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  1. I did let my players take it to Port Wander, then told them it would take so long to repair they would know the campaign was ending when it was ready. They'd get to use it in one session. That happened, and one of the players, a distant relation to Hax, won his right to take over what he thought was the Calixis Sector. Instead, he got the Jericho Reach and had to deal with Tau, Chaos, and Tyranids or face a firing squad. With that, the campaign ended.
  2. Nojo509

    Eldar PCs?

    I see we're about to get rules for Dark Eldar PCs. What about craftworld Eldar? Or pirate Eldar? I've taken a break from Rogue Trader, but am thinking about getting back into it. Did I miss an Eldar supplement? Seems like a fan favorite, though the Dark Eldar might work for many players. Thanks!
  3. What sub-sector? What worlds are near it?
  4. Don't even try to use the pdfs on a Kindle. I have a Kindle DX (the big one), love it for books published in the Kindle or MOBI formats, BUT, the pdf support is lame. Many links don't come over, it's slow, and the transfer from color originals to monochrome on the Kindle makes a lot of FFG's sidebars totally unreadable. I'd rather have game books published in ebook formats, not PDF. PDF is for printing, and assumes a page size. Ebooks can have different size screens and the user can change the font size.
  5. Not all the Grey Knight powers have been Deathwatchified by the sidebars in Daemon Hunter. Has anyone worked up all the DW conversions for the psychic powers?
  6. Not all the Grey Knight powers have been Deathwatchified by the sidebars in Daemon Hunter. Has anyone worked up all the DW conversions for the psychic powers?
  7. Fixed Nemesis Force Weapon: https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=1zaE2fdPxG7eH_CWeVPBJVCn4aoMUMt6652vtuVj50DoShMGP5H0nZo1Ttv2s&sort=name&layout=list&num=50
  8. Just like the great RT workup sheet, this one in .docx format. Hand it to your players when they are making a Grey Knight. https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=1zaE2fdPxG7eH_CWeVPBJVCn4aoMUMt6652vtuVj50DoShMGP5H0nZo1Ttv2s&hl=en
  9. It was a hell of a lot of fun. We had a small group, so I got to take two characters, the Tech (anti)priest and the psyker. I had worried that I would have a hard time Role Playing the "bad guys." No problem at all. The adventure starts with you waking up on an Inquisition prison ship after 200 years in stasis. Something had gone wrong.... Before we had any encounters, our GM described the interrogation rooms we walked past. I had my psyker spit, and I was in character for the rest of the adventure. Turns out it's really easy to hate the Inquisition.
  10. You are right Voronesh. I sent in a rules question and here's the official word: Sam Stewart to me show details 8:21 AM (2 hours ago) Hello John, I can understand the confusion. The first (Option A) is correct. Hope this helps! Sam The question came up when I was tearing up my players with Ork Brute Ram ships. I was doing it right, but wasn't sure. In Battlefleet Gothic, Ram Ships are nasty, but one shots. In RT, they are just nasty. 4 Brute Ram ships + a Kill Kroozer gave my players quite a challenge.
  11. When ramming, the rules state: "The ramming ship then takes damage equal to the defending ship’s Armour plus 1d5 to their prow armour, also ignoring void shields." I can parse this two ways: A: This is an attack on the the ramming ship that hits the prow armor for X amount of damage. If it doesn't get past the prow armor, there is no effect. B. The armor takes the damage, so if this causes 20 points of damage on a prow with 23 points (example: Ork Brute Ramship), the ramming ship now has 3 points of armor left in it's prow. Any excess damage would be applied to the Hull Integrity. Which is correct? Thanks!
  12. And you only need the game effects, not the talents that give them. T (10)5 is all you need to note for unnatural toughness. I find it hard to remember what talents give you what, so I just note down the number of attacks, or the damage w/o naming the talents. I have a five tier system for NPCs. Unskilled, Trained, Veteran, Elite, and Master. I have all the bonuses figured out, and I cut and paste, so I can make someone who is a Master at defense, but only Trained at ranged, while Elite in melee. I also have ranked weapons by these ranges, so I give armor based on what level defense I want, weapons based on ranged and melee level.
  13. and 3. Do Locations take damage like units do?
  14. 1. How much do you increase the Ork strength base on the number of Roks? 1d5 for every rock (p. 36) or 1d5 for every rok beyond 2 (p. 37)? 2. When does ground combat happen in the 4 step turn (p.35 - 36)? After step 4? thanks!
  15. bobh said: Moribund said: Ack, I hate the way Component Craftsmanship interacts with the acquisition rules. Say you want a best-quality Sunsear Laser Battery. Not only do you have the -30 for Best-quality you get an additional -20 because the availability jumps from Scarce to Very Rare because of the ship point increase. That's a whopping -80 on the acquisition roll (-30 for War-component, -30 for quality, -20 for availability). It's just as hard to get as xenotech war components like the shard cannon battery. And that means (p272) unless your pf is over 80 it is an automatic failure...ouch. Good reason to go out, find a ship with what you want, and take it. I cap the max and min Test Difficulty to what's there on table 9-3. You can't get better than +60 (trivial) or worse than -60 (hellish). Some things are so easy we don't roll for them (I get a new pair of socks). Others are impossible, so we don't roll for them, they just fail (I use Tech Use to create my own version of the Emperor's throne). In the case of getting best quality ship components, that is not impossible, so I'd cap it at -60. I'm not sure if the RAW intended us to cap, but with my players, capping their bonuses to +60 comes in handy. Not that they are munchkins, they are playing their characters effectively, and we have six players. People supporting the ships gunner can get multiple DoSes on their rolls, which can really add up.
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