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  1. I'm hoping the GM kit has the small craft information that was promised in Dark Frontier. I also hope to see it ship soon. It's been "at the printers" for a while. And then maybe another RT title might show up on the Upcoming page.
  2. aramis said: The rules as written are NOT vector motion mechanics; they are lifted directly from Battlefleet Gothic. Yes, they really have to make effort to not go forward; it's totally unrealistic, but it's the way the ships have worked. Yes, there is no realistic reason the ships should be hit with a maximum speed, but hey, that's what BFG does, too. It makes for a good minis game, even if it's REALLY unrealistic. I can well believe these BFG movement rules are more fun than vector motion. I remember playing a traveler game (Mayday?) that used vector motion in a realistic manner, and 95% of the turns were spent turning around to get in range again.
  3. VUs are about 10,000 km square. The "you will drift the amount of your current speed and then can move from there" method people are talking about makes great sense. However, the "drift and move" system makes it very easy to overshoot and take ages to get back in range. Given the 2d nature of my tabletop, for "drift and move" I'd have two vectors, x and y, or long and short, based on the shape of my dining room table. For each vector, you have a speed and a direction, up or down, left or right. As the GM I have the most mass, so down is to me. right is to my right, and so on. Each turn being 20 minutes, you could make a case that turning a 2km vessel 90 degrees (or more) could cause problems for the grav plates or some other hand waving tech reason. Thus if you want to slow down, it takes two turns to four turns to reverse the direction of a small ship and apply full speed in the opposite direction. In "drift and move" you should be able to change facing without applying thrust. Your vectors would stay the same, just your facing changes. However, all this will make it very easy to go off the map, and VERY easy for a ship with equal thrust to escape. The RaW, which has a very nautical feeling, will keep the combat on the table longer and make it easier to stay engaged. One idea I had was a zoom factor that cut the speed in half and make every VU twice as big if the ships drift away from each other but are not disengaging. When they get close enough, you zoom back in and use the speeds as listed. I think we'll have to play some variants out to see how they work in play.
  4. I like your GM. That's a good one. However, if my players were in a bind, I'd be rather upset if they were asking for advice on these forums or from anybody who is not a player. I give problems to the players, not the world wide internet community. That's me, other GMs will have their own opinions.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. My "final" version is at: http://ordooregonwiki.wikispaces.com/House+Rules#TheInterrogator
  6. After a furious fight, the Eldar Corsair ships attempt to flee, but one of them doesn't make it. On board is a treasure trove filled with Eldar Spirit stones. And a human prisoner who knows how to find a Craftworld. The spirit stones could be worth a lot at the Craftworld, but getting there would be hard (Eldar Ghostship encounter?) and the reception would be frosty at best. Of course, the freed prisoner has her own reason for visiting the craftworld...
  7. I agree, if you liked reading the Dark Heresy book you will probably enjoy this as well.
  8. I may use the Rogue Trader Righteous Fury for Dark Heresy. The difference is that in Rogue Trader, you don't just add a d10, you roll for damage a second time including adding all modifiers.
  9. You can also spread out 100 points as you please, with no characteristic getting more than 20, so you can start with a 45 to two...
  10. Thanks, I'll re-read. While it makes sense, it opens up a galaxy of munchkinsims.
  11. Do an skills or talents affect the Acquisitions Modifier? I think not, but just checking.
  12. I have no idea what that +0 means, or what it's intended to mean. It does not use the word final. So it could be modified as normal, as dvang suggests. If so, what is the point of mentioning it. "Please add a +0% to all rolls from now on!" If you do take the +0 to be the final modifier, then there is no penalty for going for five best quality near unique items with all the trimmings. I think I'll get roll to see if I get a cruiser with all possible archeotech components. It's either that or a new pair of shoes...
