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    My review

    4 out of 5 stars: http://johnwsmarvin.blogspot.com/2009/10/game-book-review-rogue-trader-rpg-core.html
  2. Hmm, I am *so* hoping my Psyker rolls to become a deamon-host.
  3. Ascention is covered (lightly) in Knowledge is Power: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/dark-heresy/pdf/knowledge-is-power-web.pdf
  4. My players are getting up there, in the 5k to 6k xp range, and I know holding out the promise of a rejuv for the 86 year old pysker who is rather scarred and sees through cybernetic eyes would be a big motivator. Any ideas on cost, availibility, mechanics and flavor text around a rejuv treatment?
  5. Mostly RAW. Three house rules 1. Perception Tests: When making a Perception Roll, add +20 if you are trained in Awareness. If you have a +10 or a +20 to Awareness, add this to the total modifier. For example, a character with Awareness +20 would have 20 + 20 = +40 on their Perception Test. 2. Prayers before Battle. If an acolyte skilled in Common Lore (Imperial Creed) takes a full action and succeeds in Perform(Orate or Singer), this gives everyone in earshot a +10% on Fear tests for the next encounter. The encounter must be within the next hour. Other group members can assist with Common Lore (Imperial Creed) rolls. 3. Prayers in Battle: Once per encounter, acolytes may attempt to pray in battle as a free action by making a Common Lore (Imperial Creed) roll. If they have already failed a fear test, they must make a Willpower check first to being praying reflexively. This gives all acolytes within earshot an immediate extra recovery roll even regardless if their fear effect allows recovery or not. They may continue to pray out loud each round for the same benefit as long as they make their Common Lore (Imperial Creed). They gain a + 5 cumulative bonus to this roll as they become filled with the spirit of the Emperor. Other group members can assist with Common Lore (Imperial Creed) rolls.
  6. House of Dust and Ash from DotDGs is a nice way to introduce the players to the Haarlocks. You might want to run that first, before TF.
  7. There are lots of great ideas here, and what works depends on you and you group. If it was me, I'd pack it up and start looking for new players. But what if these are your best mates? Or there are no other players in your area? And you really want to GM Dark Heresy? It sounds like they don't care about the setting, investigation, or mission based role-playing. They want to hack and slash and kick butt with no consequences. I don' t think you can sustain a campaign with no consequences, but you could change the setting to let them kick but 23/6.9, and not have to play nice with NPCs. Space hulks, alien ruins, stone age feral worlds, worlds about to be bombarded by Battlefleet Calixis, ... These kind of settings have little to no social consequences and can involve plenty of butt kicking. You would lose the role playing, mystery and investigation part of the game, and replace them with a bit of treasure finding and exploration and lots and lots of combat. Hmm, reminds me of some other game. And maybe, just maybe, the players may one day want to actually role play in the 40K universe and you could slowing bring in the other parts of the game you left out because your players were immature munchkins.
