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  1. You have to realize a 9th rank DH or 4th rank RT character will be a wimp in combat compared to a 1st rank DW character. And as the levels go up, the DW marine will get more and more combat monsterish. This can be OK if your game isn't all combat all the time. A space marine will be a magnet for opposition fire, with a little work you could make everyone feel like they had a part in combat. For out of combat, the space marine will be outclassed in many situations. Depending on the DH/RT characters and the situation. You might try one as an NPC ally and see how it works out before agreeing to a player space marine in a DH/RT game. Many Rogue Traders have a bit of the pirate in them, so how you add a space marine to the mix could be an issue. In a DW game, a specialist could be added by the Inquisition. Like an Inquisitor from Ascension. And as you said, this is *your* game. Change any fluff that gets in your way of a good game. GW changes their own fluff early and often.
  2. <My players don't read> My players are in the Processional now. I have the Vox traffic full of odd messages. They have been hailed by both Soloman and Erasmus Haarlock. The crew was showing it's strain, so the captain cut the live broadcasting of the messages on the bridge. A PC is monitoring them, and brings important messages to his attention. Some great ideas here for Oblivion. You could also have the players meet themselves. Perhaps mad and feral versions of themselves, as if they had been trapped on the planet for a long time. </my players can read the next one>
  3. There may be multiple power centers in the culture. Intimidating one could make it look weak. Those that cooperate with the explorers could end up under attack, or dead. This onion could be peeled a number of times, each time the players "teach these savages a lesson," another faction steps forward to thwart them. The last faction could have access to powers the players don't expect. "We didn't want to speak to the dark god in the mines. Be we have no choice." And out pops a chaos space marine, major deamon, xenos baddie, and so on. While BOOM sticks no longer work when out of ammo, and the natives can't figure out how to make one, something might be of great use to them. When Captain Cook reached Hawaii, the Hawaiian couldn't make use of much of the English tech. But metal nails were damned useful. And a great way to get them was to burn the English longboats. When the fires cooled, you got lots of nails. Add those to your club and you were talking! And then the helpful English would cut down some trees, and drive nails into them to make new boats. Rinse and repeat. Of course you can have the whole planet be pastoral psychics. They've learned to shield their powers (with good reason). But when faced with overwhelming firepower, they'd need access to that power. Which is where mental domination comes in. A tricksy GM might not even dominate a player, but an underling or 50. Back to the OP: there are many valid answers to how the natives will react before the shooting starts. When in doubt, come up with four solutions: The most obvious result. (ex: "Your puny clubs are no match for our spears!") The most challenging (ex: "Stardeamons!" Everyone try to resist 1d5 psychic attacks) The most surprising (ex. The savages ripple and fade away. A lone tech priest with a holo-projector bows low. "Allow me to introduce myself...") The most pleasing (ex. "The Starlords have returned. Spare our miserable lives and you can command our people.") Then think what works best for your game. Or choose randomly. This is from Robin Laws "Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering." A fine little book.
  4. <My players go way> Perhaps Slaugth ships could melt away when destroyed, just like their vassal constructs do. That way they leave no trace behind. In my game I'm not using them to stand and fight in traditional battles, but to infiltrate and dominate from the shadows. Perhaps my campaign conclusion could have them going all out, like in the vision of the future from Dead Stars. </my players>
  5. <my players keep away!> I am so stealing this. What a wonderful world. Please post ideas for Slaugth ships. I'm running Lure of the Expanse right now, and two of the competing Rogue Traders are already under the sway of the Slaugth. Djanko Scourge was and is working for Amaranthine Syndicate. He was instructed to bring in the vulnerable and desperate Madam Charlabelle to the Syndicate, and has just sealed the deal at the battle of the Temple of Farseeing. She's been using xenos mercenaries already, and does not yet suspect the real nature of her new benefactors. Djanko used other Rogue Traders to do away with Krakwin Feckward at the same battle. Feckward was aligned with The Kasballica, who are rivals in the cold trade with the Syndicate. In my world the Kasballica is under attack by the Syndicate, and if the players don't do anything to tip the balance, the Syndicate will grab and enforce a monopoly on the cold trade from the Expanse to the Calixis Sector. They convinced the players to help board and take Feckward's ship so Lady Charlabelle could upgrade from her merchant class ship to something a little more powerful. Thus my players are already working for the Slaugth, though they don't know it. I've also given some other DothDG (I *love* that book) allegiances to other Rogue Traders in Lure: Abel Gerrit discovered the Temple Tendency when he arrived in the Calixis Sector, and has converted. The senior officers and all clergy on his ship are all members of the cult. So far my players haven't have much dealings with him yet. Lord-Admiral Bastille the Seventh owes his rise to the writ to The Brotherhood of the Horned Darkness. Bastille was accompanied to the Temple of Farseeing by a dark familliar (ala Malessence). Imagine my surprise when the players took on Bastille's forces and prevailed (a few fate points in the hole). Bastille is now held hostage by the players. They fought his demon, but don't know if Bastille or the demon was the boss. They might let Bastille go. Madam Charlebelle and Lady Sun Lee assisted the players against the demon, so my players are feeling good about the two women. Lady Sun Lee will not want Bastille freed. We'll see. I can't wait for Edge of the Abyss. Hopefully there will be some new factions that my players can run up against. My players have managed to turn Hadarak Fel (whom I RP as the Scarlett Pimpernel) from a hostile rival to a friendly(ish) rival. I'm making him less stupid than was depicted in Into the Maw. No reason to throw away trained senior personnel. He values them as assets, and will protect and care for them as long as the cost benefit ratio makes sense. I'd like to tie him in with some iffy by not totally sinister faction. If Edge doesn't have what I want, I'll make my own. In any case, I can't wait to see what you come up next. </my campaign>
  6. Peacekeeper_b said: ... It will make an excellent Dark Heresy sourcebook. I think so too. And Disciples of the Dark Gods is a great RT supplement.
