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  1. </spoilers for my campaign. If you serve (or are) Captain Haarlock on the starship The Tyrant Star, leave now> • Navigator's Eyepiece. A mono-goggle covered in strange patterns that pulse with warp power. o Adds +10 to Awareness tests when navigating the warp. o Each time it is used, make a Toughness test +60 or gain a new Navigator's mutation. Each subsequent use of the eyepiece adds a -10 cumulative modifier until a mutation is bestowed. Then it is reset to +60. • Archeotech Mechadendrite. A small grey disk with plugs that socket into Mechanicus Implants. o Medicae Mechadendrite. o Has the Compact trait, as the mechadendrite telescopes out and back in. o On a natural roll of 100, the patient gains 1d5 Corruption points. • Archeotech "Sword of the Sleeping Foe." It's name is written in High Gothic on the case. o A best quality Power Sword (Mordian) with the additional ability of on any hit that does damage forces a Toughness Test (+0) or gain 1 Fatigue. o On a natural roll of 100, the wielder gains 1d5 Corruption points. • 3 meter tall transparent tube with neck, wrist, and ankle restraints. Blue, green, and red buttons. o Blue opens and looses restraints. o Green Closes & locks restraints. o Red causes 1d5 mutations & 1d10 Corruption. Navigators use Navigator mutations. • Purple crystal, 20 cm. diameter. When someone with psychic powers approaches within 1 meter, they "hear" in their minds two words. "Lick me" o Single use. o Adds 1 to Psy Rating or gain a level of mastery of a random Navigator power already known. o Add 1d5 Insanity, 1d10 Corruption. • Two 50 cm black metal disks. Each has two buttons, white and black. o White, the disk is immobile, and levitates if it was activated in the air or void. Can support the weight of a Starship. o Black, the disk is movable, 100 grams.
  2. I use grid maps for reason #1 that BirdOfHermes gives, it passes some of the control over to the players and when they get complicated I don't have to do all the work. Plus, I love the look of minis. I use the Sci Fi and Den of Evil sets from Dwarven Forge. I never use to like painting minis, but now I do. I also use a grid for space combat. The downside with minis on a grid is when the results are clear, you know who's going to win, but the combat can take ages to finish. At this point, I go into Narrative mode. I'll make the party fight the boss down to the last die roll, but everything else goes into narration. NPCs can surrender, blow themselves up with grenades, flee in terror, or just get hit and killed. Here's a good article on running in Narrative mode: http://www.gnomestew.com/gming-advice/tips-for-running-narrative-combats-no-minis-or-maps-required
  3. N0-1_H3r3 said: Agmar_Strick said: Edge of the Abyss and the Battlefleet Koronus both sounds incredibly awesome. The description of Edge of the Abyss makes we wish there was a counterpart for it for DH. There is. Edge of the Abyss - and I know this from having worked on it - is very much the Disciples of the Dark Gods of the Rogue Trader line. Plots and schemes and locations and adversaries and all manner of fun for GMs. It's somewhat broader in focus than Disciples was, but it serves the same overall purpose. And you guys will love Battlefleet Koronus. The things in there that we've got in store for you guys... But that is all I can say; for now, I must put pen to paper and muse on newer things... Disciples of the Dark Gods is one of my favorite RPG books for any game system. Full of kick-butt hooks and tools for GMs to craft their own adventures. Now I'm really excited.
  4. You did great, and the game sounds like a blast. I agree with leaving this as a plot hook. IF this keeps happening, then that plot hook gets turned on faster. You might want to check out Ascension for the powers of an Inquisitor and his troupe. For more plot hooks, consider other forces who might take notice. A chaos cult with cultists on Port Wander might take an interest. Perhaps they pass the word to Footfall, where agents try and turn this promising psyker to the dark side. Perhaps an item of great power somehow drops into his hands. One that slowly corrupts him. And criminals that use psykers could try to pin the rap of *their* misdeeds onto your psyker. The Eldar are seldom amused by human psykers, and if this one gets a reputation, they might take an interest. He might make a nice slave on a Dark Eldar ship. Or Eldar may save him for unknown reasons, perhaps tampering with his genetic makeup...
  5. I love seeing the roadmap. Even if a particular product gets delayed, I know what's in store.
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    Age: 54 (I win!) Started role playing with White Box D&D in '76. Lake Oswego (near Portland), Oregon There are a few FLGS in the Portland area. My favorite is Guardian Games: http://guardiangamesportland.com/ Never played 40k TT, love (and write) SF, love the insane grim darkness but can't stand cannon-lawyers. My games have a lot of dark humor, and attract players who enjoy that. Came to DH after GMing two campaigns of WFRP 2.0, now GMing RT. I think of all three as one big game, and mix and match between DH and RT. And soon, DW. My claim to infamy on the DW forums is I started the "RPG w/ no female characters" thread. I am so sorry.
  7. I'm hoping Into the Storm covers guncutters and other orbit to surface vehicles.
  8. Very nice. Could you tell us what ranks the adventure trilogy is for? I'm hoping they are released much closer together than the Haarlock Legacy. I imagine the sourcebooks will be good for all levels, including ascended.
  9. Into the Storm is "On the Boat."
  10. I do like the History of the Expanse and the Achievement Point Tracker.
  11. And even if you have a 33 Toughness, that's a +10% in one out of three combats. The +10/-10 cancel each other out the other 2/3rds of the time. Assuming you don't need to use non-combat skills while in combat.
  12. Carrot: Good idea. I only play every other week and I'm always forgetting to use talents for my NPCs, making them weaker than they should be.
  13. I don't want to look, in case a certain cheater wants to GM it. Could it work as a one shot for players who haven't played Final Sanction? Some people in my group have played FS, others have not.
