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  1. I'm going to (mostly) agree with Luddite and at the same time say it's one of the better RPG GM books I've ever bought. Yes, I've bought a lot of crap, and this is not crap at all. It's good.. Great in places, so-so in a few, and I recommend it for every GM. For GM's who haven't bought it yet, the big thing about this book is that it gives you templates for creating many campaigns worth of adventures based on heretical cults that are active in the Calixis Sector. The acolytes have a JOB to do, and it's a never ending one. If this were a suplement for a gritty cop RPG, this would have a collection of criminal organizations. The Mafia, drug cartells, protitution rings, corrupt patricians, and so on. That's what this book does. Gives the GM opponents that fit the JOB of an Acolyte. Like Luddite, I found the cults were the most impressive part of the book. And in page count, they are the biggest. This book even redeems the Slaugth for me. It's not their fault they were introduced in the most uninsipired adventure I've read in a long time. A handful of nobodies go missing on a planet in the middle of a civil war and the Inquisition takes note? (That silly adventure that came with the GM screen, I refuse to even try to remember its name....) One thing that is NOT in the book is the Serrated Query. However, everything you need to reuse them is in Purge the Unclean. I like aspects of the Tyrant Star, and the prophesies of doom for the sector. And I enjoyed the Lovecraftian fluff about it. I can't see using it until I think it's time to end the campaign and start a new one. By then the players will be so overpowered (and insane and corrupt) it will be good to trap them in something appocolyptic. Since the Core book states one of the minor planets (Ganf Magna) still has orcs hiding in the jungle, I was dissapointed not to have orcs. I get that this is a human sector, and that the big threats are stealth threats, but there *are* orcs here, so let's see them. The core book also talks about sitings of the Eldar in a few worlds, and the only thing we have in DotDG on Eldar is a (nice) picture. The Enemy Within was of lesser use. I will use some of it, but as setting and to help role play NPCs (both NPC individuals and groups). The "Wanted, Dead or Alive" section was well done, but I may never use it. Why show the players a Wanted poster if they will never meet the person. There was very little inspiration on how to create adventures around these individuals who are not part of any of the cults the book has described so well. So they hang off to the side, like the Tyrant Star. No one has commented on the adventure. The House of Dust and Ash looks like a kick ass adventure for high level acolytes. Great settings, cool NPCs, and a good use of the book's materials. It includes a few of the heresies and some of the sector background, plus has places to slot in themes and NPCs unique to your own campaign. I hate to review an adventure before GMing it, but this looks like a lot of fun. It would eat my players alive now, and should be a real challenge for them in the future.
  2. Well, yes, it is crazy. But when you have the urge, you have the urge. This is so over the top, you might want this to be the ending battle of a long campaign. I did that in a FRP that had a SF element by having the players take over a "Grey" flying saucer. One pilot and the rest had gunnery stations. "Roll 2d6 and multiply by 10,000 for damage!" The thing is, how can you top that? So if you have a big story arc, it might just makes sense to end it with hot Titan on Titan action. By the time you get there, Rogue Trader will be out and you can start a new campaign. However, this gave me a Titan idea of a different kind. Titan as setting. The acolytes are not the crew, but something wicked is happening to the crew, and the acolytes must find out and stop it before the Imperium loses control of one. Perhaps they are stuck inside when the Titan goes rogue?
  3. Great ideas. I'm going to be testing out these house rules, as well as letting them get "used to" some of the Fear (1) creatures. Fear and the Imperial Creed Prayers before Battle. If an acolyte skilled in Common Lore (Imperial Creed) takes a full action and succeeds in Orate or Singer, this gives everyone in earshot a +10% on Fear tests for the next encounter. The encounter must be within the next hour. Other group members can assist with Common Lore (Imperial Creed) rolls. Prayers in Battle. Once per encounter, acolytes may attempt to pray in battle as a free action by making a Common Lore (Imperial Creed) roll. If they have already failed a fear test, they must make a Willpower check first to being praying reflexively. This gives all acolytes within earshot an immediate extra recovery roll even regardless if their fear effect allows recovery or not. They may continue to pray out loud each round for the same benefit as long as they make their Common Lore (Imperial Creed). They gain a + 5 cumulative bonus to this roll as they become filled with the spirit of the Emperor. Other group members can assist with Common Lore (Imperial Creed) rolls.