  7. Nojo509

    Ork one shot

    Orks are hard to challenge, and shrug off lots of hits. The gunner on the Rhino twice hit the same Ork with the Storm bolter, and each time hit with 6 bullets. With a TB of 10 and armor of 2 ('ard hat) to 4 ('eavy armor), almost all hits did nothing. Which is fun for a while, but to do some damage you have to boost the damage. Since most of the damage avoidance is in Toughness (one of the orks had TB of 12!), you can't count on Pen. You can frustrate Orks by forcing long range fights, but I opted for fast and furious. I used the six Eldar Warlocks from Lure for the ambush, and they could have taken the orks out, but I had them vanish after two went down. Typical Panzies! In two rounds they had destroyed 2 out of 3 warbikes and got some critical hits on the Orks. Eldar are mysterious, so I had a glowing fog come up disable the stolen Rhino and had the Eldar appear out of the fog at close range as the Orks were pulling their warbikes out of the Rhino. This let me cut up their bikes and shock them with the big damage a witch blade can do w/o a tpk. For a straight up fight, 3 - 4 warlocks would have been fine. I didn't have a Painboy in the mix, so I let them use 'umie medikits as if they were trained, then added the +20% on top. That kept them rolling. With more Orks, a Painboy would help. When making the orks up, I decided on some core purchases they all would take so I could make them faster. Everyone got 2 advances to WS, S, & T. Since Orks get a lot of traits/talents off the bat, I added very few (weapon training, all had Burnas), and focused on a single skill for each. The rest of the points went into characteristic advances. Extra points went into Sound Constitution. Anyway, I thought it a good test of the Freebooter. And I've kept those 3 ork character sheets. My RT players will meet them when they least expect it. For a full campaign, you'd have to make up a lot more careers.
  8. Today I GM'ed a one shot using 3 Ork Freebooters (Driva, Mekboy, & Runtherd). I used pregens in Rank 2, and stayed away from complex talents. The hook was they were part of an expedition going back to the Waaagh with the Big Red Button. Their ship was attacked, and they crash landed in an orcish shuttle on a human colony/maiden world. 'umies and panzies fightin everywhere. As the only survivors, the goal was to take the big red button, find a spaceport, steal a ship, and boost into orbit where a waiting Ork starship would take them back to the Waaagh. Each Ork had a warbike. The runtherd had a sidecar for his squig and gretchen (and a dead 'umie who he kept ordering around). The encounters were with human deserters who wanted to loot the xenos ship (who were arguing about this being some odd kind of Eldar craft, who says Orks are dumbest!) a Rhino full of PDF troops, an Eldar Warlock ambush, and at the spaceport, a fight with PDFs and an Ultramarine. A good time was had by all. The 'umies got slaughtered, the panzies faded away after loosing 1/3 of their numbers. The Ultramarine was hard to kill, but I rolled terrible for him. He lost his chainsword early on, got hit hard by all three Orks, who then jumped back and tossed in a 'Sloding Squig that the hapless Gretchen caught. It blew up, got Orkish Fury, and the day was won for the greenskins. Although suffering from critical hits, they stormed the shuttle and took off. The fun part as a GM was describing the world from an Ork's perspective. "There are two types of 'umies: Screemers and Fun 'umies. Da fun ones fight back. Da screamers (civilians) are gud because they scream when squished and den the Fun Ones show up."