  13. Hmm, the mysterious Edit button which comes and goes has gone again, so I'll put my changes here: Becoming an Interrogator The acolyte must meet the following conditions: Be in the good graces of their Inquisitor. Have reached the sixth rank in their career. Have at least two Characteristics at 40 or above. Have at least two Skills trained to +20 or above. Talented (the skill) counts. Equipment does not. Be trained in the Literacy skill. Interrogators must send voluminous written reports to their Inquisitor and be able to read written instructions. Be trained in three of these skills: Forbidden Lore (any), Inquiry, Interrogation, Intimidate, or Logic. Be trained in at least three skill groups from this list: Cipher (any), Common Lore (any), Scholastic Lore (any), Secret Tongue (any), Speak (any beyond Low Gothic). Two skills in the same skill group only counts as one skill group. Have at least one of these talents: Fearless, Resist (Fear), Insanely Faithful, Pure Faith, or Unshakeable Faith Have at least one Peer(any) or Contact. As you can see I've abandoned the Point system. Too complicated, and the Sororitas creamed every other career so badly that it bothered me. EDIT: Oh I see. I can edit my responses but not my original post.
  14. You can find mook rules in Creatures Anathama. I use the 2 hit point mooks, which work like this: If a hit does 10 or more damage, after armour and toughness bonus, it is killed in one shot. Otherwise it is wounded. I put a little colored disk under the mini so everyone can see it's wounded. A wounded mook dies as soon as it takes any more damage. With the colored disks, I never have to write anything down. To speed up the start of combat I use "Init Tool" a free java initiative roller that I keep up on my laptop. I create groups of combatants before the game, and track hit points for non-mooks in the tool. You can find it at: www.rptools.net. The defaults are D&D, but it's easy to change to Dark Heresy. I am totally going to steal one of these volley fire rules, not sure which one yet.
  15. Feedback Please: I know that it is *not* balanced for every career, but I'm not sure that's bad. It's just harder for a Scum to become an Interrogator than an Adepta Soroitas. The Interrogator Interrogator is a special designation for an acolyte on their way to becoming an Inquisitor. Not all acolytes are required to become an interrogator, only those who wish to be considered for promotion to Inquisitor. Benefits of being an Interrogator Instead of being paid, an Interrogator uses the Acquisitions rules from Rogue Trader, using a Profit Factor of 45, which is five below the Profit Factor of a starting Inquisitor. Interrogators can provide equipment to other members of their team. They get awarded an Interrogator's Rosette. They can use this to order common Imperials around, demand help and services, and demand goods (using the Acquisitions rules). It's up to the GM if and how such assistance manifests. Gain a free Peer(Inquisition) talent. If the acolyte already has a Peer(Inquisition), they get a free Peer(any) instead. Becoming an Interrogator First and foremost, the acolyte must be in the good graces of their Inquisitor. Secondly, the acolyte must be trained in the Literacy skill. Interrogators must send voluminous written reports to their Inquisitor and be able to read written instructions. Thirdly, the acolyte must have at least 12 Interrogator Points. Untrained basic skills do not count for Interrogator points. Interrogator Points: 1 Point for every Rank above the fourth. 1 Point for every Characteristic raised to Expert level. 1 Point for every Characteristic at 40 or above. 2 Points for knowing the Interrogation skill with an additional 1 Point for every +10 to the Interrogation skill. * 3 Points for having at least one Forbidden Lore skill. 1 Point for every additional Forbidden Lore skill known, beyond the first. 1 Point for every +10 to any Forbidden Lore skill. * 1 Point for every Scholastic Lore skill known, with an additional 1 Point for every +20 to any Scholastic Lore skills. * 1 Point for knowing the Intimidate skill , with an additional 1 Point for every +10 to the skill. * 1 Point for every Cipher skill known, with an additional 1 Point for every +10 to any Cipher skills. * 1 Point for knowing the Command skill, with an additional 1 Point for every +10 to the skill. * 1 Point for each Speak(any beyond Low Gothic), with an additional 1 Point for every +10 to any of these language skills. * 1 Point for every two points of Psy Rating. 2 Points for having the Fearless talent. 1 Point for each of the following talents: Resist (Fear), Insanely Faithful, Pure Faith, and Unshakeable Faith. 1 Point for having three or more Faith talents. (Pure Faith, Purge the Unclean, Divine Ministration, Wrath of the Righteous, Blessed Radiance) 1 Point for having at least one Peer talent, with an additional 1 Point for every three Peer talents. 1 Point for having at least one Contact, with an additional 1 Point for every three Contacts. *+10s and +20s from skills and talents only, not equipment.
