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  1. The group i am running was lucky enough to have on eof the players pull the swordmaster class to play. While we only play once in a while we are about halfway to rank 2 and the group is starting to look at their next career advance. The only problem is where do you go from being the high elf elite i mean the sword masters are the guys that spend decades if not centuries to perfect their craft why would the player ever want to change from that career?
  2. ...worked on rules for a hand grenade type weapon that either the PCs or NPCs could use?
  3. thanks for the update on what size groups you guys play with...for those that use more than 4 what do you do to modify the encounters to make it challenging for 5 or 6 players?
  4. Barring how many can play out of the boxed set. How many people can play in a scenario without it being to much pain on both the GM and the players. My group usually runs with about 5-6 players plus the GM. Is this too many? One more thing what changes to the scenario would need to be made if i had a full group of 5-6 players?
  5. Sinister said: May not be used if Lathenlorel has attacked anyone. when you wrote this was this the name of the character that you desgined this ability for if so that is cool a little gramatical change works if this is something else could i please have said reference material. By the way i love the mod keep up the good work.
  6. while its not a new campaign i have been fervently reading the campaign path of the damned and trying to find ways to make it fit with the 3e rules. I just like most people have been side tracked with holiday plans and spending time with family and friends amd all that lovely stuff. while i had no thoughts in sharing my rantings over the rulings listed in the 2e books and try to make them some sort of understandable for the masses. I also have been waiting to see what more officially is being released(in plain black and white not cool cryptic text) so that i can plan my works around them.
  7. Renocide said: Looking at the box I was kinda disappointed at what I was getting for my money... Maybe it's just he way I precieve what I am getting compairing it to other RPGs. Normally getting big hard covered books vs. cards/components. All right lets play the financial game now here is a break down of what you get and we will compare it to DND 4e and one of there new supplement books first the contents of the new box is as follows: 53 action cards(only 12 of these are reprints still leaving 41 new abilities) 30 talent cards(none are reprints) 10 condition cards(same as above) 10 career ability cards(ditto!) 6 wound cards(once again all new content and a nasty crit card in there to boot) 2 item cards(although these are for specific classes still cool none the less) 10 career sheets(essentially new classes when compared to DND) 4 party sheets(same as above) 1 Small but vicious dog pet sheet(not a new class but a new rule mechanic very cool) 1 pad of full color character sheets(great i was running out) 24 tracking tokens(can never have enough of these although would like some new colors) 12 fatigue/stress tokens(again awesome 10 character standups(while they are only cardboard you dont see Wotc giving you free minis to play there game) 1 stance ring(helps for the 4th player) 1 activation token(ditto) 10 puzzle-fit stance pieces(great i never seem to have enough of these either) 2 puzzle-fit center pieces(also cool have trouble making progress tracks without them) 1 small but vicious dog standup(sweet a miniature for frasier's dog eddie) 8 plastic bases(not sure why its 8 and not 11 but no biggies have plenty of these) that is what you get in this box for the msrp of $24.95 not a bad deal when you figure that for $29.95 over at the Wotc booth you get one single hard cover book that will let you expand your classes, but you still need pay another $9.95 to get all the cards for that class and then another $10.99 for the box of minis to have a figure to represent you on the battlefield. Just something to think about when you guys try to play the money card with this or any expansion that FFG puts out for this game. One more thing to remember is that if you have a close enough group this cost can be deferred amongst the whole group making it fairly cheap to buy. While you can do this with the DND book as well each player would still need the cards and figures which still costs $20. Just some food for thought.
  8. I got my copy today in sheboygan, wi and it seems very much worth it. It has a bunch of new things in there all of which helps to expand the content in a good way. I totally think that it is worth a pick up for at least one person in each group.
  9. I was asking becuase i was on the fence about buying some of the old "modules" from 2e that are up for the holiday sale and then converting them to 3e so that i had some other published adventures to both run and steal ideas from to run my players through. Thanks for the help guys.
  10. Tang there are not any of the cultural items that make skaven fun but if you look in the house rules sub forum i have started writing rules for them so that you can make alternate skaven npcs.
  11. For those of you former 2e players out ther that are thinking about or have already jump ship to this edition i have a question for you or for any one else for that matter. How hard would it be to convert some 2e adventures into 3e goodness?
  12. For those that want to add a little more flavor to your skaven i give you new weapons to play with the Skaven warplock pistol and the warpmusket so without further ado here they are: Skaven warplock pistol DR: 5 CR: 2 Range: Close Qualities: Pierce 1, Reload, Unreliable 2 and Unstable ammunition Warpmusket DR: 4 CR: 2 Range: Close Qualities: Blast, reload, two-handed, Unreliable 2 and Unstable ammunition and now the new quality unstable Ammunition: Unstable Ammunition If, After dice rolled are resolved, you have {B} left roll a . If {B} comes up attacker suffers a wound {C} comes up the gun has jammed and takes 2 manouvres to clear.
  13. Here is the next in the line of skaven spells Warp Lightning Magic Recharge <P> 6 Spellcraft(INT) vs Target defence 7 power, target within long range *S* The Grey Seer points a fleshy paw towards its victim and bolts of greenish black lightning arc outwards. Striking the target for 4+INT damage, ignoring the soak value of its armour *B* +1 Damage, +1 critical *BB* +1 Critical and you may add or remove 1 recharge token from any skaven ability {BB} you are reduced to 0 power and suffer 1 wound {S} A terrible backlash happens as the lightning courses over your body. Suffer 2 wounds The intention with the spells i have been making is to make a grey seer as a true NPC/main BAD GUY. So as always i post this for the masses to rip to pieces and comment on.
  14. @monkey - your difficulty for the skink blow pipe is listed as M what does that stand for?
  15. While i suck at naming things i have my first special attack for the lizardmen: Claw! Claw! Bite! Melee Recharge 6 Used by: Saurus Weapon Skill (st) vs Target Defence *S* Target is struck for normal damage *SS* Target is hit by both claws dealing double weapon damage *SSSS* Target is hit by both claws and a viscious bite dealing 2.5 times weapon damage *BB* you hit for +1 critical {BB} Attacker suffers 1 wound
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