  14. MILLANDSON said: Nojo509 said: What do you call the RT space combat rules that use squares if not rules for minis? When does it talk about minis? The corebook never really mentions them, from my reading of it. It covers Void Units, but those are abstract distances that can be as far at the GM wants them to be. It's still all predominantly set up for narritive combat. Page 219, right column, 2nd paragraph: "If the combat is being fought on a grid map, you can use Diagram 8-2 and 8-3..." If you want to argue that using a grid map to fight combat on does not imply using minis, we'll just have to agree to disagree. Besides, what matters is that many of the players of DH and RT play on grid maps w/ minis and there is an expectation in the customer base that DW will be playable with minis as well. My guess would be the people who are attracted to a game about Space Marines would be more inclined to use minis, not less. Note, I'm not saying the 40k RPGs *require* you to use minis, only that the rules support their use. My RT group uses minis. We used them when we played DH.. The Final Sanction game I went to on Free RPG day used minis.
  15. What do you call the RT space combat rules that use squares if not rules for minis? Back to Hordes and tactical combat. I imagine you could "peel off" part of a horde, reducing it's magnitude, and fighting the bit you peeled off in tactical style if you wanted to. I could see this as more useful for using Horde rules in DH & RT than DW. I imagine DW space marines vs. horde like armored knights charging into peasant millita. *All* your combat is mass combat against hordes. The tactical stuff comes out against the big boys. Genestealers and the like.
  16. Reaper has a bunch of nice Sci-Fi minis when the GW minis won't do. For example, a female Void Master. I'm using Rosie Johnson, Chronotech. The Female Nova Corp Officer is nice for a female in armor w/ a big gun. Most male minis can be found in the GW Guardsmen or Witchhunter minis. There are some nice GW female minis, but they don't look much like what I picture Rogue Trader characters to be. And yes, the Battlefleet Gothic minis are great for ship to ship.
  17. dvang said: ... Also, it was clarified in the DW forums (and I completely forgot) that a Horde is typically a size of Enormous (+20 to be hit, essentially). ... What a cheater!
  18. Here's an article on using Skype for gaming: http://www.gnomestew.com/gming-advice/skype-at-the-game-table-a-primer
  19. After playing in the Deathwatch demo last weekend, I was struck by how easy the mass combat rules were to play, and how they kept the focus on the players. While Rogue Trader has two sets of mass combat rules, I'm thinking of using the DW horde rules for my campaign. The RT Simple rules are very abstract, and don't allow the players to be involved in normal combat. I've used these, and had to add a trick or boss fight at the end to give the players a feeling that they were there. But there only so many times you can say "all your troops flee in terror and you are left standing there, face to face, with the Big Nasty." The RT Complex rules are much more about running large numbers of small units around. They would put my non-wargamer players to sleep. The DW Horde rules rocked in the demo. You got to pick up PDF hordes as allies, and could "spend" them to tie down one enemy horde. You could do that with your Rogue Trader troops. The horde vs. a single unit could do a bunch of damage, so I do worry about scaling it so as not to overwhelm RT characters, who are not Space Marines, but I think by keeping the magnitude of the horde down, it's doable. I do have questions about using them with minis: How big is a horde? Do you get attack modifiers based on the size? Looks like FFG is selling me a copy of DW, even if I'm running RT. Well played, FFG.
  20. H.B.M.C. said: Adam France said: If the game is just about killing things, or even just very largely about killing things ... doesn't that just make it a slightly more narrative version of the tabletop game? An RPG is what you make of it. If you can't get anything but combat out of it, then that's the fault of the GM and/or players, not the RPG. BYE An RPG game design has a focus, a type of encounter that is stressed in the rules and character abilities. I'm sure they'll be support of other options, but Deathwatch is going to stress big, over-the-top, combat. Gnomestew said it better than I could: http://www.gnomestew.com/gming-advice/the-surprisingly-vertical-impact-of-encounter-type The lineup of DH, RT, & DW provides interesting choices in focus. For those who rail against a combat centric game, try Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader. If what you want is role playing without combat, 40k is the wrong setting.
  21. 1. I agree it was way too long for a free RPG day game. It had about 3x the playtime than Forsaken Bounty. Which is fine for some groups, but our FLGS was running free games back to back and had 3 hour slots. We ended up skipping 2/3rds of the action. 2. We used minis, but ran into issues of scale. How big is a horde? Our GM used 25m squares for the chapel fight, which put the entire area on his game mat, but I didn't like moving my Space Wolf one square a turn at a run. He used a mini to show us the *center* of a horde, but it wasn't clear where the edges where. I'm not sure that DW will fit well with 1m squares. 3. The hook was great, got us right into it. 4. I figured Space Wolves for close combat types. Boy was I surprised to have only a knife and pistol. LOL, my bad for not reading the sheet better. On the other hand, my pistol worked well against Genestealers. 5. We loved the mass combat rules even with a few issues around using minis. I'd love to port this to Rogue Trader for times when the players empty out their barracks. The one-pdf horde nullifies one-npc horde was such a simple mechanic, and kept the action focused on the PCs. Well done.
  22. If they follow the pattern of Dark Heresy, many subsequent adventures will make references to what happens with "Into the Maw." In fact, they already have with a certain Rogue Trader, Hadarack Fel, showing up in LotE.
  23. Is there any way to align the background graphic with the text when printing the Front and Back sheets? On my printer (Cannon MP530), the registration is so off as to make those sheets unusable. The background is too high and too far to the right. Looks great on the print preview.
  24. Very nice! Any chance you'd like to do the same for Rogue Trader?
  25. LOL, I ordered from Amazon today, estimated date I'll get it is Aug 12th. I imagine that FFG's distributor and/or Amazon add a big lag time.
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