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    scifi 28mm map

    Nice one. I think I'll use this in my bridge adventure between House of Dust and Ash and Tattered Fates.
  2. While Shattered Hopes was way worse, I found I had to modify Baron Hopes heavily to make it fun for my group. I always mod to personalize any adventure to my group, but I changed the whole climax of Baron Hopes. After the three Purge the Unclean adventures there are plenty more to choose from. You can skip Shattered Hopes if you want. I would. The Support section of the DH website contains three free fan-made adventures. Mine, Scrivner's Star, assumes you have Disciples of the Dark Gods, the others can be run with just the core book. And in DofDG, you'll find The House of Dust and Ash, which is a great prologue to the Haarlock trilogy, starting with Tattered Fates. You can find other adventures on fan websites, such as Dark Reign.
  3. For tiles, I've been using WotC Star Wars tiles. A bit too clean, but they work well. I put in an order for the new edition of Space Hulk. I'm hoping for 1" squares so I can use it as tiles for DH/RT. And as long as I'll have all those genestealer minis... For 3D, I have a bunch of the Dwarven Forge SF (and caves & Fantasy). Again, the SF set is a bit too clean. Very Trekish.
  4. For what it's worth, here's my crunchy bits. I do a lot of seat of the pants stuff, so if you see holes, make it up. Goal: Bring a conclusion to the Serrated Query (SQ) adventures in Purge the Unclean. Customizing for your party. This is customized for my players and how I GM. My players have from four to six points of armor everywhere, they use bolters, flamers and man-stopper ammo. They have good Dodge skills and are very good at using every advantage. To scare them in combat I have to hit them hard and fast, I need to punch through their armor and do real damage the first round. I like fast, simple combat, so I use many two hit point mooks. Using large numbers helps eat up the player's dodges. Mooks don't last long, but two hit point mooks last almost as long as a standard NPC, as my players dish out big damage. N is the number of player characters. So 2N is twice that, and so on. Overview: The Serrated Query, under the sub-sector leadership of Solomon Dark, plan to get the acolytes and Morirr to destroy each other. They know of Morirr's near invulnerability, and assume that the acolytes will do serious damage to the broken chains, but unable to stop Morirr, they will go down. They have cloned Baron Ulbrexis, and are draining the blood from the four year old boy who is the clone. They have added blood injectors to flamers. Once Morirr takes the acolytes down, they will toast him. Thus the acolytes who thwarted SQ operations in the past, and Morirr who abandoned the SQ, will no longer be a problem. The previous leader of the Arbeits, Stoll Klein, would rather die than go crawling to the Inquisition for help. The SQ obliged his wishes and killed him, leaving Proctor Rotlan with his contacts to the acolyte's Inquisitor in charge. Rotlan only knows that Klein was trying to make contact with an informant and disappeared in the mines. This disappearance is still talked about by the arbeits, so it likely the acolytes will hear about it. See my blog for more: http://johnwsmarvin.blogspot.com/2009/08/rpg-scenario-modding-on-baron-hopes-for.html Chako Dharm, a woman with light brown skin, jet black hair worn over the shoulders and bangs hanging down to her eyebrows. Pick a player character who was dragooned into the Inquisition with a criminal past, if you have one. Otherwise, pick the PC with the shadiest background. Chako had hired the PC for some crime before they joined the Inquisition. After the deal was done, instead of paying up, she turned the player character over to the enforcers and into the clutches of a corrupt judge. The judge sentenced the player character to hard labor on a death world. The last time the player saw Chako was at the spaceport, as the player was being loaded onto a transport. Chako was arm and arm with the Judge. They laughed and waved as the player character was taken away. The player's inquisitor intercepted the transport and made the player character a deal she couldn't refuse. And so she became an acolyte. Twist this tale to suit your player's back story. If they don't have a back story, just give them one. Eyes in the Dark Chako is now working for the Serrated Querry. She has serf clothes over her armor, and she is using a data slate to record the player characters movements for Solomon Dark. As the players go about the early investigations of Baron Hopes, they can get glimpses of her. A challenging Perception Test by the character who was wronged by Chako lets them recognize her. Eventually, they should capture her. If they just kill