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  1. We also finished this scenario last weekend. We played without "Elite formations" Op card -- it seemed to us quite strong. It was really a thrilling scenario, till the last round. Russians won - controlling all 3 victory hexes. But if I (playing Germans) had one more round, I think I could win. By the end Russians held fast to their building victory hex, but the other two were far less defended. Now we realize what we could play better: I will use next time more aggresive advance with my tanks, I will not be parading in balka exits with my squads (to have shorter distance to the nearest cover behind buildings) , and surely try to use my trucks to block enemy reinforcements in the village area, on a road (it needs a proper timing). Russians units kept the first half of the scenario at the distance, either in woods, in buildings or behind buildings in partial cover. They bet on surviving their units than to have better chances to hit an enemy. Germans initially advanced in two directions -- on the right over the road and on the left, left of the river. German troops were unloaded in woods and headed to nearest balka to contiue their going through it. Weak Russian meeting party confronted them on the other end of balka and both sides suffered certain casualties, but the exit was cleared for Germans. In between Russians received their 14 T34s which were distributed evenly in their deployment zones. German soldiers waited in balka exits, but unfortunately they were pummeled by mortar shells and kept frozen there. Tanks on both sides were exchanging their deathly greetings and their number slowly diminished. During last two rounds cca 5 German tanks were destroyed and their forces seized the victory hex in the middle and their infantry readied for the final assault on the victory hex in the building. However Russsins succeded in retaking that victory hex and blocked the hex in front of the building with the victory hex with another tank to prevent an assault. German infantry lacked MPs to bypass the hex with a tank and assault the victory hex itself. Casualties: Russians: cca 17 tanks, 3 AT guns and all squads except cca 4; Germans cca 9 tanks and cca 2/3 of their squads. Some my recommendations: a) use Normandy variant of destructible buildings, it could change modus operandi in the village quite drastically. b) each russian division will deploy during setup 2 SU-122 and 2 KV-1, instead of only KV-1s or SU-122s c) instead of Elite formations Op card use Elite tank crews, because german infantry has no problem with dealing with its russian counterpart, but german armory will surely appreciate better chances in confrontation with more numerous russian tanks.
  2. We were also curios on this scenario. It was good one, but my opponent (playing for Russians) had an extraordinary luck and received during 3 rounds 9 T34s as reinforcements. Initially I tried to win by penetrating my tanks through his line (established near a river), but his tough resistance and abundant reinforcements were factors against it. Finally it turned out to a tank fight and although our loses were almost equal (cca 8 tanks on each side), my lost Tigers counted higher than Soviet tanks, and he thus won. I would appreciate in this scenario better determined number of Russian reinforcements, not ranging from 3 to 9 tanks, but lets say from 4 to 6. By the way, has anyone tried out the last scenario - Armored maelstrom? It seems to me really big, with infantery and tanks and probably taking a lot of time to complete. Is it well balanced?
  3. Hello. I have several questions to clarify: a) Suppose I perform an invasion to an enemy planet. There is one enemy PDS unit on the planet. I land 2 shock troops and 1 normal ground unit. Due to enemy PDS fire I suffer 1 lose, so I choose a ground unit (which is legal by the rules). And now, what happens with my 2 shock troop units (which are now not accompanied by a ground unit)? Do they remain until the end of invasion combat shock troops or do they immediately turn into a normal ground units. If they keep their status, may they try to claim an enemy PDS/docks at the end of the succesfull invasion? b) Enviro compesator tech increases production capacity of your docks by 1. Does it mean also increased fighter capacity (by 1)? How it is with Saar space docks? At the beginning they have production/fighter capacity = 3. After researching Enviro comp. tech, it raises both to 4 and after researching their specific race technology, it raises to 5. OK? c) Suppose there is a public objective "This round I took control of 3 planets." in play. If I managed to capture 3 planets this round, but later (in the same round) my opponent conquered one of those 3 planets back, may I still claim this objective? Thanks for your answers.
  4. Simply but effecticely resumed LOS rules. However as to the question of LOS (resp. visible units) beyond hills, when you are on a hill and then several hexes distant from there is a plateau (of the same level as the hill or vice versa). My problem is illustrated in your examples no 2 and no 4. We thought, that this case is only another variant of the plateau rule. Logically it should be so. However when I asked (last year) this question to FFG TOI questions depart., R. Kouba answered me that in this situation can not be used plateau rule and is used normal rules regarding LOS from hills and blind hexes. So we play it this way. So we can choose, an official explanation or a logical explanation .