  8. <spoilers for my campaign at least.> I have a copy where I took out the GM bits and printed it out for my players. Some of the weapons may be overpowered for your campaign, but I'm bumping up my power levels for both the players and their adversaries. I really want Ascension now! Also, Silas Marr is unlikely to let them get away with using his money to buy items he considers above their station. Items of the Haarlock Estates for Auction at the House of Dust and Ash Lesser Items Saint Meredith's Wristlet Saint Meredith was famous 3,509 years ago for bringing the faith of the Emperor to people trapped on planets that were consumed by heresy. The skulls of this bracelet are said to be carved from the saint's teeth. Her teeth and fragments of her skull were all that survived her last encounter with the enemies of mankind, according to reports. Saint Meredith was famous for defeating deamons of the warp in deadly combat. Bidding starts at 5,000 Thrones GM: Any weapon held in the hand whose wrist holds this bracelet is considered to be a Warded Weapon. DotDG 120. Skull bracelet. Stuffed Genestealer A fine example of the taxidermist's art, this hideous creature would be a sure-fire conversation starter. Eyes seem to follow you around the room. Age and Origin: Unknown. Bidding starts at 10,000 Thrones GM: Causes strange dreams that force a Willpower Test (+0) or bestow 1d10 Insanity per year. Hrud Fusil Little is known of the Hrud, save they dwell only in darkness and possess strange technologies that allow them to walk between worlds and change time. This fusil is a form of a "plasma musket" that is a rare collector's item. Note: the item has been modified to accept Imperial plasma cells. Impress your friends on your next hunting expedition. Bidding starts at 10,000 Thrones GM: DotDG 73, 74. Gown of Silken Dreams This beautiful gown is cut from Nightweave Silk, a form of flexible crystalline material that shimmers with a spectrum (favoring hues of violet) of soft inner light when worn in twilight or darkness. Your friends will be hypnotized by the fascinating patterns. Turn heads at your next turn at court. Bidding Starts at 1,000 Thrones. GM: DotDG 74. Psyniscience to detect the faint echo of suffering. Moliochin Fire Heart This fine gem glows in the dark with a flickering flame of yellow and orange. It is said to bring the owner good luck to new ventures. Why trust in blind luck when you can own your own? Bidding starts at 1,000 Thrones GM: Xenos Art, DotDG 73 Idol of Sleef This strange carving out of green stone is said to represent an alien god. Note the facial tentacles and delicate membranous wings. Said to be found on the Dead World of Sleef. Bidding starts at 5,000 Thrones GM: Xenos Art, DotDG 73 Fragment of Eldar Wraithbone The mysterious alien race known as the Eldar grow all sorts of unusual items from these wriathbones. No collector should be without one. Bidding starts at 1,500 Thrones GM: Xenos Art, DotDG 73 Eldar Spirit Stone Taken from the breast of a dead Eldar, this stone is said to contain the memories and soul of the fallen alien. Emits a soft rosy light in a darkened room. Prized among the elite as as backup source of light in a power outage. Bidding starts at 2,000 Thrones GM: CA 77 Matched Set of Shuriken Pistols Includes 10 clips of shuriken ammunition. Beautiful Eldar craftsmanship, they appear to be made out of matching wraithbones. You won't find items like this on the Cold Trade. Great for target practice. Can do single shot, semi-automatic, or full automatic. Bidding starts at 10,000 Thrones GM: CA 85 Avenger Shuriken Catapult Not your average Eldar catapult weapon. This was crafted for an elite Eldar Dire Avenger. With its longer barrel and inbuilt range-finders, this weapon is accurate even at extended distances. Includes 13 clips of shuriken ammunition on beautiful bone case. Bidding starts at 9,000 Thrones. GM: CA 85 Enoulian Whisper Line A fine cord, nearly monomolecularly thick, used by diminutive aliens known as the Enoulians as a lariat and garrote. Best if displayed under magnification. Bidding starts at 4,000 Thrones. GM: CA 87. Enoulian Trouble Detector. Beeps when certain kinds of trouble are near. Modified to use Imperial Power Cells. Why wait for trouble when you can hear it coming? Once owned by Androticus Xarn, famous sooth sayer 500 years ago. Bidding starts at 4,000 Thrones GM: +30 to Psyinscience, beeps when near warp effects. Luggage detector. Staff of the Martyred Psyker Bone staff, said to be made of the fused and carven bones of psykers who gave their lives for the Emperor. Atop the staff is an ivory carving of a brain on fire. Bidding starts at 3,000 Thrones. GM: Force Staff. IH 187, 188 Sword of Shadow Dark grey blade of an unusual alloy which includes adamantine. Amazing craftsmanship. Said to