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  1. If you are looking at Tattered Fates and Damned Cities because Haarlock was a Rogue Trader, I wouldn't bother. A. He's very unique, not like other Rogue Traders. Not much crossover. B. There is *very* little information on Haarlock. Almost none. These DH adventures are about the acolytes hitting the side effects of Haarlock returning from who knows where. He's not in these adventures, and he's not directly trying to control minions against the acolytes. He probably doesn't know they exist. That will probably change in Dead Stars. You might get more mileage out of Disciples of the Dark Gods and Creatures Anathama. And, as someone else has posted, some of these books refer to the psychic powers that are in the DH core rulebook. I think you can extrapolate from context what they do, but if not, either replace them with RT psychic powers or get the core book.
  2. I'd love some information on the Vehicle Rules. Are they the same as in Apochrapha? And xenos careers? What xenos races might be sailing on a Rogue Trader? I'm guessing Kroot mercenary for one... Tell me it has an index, please? I'm thinking of the Inquisitor's Handbook as a painful example of why you want one.
  3. I agree w/ The Boy Named Crow. I got into Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay v. 2 because I liked Chris Pramas's game design. Knew nothing of WHF, just had seen cool mini battles at game shops. Got most of my background from the WFRP books and the GW boards. I don't like most novels set in game worlds, and read a total of one WHF novel. I like to read about new worlds, not worlds that the author has no control over. After 2 WFRP campaigns (the 2nd one I ported the Freeport Trilogy to the old world (Sartosa)), one of my players wanted a SF game. DH had come out, used the same system. I read the Eisenhorn series, and liked them. I got most of my fluff from these boards and the DH books. Now I can wing 40k fluff enough for my fun and my group. In some ways, RT will be easier, as you're leaving the Imperium. In my group, I had some serious WHF & 40k fiends, but they were also good players and helped me out and never seemed to mind if I strayed from the cannon. "Well, in *my* galaxy, Dark Eldar do this...." Good players will like it if you run a good, fun, game. Pick up the fluff as you go, don't wait to become the world's biggest 40k geek.
  4. I found it useful to have an FFG post say they are working on new RT material. I have been playing DH for years, and I got used to the previous FFG policy of publicizing a road map of DH products to come. The release dates were always missed, but I knew what they were working on, and I was confident I was not buying into a dead product line. This new policy of "release information only when the book is at the printer in China" leads to lulls where there is no visible FFG support for Rogue Trader. So, I liked to hear from the source that the line is alive. I can only speculate on why they changed their policy. There was a lot of complaining about missed ship dates during the old policy, but I kind of expect that. If that's the reason, I would prefer a middle of the road. Don't tell me what might come out in a year. The further out in time, the more likely for the predicted ship date to be missed. But tell me what the *next* project is.
  5. Or: bring the expanse to him. Port Wander could be caught off guard and destroyed. Pirates and aliens enter the Calixis sector. Or: Just run an exciting game in the Imperium. Handwave the boring bits, then provide easy access to smuggled goods, with the law close behind. Don't forget there are Eldar pirates in the Calixis sector. Have powerful rival organizations take an interest in the player's ship. Use every nasty from Dark Heresy's Disciples of the Dark Gods to spice things up. The ship comes out of warp in a milk run and finds themselves in the past, during the Angevin Crusade. The high tech equipment in the holds is really Dark Age of Technology war machines, and they come to life...
  6. Has anyone let their players design their own Endeavors?
  7. Jenk said: So in closing.... I understand the need to stay "Mom" sometimes... but I also reeeally want to see what is coming up next..... Sometimes you even have to stay "Dad." BTW, to those who question the release of an early adventure, I do not. Many GMs ONLY use published adventures. Those GM's won't consider starting a campaign without some adventures ready to go. Other GMs mix their own adventures with published ones and mod the published adventures to fit their group. They are more likely to start a campaign with some adventures out there. Some GMs never use published adventures. I don't know the breakdown, but I've played in many RPG campaigns since 1975 (yes, laugh at the old guy), and very few (10%?) were 100% GM designed adventures. I, myself, am a Mix & Mod GM. I'm just starting Rogue Trader in late May / early June, now that I've digested Lure.
  8. Jenk said: Our group has a system that seems to work. We follow the path except for one free jump. The jump allows you to pick anyone option along a row. After the jump you may decide to continue from the jump point to the next three options in the lower row or choose from any of the three options below the option directly below your last pick before the jump. Quick graph: Column 5 -> Jump to column 2 -> pick from column 1-3 OR Column 5 -> Jump to column 2 -> pick from column 4-6 *each "->" leading to a new row. Pretty much you can stray from your path once and either continue on your new path or get back on to your old one. I'm pretty sure if someone had a character idea no one in my gaming group would mind if they wanted to deviate further, as along as it was for roleplaying purposes and not trying to min/max. I like this, consider it stolen. In my campaign, I'll be requiring some backstory from the player if they want to take their "free" jump. Yes, I charge for free things.
  9. On page 200 of the core book, it talks about the Armoured Bridge. On page 201, the table lists only the Armoured Command Bridge. The Command Bridge in the table costs 1 Ship Point, while the Armoured Command Bridge costs 0 SPs. I sent in a question to about this to FFG. "Armoured Command Bridge" is just "Armoured Bridge," actually. The Command Bridge costs +1 ship point, because it offers better bonuses than the Armoured Bridge. Sam Stewart Associate RPG Designer Fantasy Flight Games So there you go.
