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  1. We use Eihort tokens when we run out or KiY tokens for every ten clue tokens etc
  2. The Liberian (Daisy Walker?) loves spells plus there good to feed to Rat Things... yea guess there is allot of adding/ subtracting so I use my calculator 2+2= uh let me get my calculator. Neat idea though will have to check out the other videos.
  3. I think that email go strait to the Dreamlands.
  4. Same here. Look at my sighnature for our score.
  5. I've never won a game playing single player but then again I always play Azothoth.
  6. I would think the DH would be smart enough to stop attacking you the same way. So draw another card.
  7. Grwoth is mine but BGotW is the worst. To much to keep track of.
  8. One less if you use your ally. 2 Focus investigator uses a point on their ally and can adjust their skill slider one stop.
  9. I like the Axe the monsters questions personally.
  10. jgt7771 said: Only recently have people been coming up with problems about running out of Clues. I wonder if it's us players or the expanding game. I collect FFG's Call of Cthulhu "Living Card Game" (and CCG before it was replaced) because the artists they use are INCREDIBLE, and most of Arkham Horror's artwork came from a CoC card first. In the LCG "Core Set" is a sheet of brown tokens with a Magnifying Glass (Success) on one side, and a Skull (Wound) on the other. I think there's 36 of them. Even with all that Clue-age, I've never come CLOSE to "running out" (even with Patrice), so I don't know what I'm not doing that everyone else is. THERE IS NO FOOD ALLOWED ANYWHERE NEAR MY GAME! You wanna eat? You go into the kitchen and call your turn from there if need be! Before you come back, your hands will be washed and dried! Any meals are eaten collectively in the living room. (Arkham Horror is a great PARTY game.) There are enough trays and wall furniture around my table to hold drinks, since THERE ARE NO DRINKS ALLOWED ON THE GAME TABLE! Violators will be--AND HAVE BEEN--devoured. Fascist? Perhaps. Game in excellent condition? **** straight. Lucky me we eat and drink around my board no damage except from when the roof was leaking.
  11. No drink? Brutal even the investigators take to the drink...Calvin! How about a house rule you can only eat or drink if your investigator has food/ whiskey
  12. Its CotDP so who knows? Except the AOs... in your situation get sucked into the gate and have a other world encounter.
  13. We have run out of clues so... yellow sign token = 5 clues eihort token =10 clues Never have run out of money though or doom tokens... the Cured Relics mythos just you eihort tokens, olives, fish crackers, etc
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