  9. Back to the OP: Into the Maw, being the sample mission, is centered only on the player characters. As you can tell from the other posts here, your players are not unique. They have power, and want to use it. My players like to fit in one guncutter, so they take 15 extra troops. I've used both DW horde and RT mass combat rules, and they both work, and they both keep the PCs in the spotlight. The "detailed method" of the RT mass combat rules works better than the simple method for me, as it allows the players to get more into the battle. Remember all groups go at initiative zero, and if they hit each other, they tear each other up fairly fast. Using RT mass combat rules, a group w/o another group to fight will attack as individuals. This is where I sometimes skip dice rolls. Say the group has an adjusted 40% chance to hit an individual. I just rule that 40% of the group (rounded up or down however I'm feeling at the moment) hits, and they all roll 5s for d10 damage rolls. Of course, one way to discourage mass quantities of troops is to make the PCs roll for each trooper when they target an individual. DW hordes have rules for attacking individuals, which can be quite harsh on RT PCs. While giant scope is fun, as are mass battles, you do want to keep the spotlight on the player characters. If the players insist on gigantic battles, then try out the simple RT mass combat rules, where a battle of thousands that takes place over days can be handled by a handful of dice rolls. If the player forces land in 22 shuttles, you can just handwave the action around the other 21 shuttles, and concentrate on what is going on around where the players have landed. Perhaps the other shuttles are pinned down, and only if the players brake out and free them will they be able to assemble their army. And it's not all combat. This is about profit. Trade negotiations, forging peace treaties, and other social role playing challenges are all about the PCs. And remember, whenever players delegate, they won't get the best possible result. If you want something done right, do it yourself. If they send in 1,000 household troops while they play regicide in their starship: they lose troops at a higher rate, unreported looting occurs, and if the loot is really hot, the troops may just "vanish" with the treasure. Oh, and all those troops? And all those ratings? Some are mutants. Some are cultists. Some are in the pay of rival rogue traders. Some are spies of the Inquisition. Some are terrified about being in the Expanse in the first place. Leaders who lead from the front should have higher morale among the crew and more fun. And fun is what it is all about.
  10. Shad said: How about... The basic mechanical bits I need in order to play a Kroot character. I'd like to buy the book, but it's not out yet, and our group is just getting revved up this week. Is the Kroot merc in the Adversaries section of the Core Rogue Trader book a suitable stop-gap for the Career Path while I wait? If not, share with me the bits I need in order to roll up a character. Also, Kroot Bow :3 Kind of interested to hear about that. Yes, you could use the NPC mercenary as a place holder, and then retro-fit in your real player character abilities when you get the book. If you play RPGs based on how you act vs. what numbers are on your sheet this should be no problem. But you'll want the book for progression, if nothing else. There are too many choices to list them all. You choose your Kindred instead of using the Origin Path. The choices are Bold Hunter (Brave, Coordinated, Cool under fire), Cunning Hybrid (Cunning and Devious), Greenskin Hybrid (Resilience), Headhunter (Poison bite), and Stalker (Stealthy). These kindreds are based on who your ancestors were eating the most. Kroot gain a +10 bonus wearing light armor (3 AP or less) to sneaky stuff (Concealment, Shadowing, & Silent Move) and moving through plants (Forests and Jungles are open terrain). Add heavier armor, you lose these bonuses. The Krootbow is kind of a magnetic gatling gun that shoots poisoned quarrels. 40m; S/4/8; 1d10+3 R; Pen 3; Clip 20; Rld 2 Full; Tearing, Toxic; 6kg; Near Unique
  11. Now that Into the Storm is listed as shipping, your wait should be over.
  12. Psychopomp said: Are there rules for how to upgrade the quality/skill level of your ship's crew? Morale improvements only. I was looking for these as well and I'm winging it. Our Master at Arms is pouring profit into training and equipping the troops in the barracks, so I'm slowly incrementing their skill levels. Every session I bump up 1 point in BS or WS for the "elite" forces that join the players planetside. Every three sessions I add one to the rest of the troops. When the troops go up 5 in both BS and WS, I'll add a Wound point. At some point I'll have them hit a ceiling.
  13. When we played it the captain saved the psyker, then the orks chased the players back to their guncutter, which took off, and then blasted at the orks until they ran. They landed on the far side from the orks and entered the telescope that way, after securing the psyker who stayed loyal to Fel and wouldn't join the player's crew.
  14. Kelnozz Soter said: ... Can you tell more about the servitor crew option? Sounds perfect for AdMech NPC ships.. It's a very rare ship upgrade. They aren't as skilled in combat due to their total lack of imagination, but are more durable and morale really isn't a problem. There are rules for craftmanship and where you can replace lost crew. I think you idea of using them wiht AdMechs is a good one. The book also mentions this is good for players who don't want to deal with leading 10s of thousands of crew members. I think it would also make for a very spooky ship.