have parried a power axe without a scratch on its surface. Origin: Unknown. Do not touch. Perfect for the swordsman on your list. Starting Bids: 4,000 Thrones GM: Deamon Weapon DotDG 120, 121. Warp Predator, WP: 26. Hungering. Greatsword of Blackest Night Black iron greatsword with an onyx encrusted back-scabbard. Used by legendary heroes of the Drusus Marches. Legend has it this has cut through power armor and burned the warrior inside. No better way to show off your physique. Hands off. Starting Bids 7,000 Thrones GM: Deamon Weapon DotDG 120, 121. Astral Sprectre, WP: 41. Mind Leech and Dark Fire. Greater Items GM: DotDG 217 - 218 A Book Unbound An apparently leather bound folio filled with loose parchment pages. Said to be collected knowledge from beyond the Emperor's Light. Priceless to the right collector. Starting Bidding: 15,000 Thrones Bloody Seal A gilt seal, the width of a human palm, slowing the symbol of the aquila clasping keys in its claws. Said to be many millenniums old, a fine example of the early Empire. Starting Bid: 25,000 Thrones Silver Key A large and ornate key made of tarnished silver. Inscribed with archaic human symbols said to predate the Dark Age of Technology. A unique relic of human civilization. Starting Bid: 40,000 Thrones Greyskin Psalter A battered but sizable prayer book of archaic style and design, bound in some kind of grey skin. The text is in high gothic, but appears to make no sense. Penned in the hands of each of the Rogue Traders of the Haarlock line, starting with Solomon, ending with Erasmus. The ultimate for collectors of Rogue Trader arcana. Starting Bid: 50,000 Thrones A Shattered Pauldron An Adeptus Astartes shoulder plate, torn and badly damaged. It is crimson in color with the symbol of a black, fanged skull blazoned on it. Origin unknown. Starting Bid: 50,000 Thrones A Xenosflesh Mask Not for the faint-hearted. A vile looking hood-like mask of withered grey-green flesh, featureless but for a wide, circular, lamprey-like mouth. Xenotype: Unknown. Perfect for costume parties. Starting Bid: 50,000 Thrones An Onyx Statute A beautifully carved statue of a three-eyed, bat-winged felid, around a meter tall. At the statue's neck is a strange gorget of what appears to be tarnished copper. Well suited to entryways and pedestals. Starting Bids: 100,000 Thrones An Unknown Portrait A somewhat dark, blurred portrait, about half a meter square, encased in a solid block of crystal. There is some High Gothic writing etched in azure lettering at the bottom. Starting Bids: 150,000 Thrones A Primitive Doll in a Glass Jar A small rag and stick doll, trapped in a dusty, stoppered bell jar. The air within is somewhat smoky. Another one not for the faint-hearted, just look at that doll's face. Scare the kiddies. Starting Bids: 250,000 Thrones The Gilded Widow A magnificent life-sized automaton formed from gold and encrusted with agates and rubies, dressed in an archaic gown of crimson and purple silks. The automaton has an open aperture in its chest, revealing an intricate clockwork mechanism of staggering complexity. The figure is seated on a high-backed throne with an inbuilt table set before the figure, all carved with geometric and occult symbols. The gilded figure's head rests on its chest, and in its right hand it hold a ruby chalice, whilst in its left hand is an ivory set of the Emperor's Tarot in a silvered slip-case. The label reads: "The Most Sacred and Wondrous Oracular Device, Known to Men as the Gilded Widow." Starting Bids: 500,000 Thrones
  9. You might run an adventure before Tattered Fates where the players get a chance to really piss off the Pilgrims of Hayte. Thus avoiding the "you find out the guys who captured you are some cult you've never run into before." Cults are like the old bad guy who always gets away in RPGs. The players can develop a real passion for hunting them down. Hayte Haters.
  10. On the Upcoming page, it's still "on the boat." Keep checking Upcoming for the status, that's how FFG communicates shipping progress to us.
  11. Reuse NPCs that don't die. Bring them back a few games later. Allies, enemies, and in betweeners. If you have some RP centric players, ask them to develop a short back story, then throw in plot elements that use/abuse their past. For players who just want to kick butt, tell them how they were once beaten up by an NPC, then bring that NPC in as a boss (or mini boss). Use a mix of combat advesaries, so you can threaten everyone. Man stopper bullets are a godsend. When your min/maxers start using a piece of equipment or a tactic to good effect, have the cult adapt. Have over the top settings, for both investigation and combat. Look at all the cool 40k artwork and bring the cool factor into your descriptions. Most of all, have fun. Every GM had to start sometime.