her, the only information they get is from the data slate. It lists "two target groups" Target Group Primus is the Acolytes. Target Group Secundus is Morirr and the Broken Chains Leadership. Chako will not talk unless broken by a total of three Intimidation Tests. Every two failures reminds Chako of how much she fears Solomon Dark, and invalidates one previous successful test. Plus each failure causes one point of damage, ignoring armor and toughness. If she is broken, she knows she is working for Solomon Dark, the SQ boss for the Golgenna Reaches. She knows of the four year old clone. She has a blood-flamer, and knows what it can do. Chako Dharm, Serrated Query Operative WS: 38, BS: 38, S: 40, T: 35, Ag: 40, Int: 40, Per: 43, WP: 45 Fel: 50 Movement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 13 Skills: Awareness (Per), Barter (Fel), Blather (Fel), Carouse (T) + 10, Chem-Use (Int), Common Lore (Underworld) (Int), Deceive (Fel) + 10, Intimidte (S), Security (Ag), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int) Talents: Basic Weapon Training (SP, Flame), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (Las, SP, Flame) Armor: Xenos Mesh Head: 4, Arms: 4, Body: 4, Legs 4 Weapons: Blood-Flamer (20m; S/-/-; 1d10+4 E; Pen 3; Clip 3; Reload 2Full; Special: Can Harm Morirr); Compact autopistol with man-stopper rounds (15m; S/-/6; 1d10+1 I; Pen 3; Clip 9; Reload Full) mono-knife (3m; 1d5+3 R; Pen 2) Gear: Serf clothing, 2 autopistol man-stopper clips, 1d10+10 Thrones, data-slate (with Pict records of the acolytes and Morirr), Stummer However, Chako is not the only spy, and Solomon Dark and friends will show up when the party confronts Morirr. Hazael's Cross is an excellent setting for this climatic battle. However, the four tiers were too much for me to set up using miniatures, so I focused on the bottom two. I set those levels up on the table, and described the other levels for color. Suggested Timeline for climatic battle. Round 1 . Morrir comes in with Throgel (and the bomb), Raze, and 2N Mutant Terrorist 2HP Mooks with Man-Stopper Rounds (Pen 3) Every round thereafter: Add 1d5 Mutant Terrorist Mooks until it's obviously hopeless for the mutants (and they are pretty slow on the uptake, so keep them coming as long as it is fun) Round X (maybe 3?): After enough time for the acolytes to get the upper hand and stop the bomb from going off, but not enough to wipe the mutants all out. The Serrated Query show up. Solomon Dark and a 2N SQ kill squad. (see below) The come in on the bottom level Any psykers will be targeted by two kill squad members using Fatigue Darts and the Floating Void Suit (see below). It should take two or three rounds for the helmet to reach the psyker. Solomon Dark uses the las cannon until he can't, then he alternates plasma pistols. If the players take cover, he blows away the cover with the lascannon. The kill squad rotation is: plasma rifle / dart gun / plasma rifle / reload dart gun / rinse and repeat. Round X+1. Akirvas and N Crimson Woe Raider 2HP Mooks from Shades of Twilight blink in from the webway in very inconvenient (for the acolytes) positions. Akirvas uses his Destructor from point blank range then his swords. The round after Akirvas becomes Heavily Wounded (more than 8 points of damage), the dark eldar return to the webway, never to return to this combat. Round X+2. Rotland and N Enforcers. They come in on the 3rd tier. If the acolytes are getting wiped out, the Enforcers are also carrying grenades and flamers. If the acolytes have the upper hand, the enforcers focus on a few of the Mooks. Round X +3. Captain Movern and N Scourges. They also come in on the 3rd tier. The Captain will direct his men to fire on Ulbrexis and to capture one of the player charaters, alive if possible, for his baron. If there is a noble in the group, pick the noble, as the baron has a vendetta against his family. Movern chomps on his stogie and annoys everyone, and is ready to go into battle against the acolytes with the slightest provocation. BBEG: Solomon Dark: lieutenant to the Faceless One. Quirk: Starts most sentences with “So,”. “So you are the troublemakers.” “So you think you can oppose the Serrated Query?” “So, how do you like las cannons?” “So, give us the psyker’s head and we’ll leave peacefully.” “So I lie?” “So you dare stop us from selling Farcosia?” “So, that book on the space hulk should have been ours!” Solomon is in a Sentinel Recon Walker: Hulking, Armor: Front16, Hull 14, Rear 12; All Terrain (ignore difficult terrain penalties), Open (Head and Arms exposed at level, Body exposed from above, all exposed from directly overhead, see pic Apoc. 14); Combat Speed: 4/12/25/38/51; Crew 1. Has Big Vox PA. “So...” If he doesn’t move, he Aims. Heavy: MP Lascannon. Rng: 300m; S/-/-; 5d10+10E; Pen 10; Clip 5; 2Full; Giant Blue-Dot