  5. Hello all. After playing 1st scenario from FotB and a brief reviewing game components I still have several questions: a) Op cards like HM support, Katyusha support: Do they work like normal artillery cards? I.e. when you pay for them but do not make a successfull contact, can you use them next round, or do you have to pay for them every round even if you do not succeed in making a contact? And do using these Op cards counts as an action? b) In a rule bokklet is vaguely explained timing of a sabotage and a subversion (during Command phase resp. Status phase). Does that mean whenever during repspective phases? I understand it so, so that you do not have to care much, if you have a CP remaining for playing a sabotage card and to be able to discard opponent's strategy card (subversion) as soon as it is revealed. c) Are the stats for SU-122 SPG relating to infantry OK (10/10)? Is not it some misprint? Thanks for answers.
  6. Just two questions relating to KiY and LotT: a) Do effects of Blight cards (relating to Upkeep phase, i.e. refreshing cards....) take place also during a battle with an Ancient One, or do they end before a start of this battle? b) May power tokens (gained from the Lurker) be used during a battle with an Ancient One, even when this Herald is removed from game (before a final battle begins)? His powers and effects should end with his departure, but who knows. Thanks for feedback.
  7. redsimon said: 2) a) This one is clear, as you said. b) This one is clear as well. Know no Fear says "place" not rout or retreat. So Frenzied Assault has no influence on this effect. Buy Time says "move" which signifies the same: No influence of Frenzied Assault on this effect. As you see, Frenzied Assault can only influence effects that use the words "rout" or "retreat". What a pity ! Thus Imperial boys have still enough possibilities (cards, mentioned above) how to escape from a neatly woven web of Chaos forces.
  8. I have noticed only this minor addition/clarification: The rank of Greatjon Umber’s unit should be blue when using the “Lord of Last Hearth” version of Greatjon. However misprints in cavalry figure's types in scenario #6 an #10 are still mentioned only in this forum but not in the FAQ document, where they should be contained primarily.
  9. Hello, following 2 problems arose in our last game: 1) Do defense lasers shoot at Chaos forces that fly FROM a spaceport TO Vengeful Spirit? Rules cover a situation for INBOUND units, which I understand as a direction FROM Vengeful Spirit TO a spaceport. But taken logicaly they should be able to shoot on both types (directions) of transports. 2) When there is a contradiction between a combat card and an order card, which takes precedence? a) Order card Frenzied assault vs. combat card Strategic withdrawal. RA says that units that rout or retreat are instead killed, while SW enables you to withdraw, but also specifies that this move is not supposed neither a retreat nor a rout, so it is clear. b) Another example: Again Frenzied assault vs. the combat card Know no fear, that enables Space marines, instead of their killing, to move them to an adjacent area with 2 wounds. Does RA effect kill them or not ? Similar situation is with a combat card Buy time. What do you think about it? Thanks for your feedback.
  10. monk said: From the wording of the rules you get to do both. They aren't 'options' as you put it, they are abilities. The rules say 'A defender unit has the fllowing abilities...' So, if a unit has a defend token in its hex then it gains heavy armour and stalwart. If it is then attacked by an enemy it can use it's stalwart ability to counterattack at the same time (therefore defending as one rank higher). The token is then removed due to the counterattack. Remember, the token can be removed before hand if the unit is eliminated, ordered or forced to move. However, my question would be 'what happens if you use this counter attack against an enemy and you both roll more than one flag? Do you both retreat?'. I understand a behavior of this token little bit differently: If a unit has this token, it always counterattacks as having a heavy armor, not only when counterattacking simultaneously with an enemy. Suppose two different enemy units attack my unit, which has a defend token. First enemy unit attacks and treats my unit as one rank higher (due to its token). I decide to counterattack normally, after enemy's attack, so I do not discard defend token. Then attacks second enemy unit and now I decide to discard my defend token and do my counterattack simultaneously with it. That was the point of my question: do I still count heavy armor and stalwart from the now discarded defend token? (my unit could gain stalwart due to 2 neighboring units, not only due to a defend token). After this simultaneous counterattacks my unit has lost a defend token and if it is attacked by another enemy unit, it will defend normally (without heavy armor keyword) and will counterattack only if it has either a native stalwart or stalwart gained via 2 other adjacent friendly units. As to your question about both units causing flag results: It depends whether both units have stalwart keyword. But no matter, taken logically they both should retreat (if each receives at least one non-negated flag). Normally would retreat only a unit, that was attacked first.
  11. Just for a clarification: Defend tokens may be used for 2 benefits: while a unit has it, the token counts as a given unit would have keywords heavy armour and stalwart it may be discarded so that a given unit gains a concurrent counterattack with an enemy attack. Ok. It is clear. But my question is: If I decide to use its second option, may I still use its first option. I..e while I counterattack an enemy unit, do I still have abilities heavy armor and stalwart? Or may I use this token only for either option? Thanks for a feedback.