  4. Ah, I'm glad this wasn't the background for a normal 400 xp starting character. But I don't get the choice of Scum. If I had this background, I would want Guardsman skills,Given your well thought out background, your GM could let you take a few Scumish skills or tallents as elite advances. But that's just me. However, you might talk to the GM about taking some Guardsman abilities as elite advances. You are going to want to use that sword someday....
  5. Alasseo said: Personally, I like the Tyrant Star as a 'when the stars are right- ftagn' device, especially when you link the Servants of the Twilight with the dead worlds of the Hazerothian Abyss, and in particular the ruins of a chthonic race found on some of them. Very much a mythos moment when I first read that (about an hor ago). Actually, most of the stuff I've read in Disciples so far can be interlinked in some grand, vaguely cthulhoid conspiracy- even the oncoming Slaugth... ... Did you catch the Silver Key in the adventure? And I remember reading a Lovecraft (or one of his follow on writers?) story about a thing that walked like a man but was really made out of worms. I think in Kingsport, but maybe Arkham. Anyways, the Slaugth reminded me of that. Plus, the game plays very much like Call of Cthulhu.
  6. My Players always miss their Fear rolls, and many career paths don't have much in the way of beefing up will power or fear resistances. They are on their second career, about to start their third, and Fear seems to be a big party disabler. And it's not fun for the player huddling in the corner, while the Fear Immune Sister of Battle wades in with the one or two others that are still in control of their character. Yes, they spend Fate Points, and then miss again. With 30 as an average starting point, do other groups have this same issue? Or do your players not mind?
  7. Lies, and those who tell them. Who can they trust? It's always good to keep them guessing. I like to have 1+ NPCs be actually useful and 1+ appear useful only to betray the PCs. Unlikely allies are fun. Like they meet a wounded servent of the enemy who knows she is damned, and wants her last act to be in service to the Emperor rather than her dark masters who have left her to die. Can the PCs trust her information?
  8. Thank you so much. Any chance the Dunjini files are on line somewhere? I have the program, might as well make more use of your hard work!
  9. FFG Ross Watson said: Hey guys, just as a reminder, the deadline for submissions for the contest is January 6th. I am really looking forward to seeing a lot of great adventure ideas, so if you have a Dark Heresy scenario you've been itching to write, now is the time. Can you post a link to the rules of the contest? I *think* I saw them once.
  10. No more than two combats. Something like: 1. MIssion briefing (hand outs to speed this up) 2. Clue finding 3. Combat with small number funkies. Use a few good weapons to damage the players a bit, but keep the number of flunkies small to make the combat go faster and let the players gang up. 4. Boss fight Or swap 2 & 3. I think that's about all you have time for.
  11. There are a lot of interesting ideas above that could be used to temp your sociopaths to the dark gods. The characters might not be repermanded by the Inquisition, but they do get noticed by individuals. Some may feel they have "gone too far" and destoryed valuable subjects/property for little reason. Some of these innocents could have pull, "Grand Admril Tokenhoff's beloved daughter was shopping there when you burned everyone in the arcade." Others may be corrupted themselves, and reach out to these characters, as mentors and allies. Then bring in the corrupted drugs/weapons/and so on. You might want to start closing the doors as "honorable" inquisitors turn against them and opening new doors that lead only to corruption and doom....
  12. I ran the intro adventure from the core book first, and now I'm about to start "The Edge of Darkness." Does anyone have a map for the Alm's House? I can wing it, but I'm lazy.
  13. As far as I can see the RAW does not cover shooting your friends. My house rules: If the friend is in front of the target, -20% per friend to hit. If you miss by 1% to 20%, you hit that friend. If the friend is on the side of the target, -10% for friend to hit. If you miss by 1% to 10%, you hit your friend. If the friend is behind the target, -5% per friend to hit. If you miss by 1% to 5%, you hit your friend. I draw a line from the center of the shooter's square to the center of the target's square. If it passes thru a friend before hit hits tthe target, the friend is in front. If it passes thru the target before it hits the friend, the friend is behind. Otherwise, the friend is on the side.
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