  16. I was checking the Upcoming Products and Reprints page. There is nothing listed for DH after the Radical's Handbook, (At the Printer) not even "In Development" or "Concept Stage." However, I don't recall ever seeing anything in those two stages (I do filter for just RPGs). Things show up "At the Printer" then move down the waterfall of "On the Boat" to "Shipping Now" to "In Stores Now. Since "Damned Cities" isn't on on the Upcoming page yet, I doubt we'll see if by Christmas.
  17. I understand products slip (I used to work for Microsoft), but it seems very poor business sense to break up the release of a linked adventure like this.
  18. And what if there is no player Navigator? So you always are using the Navigation Choir? Worst case, the players decide to take on an Incompetent crew to save Ship Points. Which means your Navigator has a 20% skill. Reading over the Navigating the Warp section, that sounds like the ship will probably never get anywhere. If the players take the default 30% skilled crew, it's not much better.
  19. A Koronus Expanse source book would be nice. Yes on more ships. Yes on more Xenos, Heretics, and Deamons. I'd like some rules on letting the players design Endevours they want to run that helps the GM then add challenges and surprises. I could see a Rogue Trader and his senior staff deciding what kind of Endevours they want to pursue, then go out looking for something that matches their desires. A big fat book of linked adventures would be nice. Detailed enough to be run as is, with plenty of hooks to be adapted by GMs to their campaign. Rules on what Navigator route maps do, and what happens when the players travel the warp without one.
  20. Thanks, I have that. I was hoping for something consistant with the Starship rules.
  21. I'm hoping that the GM kit includes information on small craft. In the RAW, there are no shuttles, guncutters, or aquila landers to get to a planet's surface. Not only do I want them to exist, I want stats. It's funny the sample missions relied on the Guncutter, then the core book left them out. I know, you can only put so much in the core book, and RT has a lot of topics to cover. So please, put small craft in the GM kit. I want small craft combat. I want it all, and I want it now!
  22. If you don't have it yet, you might want to check out Disciples of the Dark Gods. It has lots more information on the Logicians.
  23. Looking for the Adventure Design Contest. Did I miss it? It it hiding somewhere?
  24. If you don't have it yet, here's my 2 Thrones: http://johnwsmarvin.blogspot.com/2009/10/game-book-review-rogue-trader-rpg-core.html I'm not going to be using profit, my players are rank 4 and 5. At higher ranks profit could make sense to me. Perhaps they gain access to their inquisitor's Profit Rating. I'm going to use all the equipment, starships, ship to ship combat, adversaries and aliens for sure. For ship to ship combat I'll either use a small ship where they are forced to take over (captain possessed by deamons...) or have them assist by doing Extended Actions during a bigger engagement. I'll use RT characters as NPCs. I may even send them into the Koronus Expanse. I love the origin path, but my player's already have characters, and I don't think we'll retrofit that in. I like the RT psyker rules, but I'm not going to tell my player to go out and buy RT to play DH. If my psyker player gets RT and wants to move, we can discuss.
  25. I'm a terrible mini painter. I just hired my son to paint my Space Hulk minis. I'd love pre-painted minis. Right now I use a lot of Star Wars minis, but wish I had more gothic choices. Of course, my son needs money, so if we had GW DH/RT packs, I'd pick them up and keep the lad in spending money.
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