  12. Ashyr_Darkstone said: While on the subject of possible Greyjoy commanders, Victarion Greyjoy stands out to me, he being the Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet, would be an easy choice, stats perhaps something like the following: Unit Type: Blue Rank Ironborn Reavers. (a cavalry-base infantry unit with two-handed weapons and fearsome) Unit Abilities: Sea Legs (This unit treats rivers as passable, but has its' movement reduced by 1 hex if at any point during its' movement, it passes through a river). Zone of Command: 3 hexes. Commit Ability: Flip this card when any unit within Victarion's ZoC would be forced to retreat. That unit may move sideways instead of backward, even if this movement would make it enter or cross through river hexes, taking hits normally save for the river interference. While I myself am not terribly fond of Greyjoys at all, a Baratheon/Targaryen set would be top priority in my mind (because Robert and Stannis would be apt to have killer stats), followed by a Tyrell/Martell bunch. I can imagine the Tyrells would certainly have heavy infantry akin to the Lannisters, and even moreso to have Heavy Cavalry. Skirmishers with light armor, for Martells or Greyjoys, makes perfect sense, even more for the Ironborn, who still wear armor aboard ships to more easily greet their Drowned God. I'm tempted to ponder what a Dothraki Mounted archer unit would be like, but it'd be such an unbalancing factor as to make anyone want to play a Danaerys-led army over one led by Rhaegar or any other notable Targaryen... The situation with designing House Greyjoy is now a little bit more clear: Thanks to a combined effort Greyjoys will have all these commanders: Asha, Theon, Dagmer, Balon, Euron, Viktarion and Aeron. They will have these units: archers, men throwing axes (small axes), raiders, spearmen, drowned men (more or less walking blessing for other units), berserkers (uncontrolled marauders) and elite riders (fighting with two weapons at once). We would like to design scenarios relating to following events: ravaging of Stone coast and conquering the Deepwood Motte sieging and re-conquering of Winterfell by Starks, after Theon "usurped" it conquering of Cailin Moat by Viktarion Greyjoy naval abilities are not much reflected in the features of new units and commanders (except partially in Viktarion case). However I think that someone should foremost design rules for naval/river figting (different types of ships...). After that and designing Baratheons (which should be another House on the line), it could be possible to cretae a battle at Blackwater Bay in all its splendor .
  13. Thanks for other suggestions, Konrad. Your idea of berserkers almost match mine, which have taken shape this week. However I have invited several other enthusiastic BoW players in my country into designing this Greyjoy "miniexpansion" because "more heads know more". When we test and tune them enough, I will post here their stats + possibly also stats of their commanders.
  14. Interesting ideas, Konrad. Yesterday I pondered about making little Greyjoy expansion who would test Stark troops, which we now have plenty (with the WotN expansion). Armor piercing crossbow men also came to my mind . As I thought about Greyjoys units, I supposed that they could have: a) (heavy) crossbow men, which bolts penetrate an armor: in game terms it would mean that blue and red rank units could be hit (by these crossbow men) even on a valor hit (so a probablity to hit a blue unit would be 3/8 and a red unit 1/4). Probability to hit green rank units would not change (3/8). b) men with axe (hatchet) and shield - most common sort of Greyjoy warriors. They would have permanent stalwart (no matter if they have 2 other friendly units adjacent). Moreover as to their training and enhanced endurance, they could "sacrifice" one attack die to gain additional movement point, to be able to reach enemy units (but only once during their turn)). c) some sort of pikemen - similar function as "normal" Stark or Lannister pikemen. d) berserkers - Greyjoy special unit fighting with two-hand weapons (bastard swords, two-hand axes...), these furious warriors would have these abilities/penalties: i) they ignore first morale hit and first normal hit from any attack but they may never counterattack (if within battle rage): in game terms it means Toughness 1 and Stalwart (but without possibility to make counterattack). ii) in cause of hitting their target, they automatically cause additional hit and they ignore enemy heavy armor keyword (due to their heavy weapons). However these are only ideas, not tested in a real battle. I need yet to play all scenarios from WotN to find out, how much Stark got stronger and appropriately adjust Greyjoys abilities. Next I would like to design some scenarios relating to several light initial skirmishes between Starks and Greyjoys (ravaging the western Stark coast, battle at Deepwoode mote (or what was its name), capturing the Cailin Mote), but nothing too much complicated. However I would have to design new commanders first with their cards (for now I could think of Asha and Theon Greyjoy with Dagmer Cleftjaw).
  15. Dam said: Sorry, not seeing what the issue is. SS doesn't cost movement points, it gives you one. Only negative is 1-cost for Sanity, otherwise there is no downside to casting SS. If you can reach your destination with your normal movement points, it's up to you whether you cast SS and get to go there without any Evades or want to roll Evades and not cast SS. SS allows you to leave (or end in) spaces (note, not location only) with monsters without dealing with them, this includes streets. OK, so now it is clear: With SS cast on my investigator I may ignore any Evade check due to any monster, which I would encounter on my path to a destination place.
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