  12. Thanks so much. Please bump this when you add other world types.
  13. I foolishly believed they would not ding my credit card until they were ready to send out the game. FFG, that did make me mad, but only because it came as a surprise. If you had said "we'll charge you before we ship the collector's edition" I still would have bought it. While shiny is good, I like a lot of support for a game. So I'm going to play Dark Heresy for another half year or more before crossing over. I'll wait for a few supplements to roll out. First, I want to get my hands on Ascension and do some high powered DH.
  14. <PtU spoilers> The subtext I got was that the Serrated Query supplied the Tarot card in Illumination. That's not spelled out, but that's how I ran it. I saw Twilight as the action adventure. I wish I had the Space Hulk tiles then. The new Space Hulk has 1 1/8" squares on the tiles, but so what? They look great. Baron Hopes was supposed to be a zombie-fest horror game. I changed it to be a showdown with the Serrated Query for my own reasons, but you can make it a big fat zombie fight. If you stick with Baron Hopes as written, you'll have some inconsistencies to worry about. Such as if the book is taken away from the players by the Dark Eldar in Twlight, it shows up with the mutants in Barron Hopes. But the mutants broke off from the Serrated Query two years ago, so why did the SQ Fed-Ex them the book? Off topic: One problem I have with these forums is how hard they are to search. A lot of us just repeat what we said a few months ago, because we know you won't be able to find it.
  15. OK, I'm a slow GM, and I'm worried about the Haarlock trilogy ever showing up in time to play. The only thing I see in the Upcoming section is the Radical's Handbook, which sounds most useful to GMs starting out a new campaign. I'm much more interested in Accention and the rest of the Haarlock adventure.
  16. Nojo509 said: Be ready for failure, and don't make it a dead end. Make it have a cost. Since the PCs with good skills were left out, you could have the chumps have to fight their way out, and require heavy disguises any further dealings with the cult. Let the other PCs do the talking next time. The cult suspects them, so will "test" them by giving them a suicide mission. The cultists attempt to capture the chumps, for use in creepy chaos rites. Should they be captured, let the players play red-shirts (local enforcers?) that the other PCs draft in helping with the rescue. Should they get away, let them know they will be attacked on sight by the cult. If the chumps kill all witnesses, no harm, no foul. Try again. The cult is riven with internal factions. The faction that interviewed the chumps says, "come on in" and sets them up to penetrate a rival faction's turf. They will then clean up any survivors. Read this: http://www.gnomestew.com/gming-advice/how-to-make-skill-checks-not-suck Easier said than done. Last night one of my players failed big time on an intimidate on a ship's steward. I was ready. "No sir, you can't treat the crew like that, but for 28 Thrones, I'll tell you want you want to know." A small price for the failure, as the character is loaded. BUT his character concept as a butt-kicker was not about to pay this NPC anything. In fact, the player robbed him. Leaving the NPC in the hands of a more sympathetic PC (the good cop). So the party eventually got the information, but the player would not sit for anything other than bullying. He had to leave the scene in order for the other PC to calm the NPC down and get the info. She paid, it all worked. But my clever plan ran smack into the wall of a player's character concept. Oh well.
