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  1. Belloq


    Agreed, agreed, and agreed.
  2. KlausFritsch said: Belloq said: Actually, I think the biggest challenge to ToI urban combat is scale. Urban fighting would require re-scaling the game. I do not think so... the scale is roughly the same as ASL, 40 to 50 meters per hex. I think that is suitable for portraying urban fighting. ToI makes no distinction between AP and HE ammunition for tanks. HE ist very suitable for urban fighting, while AP is not. Tanks loaded predominantly with AP rounds (British cruiser tanks suffered from that, for example) should have a harder time blasting infantry out of buildings and pillboxes. I think you and I might have two different ideas in mind for urban fighting.
  3. Actually, I think the biggest challenge to ToI urban combat is scale. Urban fighting would require re-scaling the game.
  4. You can also find all of the official and many unofficial Adventures (as well as a lot of other stuff) at Battleloremaster.com, a great fan-site.
  5. You also get more bang for your buck - i.e. more firepower for your action. To order a unit to concentrate fire is 1 action. To order another unit to concentrate fire is a 2nd action. But if I combine fire, I can order multiple units to fire as 1 action thus maximizing firepower per action.
  6. sloejack said: I would think that if they were at the printing stage they would be teasing us with the prototype/master printing pictures and information by now with a tentative release date on the horizon. The fact that there is no information at all suggests development delays. I think you're right here. I also read a thread recently on BGG explaining new, stricter policies here at FGG regarding the premature release of information - premature info that was consistently creating frustration for gamers whose expectations were repeatedly disappointed because of postponed releases. This might explain the quick pull from the GenCon schedule followed by an erie silence. (For those interested see previous thread: "Fury of The Bear: Gaffe or Misinformation...?"
  7. Lord Mykal said: I will be replacingthe warrior with a more appropriate and War like figure . I like all the others though . What are your ideas for a replacement 15mm figure? Something from Reaper?
  8. Entirely different. Other than both involve war. There is a longstanding comparison of TOI with Memoir '44. Since M'44 is the same game system (by the same designer) as Battlelore, reading those threads is probably your best bet for answers. Search the TOI forums for those.
  9. Belloq

    1st game

    4lterego said: what scenario and/or other preparations do you guys recommend? Blood on The Mountain. The User-created scenario that won the contest.
  10. Belloq

    King Tiger

    4lterego said: TeufelHund said: Of course, you may not be so excited to discover that the King Tiger is 50% likely to fall apart the moment it trys to move, according to the King Tiger Operations Card Sounds like my Audi And it's too bad you can't drive without the "Audi Operations Card" in effect.
  11. I too gladly add my desire for Army Packs. It seems to me this would be the best way to add other nationalities to the scenarios: Italians, French Resistance, et al. for which we really don't need full blown expansions. I'm even into the game just enough that I'd buy German forces in winter gear for EF play. So there should be a major expansion for each theater of the war. Each theater, then, should have additional Map Packs and Army Packs. (Can I afford this?!)
  12. KlausFritsch said: 4lterego said: Hey all, I am thinking of picking up TOI soon and am already planning what miniatures to go with to replace the plastic ones in the game. I have been using Flames of War minis right from the start, and I really like them. They're not too expensive and you can have the infantry needed for the base set and expansions ready in no time. So, KlausFritsch, how do you use the Flames of War figs? Meaning, what kind of bases do you use? Have you made your own? You need to remove the figs for ToI which you can't do if you base the FoW figs on FoW bases....
  13. I've collected / painted minis for years, and I think the minis that come with TOI are really good. You could actually just paint them up. (Though if I'm hangin' out with my TOI game, I'd rather be playing it....) If you get the game (or have already gotten it now) and you're still set on replacing the figs with some other minis, then consider the Flames of War line. They are the same scale - 15mm (though armor/vehicles will be larger since TOI alters the scale a bit to accommodate the gameboard). Also note that the TOI minis are static and the FoW minis are dynamic.
  14. Don't have the rules with me, but I'm pretty sure Hefsgaaard and Thass are right on this one. A squad in Op-fire is not fatigued when taking hits (normal attack).
  15. Roochiedoor said: 4) Are you allowed to partially build a district? For example you draw a district that requires 5 gold but you only have 2. Do you put a down payment of 2 gold on the district and just not have the ability of the district until you finished paying it off? The rules say you can choose not to build a district. Does that mean you can accumulate district cards with out building them? If you can accumulate district cards with out building them is there anything a character can do against unbuilt districts. With the Warlord you can destroy build districts, but can you steal an unbuilt district from someone? You may not "partially build" a district. If you do not have enough gold to build something in your hand, then you cannot build. This forces a player to accumulate gold and run the risk of being robbed (by the Thief). Indeed there is a character who can steal unbuilt districts - the Magician. (Though technically he doesn't "steal" - he swaps. See the thread below titled 'In Defense of the Underrated Magician.) I have played with 3 players but never 2. I have also played with 4, 5, 6 players. And I can tell you the 4- and 5-player games are the best (esp. 5). I'd encourage you to play with more players some time.
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