  15. N0-1_H3r3 said: Deadline247 said: I seem to recall there were several prominent NPCs listed in the Port Wander chapter. I've just double-checked my copy of that chapter (reference material for later sourcebooks), and there's only one NPC/creature profile there: a particular strain of Genestealer that exists in a derelict and quarantined starship near Port Wander. Still, more than I thought there was. While only the genestealers have stats, there are 12 "notable" npcs in Port Wander with backstories and motivations that the PCs would not normally know.
  16. Adeptus-B said: I've only skimmed the Rogue Trader rulebook, and haven't picked up Ascended yet ($50 for a rulebook, during the worst recession since the Great Depression? FFG, you are killing me!) Is it possible for characters to start out as DH-standard, switch to an RT class at 4th level, then switch to Ascended class at the appropriate XP level? Yes, but your campaign will have to be both very long lived and tailored to combining the world of the Acolyte with the world on a Rogue Trader ship. Which can be done. My group has their ship in arrears, with the money owed to your friend and mine, Inquisitor Silas Marr. You may want to bump up the xp rewards if you ever want to see Ascension levels. I saw one of the FFG people (Ross?) post that they liked their players to level every three sessions. If you follow the xp guidelines in the books, as characters go up in Ranks, it can take them ten or more sessions to make it to the next rank.
  17. They *have* updated the Upcoming page, but Into the Storm is still "on the boat." The WFRP 3 adventure Edge of Night is now listed as shipping. Hope you explorers get your copy soon. I'm so glad DVang went to Gencon.
  18. For normal ammo, I just assume all my players always have 3 clips for each weapon. And if they run out, they have more in the starship or guncutter.
  19. I'm pretty sure FFG has been too busy with Gencon to update the Upcoming list.
  20. This sounds like a fun campaign. Random ideas: The ever popular air ducts could be very interesting, as the Space Marine can't fit or gets stuck in them. The core cogitator would be a prize, and will probably be defended to the death by Tech Priests who won't trust anybody. I imagine it as a massive chamber, many decks tall, with lots of high voltage equipment and catwalks leading all over the place. A flight deck would have plenty of space for combat, and plenty of toys and promethium to play with. It should be massive, and may even have room for a guncutter to take off and strafe before hitting the wall. Some ships have a hydroponics farm. If the ship is stuck in space, food may be getting scarce. The outside of the ship. The same assault craft used in hit and run attacks could be used to enter the ship behind enemy lines. Into the Storm has ideas on different cultures in different areas of the ship. It also has rules for vehicular combat. While many place are too small for big vehicles, many are enormous and already are filled with walkers and the like.
  21. There is only one reason for players of Rogue Trader not to get Into the Storm, the game's newest supplement... More: http://johnwsmarvin.blogspot.com/2010/08/game-book-long-rogue-trader-into-storm.html
  22. ShatterCake said: .... To that end he presented a few tricks to challenge players where the group has varying gear levels and how to equalize things to make everyone feel like they had a "moment in the light". ... Care to share?
  23. I use the Science Fiction and Den of Evil sets from Dwarven Forge. http://www.dwarvenforge.com/ I also use 2 sets of the WotC Star Wars tiles. Much cheaper, but not as cool. http://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Galaxy-Tiles-Supplement/dp/0786947446
  24. ItsUncertainWho said: ... Bravo for the Immovable Rod. The single most useful magic item ever in DnD. Yes, I say it even trumps the Handy Haversack. I am slightly upset at myself for not coming up with that one. One question though, is it's position fixed in space relative to where it was placed or relative to it's location in the Universe? ie does planetary rotation cause it to move or if activated inside a starship that is moving will it shoot through the interior of the ship until it can rip through the hull, or does it lock into position and just hang in the middle of a corridor as a starship traverses the void? How evil are you? If it's relative position of the univers that would be an awesome way to wreck a starship, and a lot of other things. ohhh.......If I end up using this I may have to add a third, red button. One that locks it to a Universal constant location.......That would be so absolutely evil. Yes, this is the immovable rod. I also used your Lost in Space compact armor. I put it on a belt, with the buckle a shield. Press the shield, the armor goes up. Twist it, it goes down. I wanted the disks to be useful, so I defined stationary as relative to the dominant gravitational field. So a grav plate on a starship would let it work on board (until the grav plate failed ), it would work on a planet. If set in the void in orbit around a planet or star, it would not orbit, just keep its relative position. I do like the red button.
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