  17. Be ready for failure, and don't make it a dead end. Make it have a cost. Since the PCs with good skills were left out, you could have the chumps have to fight their way out, and require heavy disguises any further dealings with the cult. Let the other PCs do the talking next time. The cult suspects them, so will "test" them by giving them a suicide mission. The cultists attempt to capture the chumps, for use in creepy chaos rites. Should they be captured, let the players play red-shirts (local enforcers?) that the other PCs draft in helping with the rescue. Should they get away, let them know they will be attacked on sight by the cult. If the chumps kill all witnesses, no harm, no foul. Try again. The cult is riven with internal factions. The faction that interviewed the chumps says, "come on in" and sets them up to penetrate a rival faction's turf. They will then clean up any survivors. Read this: http://www.gnomestew.com/gming-advice/how-to-make-skill-checks-not-suck
  18. As far as having fun and being able to accomplish the mission, you don't need a psyker. In fact, the "burn the witch" could be used against them by an evil GM. The psyker they fry is not only useful to the mission, but also has powerful allies (Fleet admirals, Planetary Governors, Inquisitors, Grey Knights...). In my group, the most psyker fun we have is every time he does anything the other players start muttering death threats. "If you summon one more deamon I'm going to stuff this bolt-gun down your throat..." So he's always using Inspiring Aura to get them to say something nice about him. Which they twist in nasty ways "Your shoes match and you haven't gone totally over to the warp. Yet." There are always career paths not chosen. My group is without a Tech Priest. I'm sure it would be cool to have one in the party, but everyone is happy with their current characters.
  19. mallymoocow said: ...but after flicking through the RT preview i think this quick mission style of play would fit in with well with my groups lifestyle.... Preview games tend to be quick missions. Like Con-games. I'm expecting, and am hoping for, big sweeping adventures that take many sessions to play. When I roll my own adventures, a two session adventure is about as short as I like, since I like a mix of role playing and combat.
  20. Nojo509

    Planet Bombing!

    I think this should be called "Planet Bowling."
  21. FYI: My Virus checker, McCaffee, red flagged the sendspace site. I got out as fast as I could, so didn't take the time to read the warning. It does that if a site is known for downloading spyware and other malware onto your computer.
  22. I was Nathin, and the role playing with the survivors was fun, if a little simple. It took very little time to figure out how to get the bomb from the mutants and covering fire from the monks. Since it was a "sample" adventure using quick start rules, we didn't mind. When Dvang told us we were in orbit around a "black sun," Nathin had to change his pants. The captain locked himself in his cabin and started drinking. We had to rally each other to get back in the game. Some of the best role playing was PC to PC. It took a lot of convincing on my part to get the Captain to agree to let us leave the ship in a gun cutter. Only after we provisioned it with a full cargo hold of rations and his best suit would he go.
  23. Thank you so much for that blast from the past.
  24. A noble NPC they have met before, who knows they are Inquisition, sees them before they see her. She is smart enough to not break their cover, but is totally freaked out, and sure that if the Inquisition is here, all hell is about to break loose. She may attempt to contact them, or may keep fleeing the scene when the acolytes show up. "You see the same woman in the mantis mask get a look at you and once again turn to leave the barge." A player is challenged to a duel. On a narrow wire bridge hung over water with dangerous aquatic creatures waiting to be fed. A con man pushes a cart, calling out "Grox Nipple Chips, Fresh and Hot!" If players come close, he'll try to get them to buy fake alien artifacts. Perhaps one is is real, although the con man may not know it. Someone spikes a player's drink with a powerful aphrodesiac. Noble teens on a scavenger hunt need the mask (that contains the psychic damping equipment) worn by the psyker. A hysterical young woman, covered in blood and not much else, escapes from down below decks on a pleasure barge. The guards try to get her to shut up, as one of the main host's son and his friends drugged and cut the girl "just for fun." "Give her a few Thrones and she'll be fine." She will end up floating dead a few scenes later if the players do not keep her under their protection. If they do take her in, she keeps babbling about "The face in the deep..."
  25. I'll try them out next game. I put little magnetic disks under minis to represent conditions. For example, wounded: Lightly: Yellow; Heavily: Orange; Critically: Red. Players and NPCs. This lets people (even me!) scan the tabletop and see who's going down fast, and who's not even breaking a sweat. For 2HP Mooks, this is great. They go right to orange if the first hit doesn't take them out. I never have to write anything down, or remember what mini has what hps.
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