  10. ZillaPrime said: Heck, I would cheerfully shell out some cash for a well presented "Dark Heresy: Motorpool" or whatever they decide to call it. Include all the vehicle rules (mount, ground, skimmer, flyer and small-scale void ships [fighters, shuttles and so on]), include stats for vehicle mounted weapons, a nice big catalogue of vehicles and variant patterns and limited customization rules (like the Mechanicus approved upgrades included in the various Codex books). Probably a blank "vehicle record sheet" for photocopying too. I'd buy it. I could see a 40k RPG Motorpool that would cover DH, RH, & DW.
  11. Thank you playtesters for letting us know this is not a dead product. I would think it's in FFG's interest to let us know that, but what can you do.
  12. MILLANDSON said: As Sam Stewert stated in his interview with Dark Reign, there is more coming, with several things in various stages of production, all for Rogue Trader. Just because nothing has been announced yet (Lure of the Expanse was at the printers before it got announced), doesn't mean nothing is coming. As a playtester for RT, I can guarantee that more is coming, and it's good stuff too. That is welcome news. I'd like to always know what the *next* book planned is, even if they don't give us a date. I know you're under NDA, but FFG is not.
  13. They have said nothing. The Upcoming page is supposed to have what RPGs are in development. They don't even list Deathwatch, despite the constant stream of news. My data-free analysis is that their 40k team is focused on Deathwatch. Perhaps when that is on schedule and under control, they'll devote more time to Rogue Trader.
  14. Gribble_the_Munchkin said: Norman's World. A vast forest moon of a gas giant, once an imperial outpost ... STOLEN. Thank you.
  15. Any announcements, rumors, or baseless speculation of what comes next? I remember talk of a Ships book ages ago, but haven't seen anything to back that up. As of Today, there are no new RT books in the Upcoming list.
  16. My computer that I authored this review on checks out virus free w/ McAfee. The server is Blogspot, which is owned by Google, and I trust them to watch out for viruses. I understand your caution, but I go to Blogspot all the time (many of my friends have blogs there) and have never had a problem.
  17. BTW, if Fel survives Into the Maw, he returns in Lure of the Expanse.
  18. Here's my Lure of the Expanse Review. http://johnwsmarvin.blogspot.com/2010/04/game-book-lure-of-expanse.html Here Be Spoilers!
  19. So we keep the DH dice pool system instead of the RT percentile system? Or did I read that wrong?
  20. Nojo509 said: So players can't play female characters? Or am I missing something? ... Lots of great discussion here, but I think *some* of you didn't understand my question. Probably because of how I asked it. What I'm really asking is: Could a player who, for any reason, wanted to play a female character of any kind (doesn't have to be a space marine), play one in DW using only the RAW? If they include a section on "how to incorporate DH and RT characters" then the answer is yes. If it's only space marines, then the RAW will probably say no.
  21. Can the players do anything to improve the crew quality? Or can it go down for any reason?
  22. I'd like the RT equivalent of Disciples of the Dark Gods. Perils of the Expanse? A toolkit filled with organizations, humans and xenos, that the GM can use as the basis of adventures in the Expanse. Hooks for trade, treachery, and open warfare between these organizations and the players' mercantile empire.
  23. So players can't play female characters? Or am I missing something? In a minis wargame that might not be much of an issue, but there are a lot of female roleplayers. And while I've seen a lot of guys play female characters, I've rarely seen the opposite. I do know one woman (Hi Mary!) who won't play if she can't play male, but she's the only one I've met like that.
  24. I'm still reading, but the setup includes a optional message from Inquisitor Marr. If the players have done House of Dust & Ash, they should have a connection. In my campaign, I did an adventure between House of Dust & Ash and Tattered Fates where the player's Inquisitor was wounded by a deamon weapon wielded by a radical inquisitor and went into a coma (my adventure contest entry). He hadn't recovered when Tattered Fates started, so no one knows if he will survive or not. So I may just hand the acolytes over to Marr for the rest of the Harlock adventures. If you use the Marr message, the players will be on the alert for more than just heretical murder right from the start. But they would anyway, once they find the arbeit HQ is in a tower named "Harlock's Folly." As far as I can tell, the Haarlock "arc" is that "he's coming back, and you won't like it if/when he shows up." I'm hoping he shows up in the third book. There is an interesting game mechanic for the mood of the city. It changes based on what the players do, and what the deamon does. The default is that the city will devolve into complete anarchy and civil war. The players can solve the mystery and defeat the deamon, and that can still happen. Or they can take action to keep a lid on it, and the city will still come to a boil, but not self destruct. BTW: We're still playing Tattered Fates, and it's running better than a lot of comments on these boards would lead you to believe. My players had a great time with the Spider Bride. Their characters, on the other hand, were rather challenged by her.
  25. Varnias Tybalt said: Bending Arms said: there is a couple of new ships in the adventure and thats it. Is the Yu'Vath Void Wasp one of those ships? I seem to recall that Dark Frontier promised stats for those... And other small craft, that's how I read the blub in Dark Frontier. I can't not allow my players to use guncutters in combat, that would be wrong.
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