Laser Sight (+10) Solomon Gem-studded carapace armor (AP 6 all over, Dire Avenger CA 79), WS 50, BS 60, SB 4, TB 4; Wounds 16; Dodge 50; Quick Draw; Ambidextrous Pistol: 2 Plasma Pistols (uses one while other recharges). Rng 30m; S/-/-; 1d10+6 E; Pen 6; Clip: 10; 4Full; Recharge (weapon can only fire every other round), Overheats (91 or higher roll on table 5-6, Core 129), Blue-Dot laser sight (+10) SQ Kill Squad: N*2 2HP Mooks, Full Xenos Mesh (AP 4), WS 53, BS 53, Ag 40, SB 4, TB 4; Dodge 50, Quick Draw, Exotic Pistol, Basic Plasma, and Primitive Melee. Pistol: Widower w/ Fatigue darts. Rng 35m, S/-/-; 1d10+3 R; Pen 4; Clip: 1; Rld: Full; Accurate (+10 w/ aim), Blue-Dot laser sight (+10). Quiet, only a slight hum, and no flash. A hit that does any damage only does 1 damage, but target must pass a Hard (-20) Toughness Test or gain 1 Fatigue Point a round until comatose. (-10 on all skills when Fatigued). 2 extra darts on belt. Basic: Plasma Gun. Rng 90m; S/2/-; 1d10+6 E; Pen 6; Rld 8Full; Recharge (weapon can only fire every other round), Overheats (91 or higher roll on table 5-6, Core 129), Blue-Dot laser sight (+10) Melee: Mono Knife. 1d5+4; Pen 4 Combat Event: Give me the head of the Psyker! What seems like a man in a space suit levitate over to the acolytes. When it gets hit, or just gets close, the helmet comes off. Inside the body is a lot of green tubular growths, wiggling around. The helmet splits in two along a seam in the front. The inside is empty. The neck part isn’t open, but has two big blades ending in monofilament edges that can cut atoms. The open helmet will then try to dock on the Psyker’s (a player character) head, then close up. That will sever the head, but the helmet will seal up the blood vessels and keep the head alive. It will then levitate away from the other players, carrying the screaming head away! The helmet has 8 armor and 12 hit points, and has a -10 to hit because of it's size.
  5. Congrats FFG! One of the great things about DH, is not only is the game fun to play, but the books are fun to read. I appreciate that. As a GM I get to read them all, yea! I play that other game in it's current edition, and have fun as a player. But reading those books is mind-numbing.
  6. I use Dundjinni. http://www.dundjinni.com/ Check out Scrivner's Star on the Support page or my sig, the maps are at the end. With Dundjinni you can print out your own battlemats on card-stock. Large battlemats require you to tape many pages together, unless you have some ginormous-printtech.
  7. I recently ran Baron Hopes, but after seeing the reactions from many of you here I modded it heavily, and made the Serated Query the bad guys again. I figured they wouldn't just let Morirr get away with quitting the fold, or the players get away with what they did in Rejoice for you are True and Shades on Twilight. So they were setting up the players and Morirr to tear each other up. The SQ knows about the blood deal Morirr has, and came up with their own solution, which the party can stumble upon. More details here: http://johnwsmarvin.blogspot.com/2009/08/rpg-scenario-modding-on-baron-hopes-for.html
  8. This got me thinking. How about a scenario where the Machine Spirit was *obviously* supersticious nonsense to the *players.* Let it go on as a running gag for a while. Then, when the hinge spirits won't let them in the airlock, the machine spirit rebels against them...
  9. Infernal Teddy said: How bad would it be to let new players / characters start with the basic 400XP and let them work their way up? At 2000 xp, the 1600xp deficit wouldn't make it awful. You could toss them an extra Fate Point and let them work their way up. However, I don't think it would be fun for most players. At 4000xp, it would be suicide for the 400xp player.
  10. Traveller61 said: TheFlatline said: Graver said: And finally, THE most lethal game ever devised: First Edition Mutant Chronicles. It's possible to have your character DIE IN CHARACTER GENERATION. Hmm ... I remember dying in the original Traveller game (the three black books) back in the late 70's ... At least it's not possible to do that in DH ... yet! DW I hated that about Traveller. Anyways, your GM should provide consequences to killing random civilians. Not only is any low-profile work out of the question, but the high profile killing should: Get back to the Inquisitor. Who will not be pleased. Eventually kill someone with powerful friends. So add more adversaries until your group is overwhelmed. Planetary authorities can't go against known acolytes, but they can kill/arrest/torture them if they are ignorant. Or can feign ignorance. If it keeps going, other, rival Inquisitors will find out. A big enough problem becomes a conclave issue. But your GM would have to let your Assassin get way out of hand before that happened.
