: A squad in Op fire mode can be silenced (in a sense of fatigueing it), if taking at least 1 succesfull hit as a result of a normal attack (you do not have to kill all its figures) or takes at least one hit from a suppressive attack, thus immediately fatiguing the unit.
  22. 7times7is49, I sent you before few minutes a PM with my email (but a script reported some error). If you do not receive it during this day, let me know, and I will write here my email explicitly "Per aspera ad astra" = "Through obstacles aiming to the stars" .
  23. Try to use this link: http://app.fantasyflightgames.com/tideofiron_scenarios.html. Hope it helps.
  24. Logging works (after making a bookmark) a kind of strange. After successful logging in (and showing my avatar) it redirects me to the main page with links to all forums (not only to those of board games). From there I have to click out to the relevant forum. I will rather use my (complicated but faster) way. As old Romans said "Est modus in rebus, sunt certi denique fines" = "There is a way how to solve a problem, but there are also certain limits". But it is strange that other users do not report such problems . (I think Firefox to be quite favorite web browser).
  25. I also use Firefox and it happened to me too. I found out following solution. After logging in click on an empty picture of your avatar (upper right corner), which will bring you to your pearsoval section (profile). There you will choose the section "your sent/written messages". Then you choose there the adequate (one of the last) message, which will redirect you to the appropriate forum/threat, where you can normally work as a logged in user. Hope it is only a temporary bug .
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