  11. dvang said: Sure. I had a full 5 players. Only 1 player had played DH before, and 2 others were familiar with WH40k. The last 2 had no clue about either, but were interested. I'll make a synopsis failrly brief. ** SPOILER ALERT - DO NOT READ IF YOU EXPECT TO PLAY THIS ADVENTURE ** They took a little bit of coaxing to get into the groove of the game.... ** SPOILER ALERT - DO NOT READ IF YOU EXPECT TO PLAY THIS ADVENTURE ** I'm assuming that was the group at Guradian Games. When you ran it for our DH group, we were born in the groove! LOL, the best part was our Capt. Trask actually taunted the Navigator, asking for more zombies! "That the best you can do, you wimp!" So DVANG just added on a handful of more zombie/puppet minis. This made everyone else groan, but the player playing Trask would not let up. Down to zero hit points and he was still taunting. I was playing Nathan, and brought up the specs for power on the bridge, and told Trask where the power to the captains chair came from. Trask cut open the decking there with his force sword and created an explosing big enough to hurt the Navigator and almost kill Trask. I got some very good Tech Use rolls at the bridge controls and found it would take at least 30 minutes to disable all power from the bridge, but would be a lot quicker from the Engine Room. But the ease at knocking down (temporarily most of the time) the zombies was kind of a narcotic to our RPG group. It felt like we were winning until we thought about it. When the zombie of the captain stood up, Nathan realized the Navigator had turned against him. "You know what this means, don't you? There has been a mutiny on the Bounty!" More groans. Then we got all confused about what made a dead puppet stay down. We thought it was fire at first. We thought there was some trick and we needed to fingure out the trick before we ran out of ammo. But with 200 bodies on the bridge to keep the zombies coming, we eventually took the hint and jumped into two different air shafts. When we ran into Erart the pilot tried to shoot him, but missed. We had some good role playing fun in the Cogitator Room. The Cogitator asked Trask who he was, and he said "Captain Trask, and I claim this ship for salvage." hold up his writ. The Cogitator was not impressed, so Nathan claimed to be the original captain of the Bounty. That worked like a charm, and we raised the Geller Field and cut power to the bridge. Then back up for revenge. We got the ship back, a bit damaged, but still in the black, profit-wise.
  12. White I hate to admit it, I'd buy a reprint of the Core and IH with the errata included, and an index in IH.
  13. Zearoth Kilrathle said: ... And damnit if it isn't one of the sexiest beasts amongst my RPG books. Oh yeah!
  14. Not that I've seen published. It's mentioned as an evil thing for a GM to do in The House of Dust and Ash. So I'm going to do it. But my player is unaware of this legacy, it's something that crept into the (nobel) family out of wedlock, and isn't talked about.
  15. The concept of player designed ships is a fun one. However, it should have an impact on the type of missions the players can persue. So if you are aiming to include published adventures, I'd imagine it would be good to look a few over before you let the players go off in some random tangent. Or give them an idea of the things that might be useful in upcoming adventures before they spend all their points on weapons and armor and nothing on cargo capacity or crew skill. The crew skill mechanic looks interesting. I'm wondering how easy that will be to change in play. Will min/maxers go with poorly trained crews, to afford more hardware, then spend time developing the crew during the campaign?
  16. I've been very happy with the releases so far. I do get antsy, but since I only have time to GM every other week, and make up a bunch of stuff myself, I'm not stuck. I think some GMs just ref published stuff only, and if they play a lot, it will run out. If that is you, maybe take a break from Dark Heresy, put the campaign on pause mode, and play something else, like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Plenty of published adventures there! I
  17. FWIW, I have pleasure servators in my game. 99.999% are repulsive in some areas, sexy in others, they have hoses and tubes comeing out of their bodies, they have body parts unrelated to the physical sex act replaced with scary looking 40k augmentation. Some of the lower quality ones have smokestacks that belch out coal smoke. Think the remade from China Mieville's Bas Lag books. The fact that there is demand for their services inceases the yuck factor of my campagin.
  18. LOL, I just saw Mutant Chronicals. I'm not sure why I bothered to keep watching, as it got bad fast and kept getting worse. I was cooking dinner and the TV was in the kitchen, and all the other channels were showing Michael Jackson being dead 24x7. The best bad moment for me was when the group of "heroes" that existed to get whittled down was down to two survivors. Anyways, we get a lot of shots of just those two, taking the "bomb" to the center of the machine. Then they walk to the last set piece battle, and a third survivor is there, as if she had been with themall along. WTF? Admittedly, most of the orginal group of 20 gets killed off screen (so why bother with all 20 to begin with?). Anyway, if you're stuck seeing this, watch for hero A meeting hero B who somehow survived and then five minutes later, hero C is helping out, no comment. SyFy changed their name to get away from being associated with science fiction. It's working.
  19. I agree with the lack of an overall story arc. They could have been three different heresies involved for all the effect it had on the players. When I ran the oracle, I made getting an interduction to him more of a roleplaying challenge than the text suggested. When the players got there, the spooky setting and gerneral weridness of the Oracle made it a memorable scene. The bullets through the barron is inspired. It does take away the execution scene in the epilogue, unless he's just perferatted yet still living.
  20. There is a silver lining to my being able to play only every other week. I stay behind the publication curve.
  21. I don't like painting. I'm bad at it and have no time. I use em4 prepainted SF minis. A *few* of the Star Wars minis are good for DH. The Star Wars battle map thingies are great, IMHO. I just never flip over the piece that has the TIE fighter on the other side.
  22. SJE said: I use Globus Varak, so they only meet him at the briefings and debriefings of missions - possibly 5 times now in total. They have never, ever been babysat- they are on their own until they can prove the existence of a threat greater than they can reasonably be expected to purge by themselves (so they can call in Sororitas assault troops to take down the Magistratum fortress in Coscarla, Arbites capture teams for the entire cult at the Alabaster Court, and 3 Guard and PDF regiments for discovering an Genestealer Cult in a agriworld province). But only after they have risked death, dismemberment in madness in getting sufficient proof to convince Varak that a cult is present and presents a threat to the Imperium. SJE Same here. I figured Vaarak was the perfect Inquisitor of those in the core book, as he doesn't do field operations. I did run a one shot once where they got to call on their inquisitor (not Vaarak) to do the final battle, and whoever had the most "roleplaying points" (I gave out during the game) got to run the Inquistior. I heard that was one of the original ideas for Dark Heresy when it was in development. But I prefer Globus, who I run as Nero Wolfe character.
  23. TS Luikart said: Let's hope it's more "Edge of Darkness" and less "Shattered Hopes", eh? Well said.
  24. Spoilers ahoy! I ran this second, after Illumination. The extra xp they got in Illumination helped them a bit, but not much. My group started out hitting the open air market, trying to pick up rumors. I had a mother looking for her vanished son. After talking to Lilly it was late, they set up an ambush in her room, figuring she was next. I hit them with the body snatchers. Since they had the door sighted, I let them get off one shot before rolling for Fear tests. The massive fear failure was almost a TPK. I've since looked on this site for house rules to try to avoid players sitting around doing nothing while the Sorritas saves the day. (See the PDF Scrivner's Star in my sig, and scroll down to the bottom for my "optional" (house) rules on fear.) Two of my players walked into the stationhouse to talk to the Enforcers. I role played them as very oily and menacing, and had the big blast door behind the two start to shut. They took the hint and backed out. If I had caught them I planned on disposing of them, their bodies dropped outside in some industrial ruins. That's what fate points are for. They never did talk to the junk yard guy. They had a lot of fun roleplaying with the narco gang and were only too happy to be offered extra Thrones for dealing with the Churgon. They figured out the Alms House was the place to go, and hit it at night, with a key from the gangers. I used some maps I found on this site, since the adventure has no maps of the Alms House. With a bunch of good rolls (Emperor's Fury!) by the party, I had to fudge the Churgon a bit just to keep her alive and make it exciting.
  25. Good review. I don't write most of my games, I write a few and tailor the published adventures to my group. Each game I add one extra encounter (which may be in the middle of an existing encounter) tailored to one of the characters. It's a time thing. I like devising my own adventures, but if I'm doing that, I'm not getting work done on my projects (I'm writing a novel amoung other things). This week I'll spend the entire night on a ship-born side adventure as the players travel toward their next mission. Just a one shot: after the mission briefing, before they get to their destination. One thing I'd like to play with is to have one of the players be a Haarlock. I haven't started House of Dust and Ash yet, but as I remember the adventure, it sounds deadly for the Haarlock character. Maybe whoever has the most fate points when we start out... Anyone have any thoughts on running player Haarlocks?
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