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  1. I got this very cheap and small box from Clas Ohlson in Sweden. I have the monsters in a cloth bag; the cards are in plastic ziplock bags (I hate sleeved cards).
  2. Ruskicowboy said: Agreed about the dice being WAY too small on the iPhone. I keep trying to zoom in to see them (it doesn't work of course ). The numbers look fine on my Mac. So hopefully, they won't change the pics in the HD version. Pity they didn't test it on various small screen phones before publishing.
  3. No idea. I would have thought they used native program (Xcode for iOS and Mac OS X), but when I opened the contents of the app bundle, it showed that they used one framework: Mono embed runtime. Looks like they used Mono (.net) for some parts of the game at least. Whether they used Cocoa + Mono, I don't know.
  4. I find it quite easy to win too; however, it is not nearly as easy as the analog version. That one requires house ruling to make you work up a sweat.
  5. I have many questions, but only one burning one: Have you (FFG) thought about hiring an editor that understands board game rules and can use the questions/issues brought up in play testing to rewrite the rulebook into something that isn't the butt of jokes on BGG?
  6. Sdrolion said: I adore Amanda...it's really irritating sometimes with other investigators to roll multiple successes and end up only able to use one, but with Amanda you can potentially clear a whole adventure with a single roll, which is just really cool when it happens. I did that once with Amanda at R'lyeh! Wow, was I pumped!
  7. Richard has provided some "the game's intent was …" answers at BGG. It sounds like Elder Sign is now FGG's (and Kevin's) baby. Richard has stated that some abilities originally were per day and that the end battle was supposed to be that each investigator gets an attack, then the GOO attacks. So the Doc solo can't automatically win GOO battles with stamina loss attacks. Most of the problems with Elder Sign seem to be in the final production stage, especially the editing of the final rulebook, which appears to have ignored any questions that came up during play testing (or they changed the wording of the rules without play testing the final version much). Grudunza said: I'm sure there will be a FAQ/errata before too long. But I am quite sure that designers are restricted from responding specifically to questions about FFG games... Richard Launius is all over responding to questions about Defenders of the Realm, so I know he'd be eager to help about this game if he could.
  8. tssfulk


    You could always house rule that you can trade between two players standing in the entrance as your only action that turn. You may give 1 item. They may give 1 item. Once you go to an adventure, the fight is on, so no trading there. Sdrolion said: I know there's been a lot of discussion on making Elder Sign harder, but one thing I was wondering if I'd missed was if there are any item-trading rules. Are those in there at all? I haven't seen them. (Maybe I'm just missing where it's stated? O_O) I know it would probably make the game easier to be able to trade, but it seems like kind of an odd exclusion in a co-op game, especially since there doesn't appear to be any way to use most items/spells to aid one another.
  9. Story mode. I hate the video-game-esque modes. Having scenarios with real objectives (not just some lame objective tokens) is what I enjoy. For that you really need to get the Novgorod expansion.
  10. Fizzletop said: I got my copy of Yula from the german amazon as well. Was quite cheap even with shipping and the fact that the rulebook is in german doesnt really matter as everything in there has been revised and reprinted in the updated rulebook. The miniature, character sheet and tokens are all language free anyway They have Novogard dirt cheap too. Is there anything in this expansion that is not reprinted in the revised rulebook?
  11. My gut reaction when we played was that Metal Duels should work, but then I reread the text that enemy characters could not target Hoax. Since I've also played many C/LCGs, I ruled that only indirect damage (grenades) could get her. I'm glad someone posted this to FFG. My gut goes with Mental working. I hope FFG agrees. Also think of the grenade thing is that you sense something (footsteps, etc.) and figure that witch has to be around and toss a grenade hoping to take care of her.
  12. Miah999 said: While invisiable she can not be targeted by normal attacks, but she can be targeted by some mental attacks. What are "some mental attacks"? We just played Hoax for the first time today. It wasn't clear what works against her. The card says that she cannot be targeted by enemies. Do Duels have a target or just an Opponent?
  13. Having it on computer, makes set up/tear down a non-issue. We've played many games in a row. I also like the highlighting for moves. Makes it very easy for my 4 year old to play too.
  14. Dear FFG please use something like this for future expansions, or else have a dial that you can rotate for different packs. You could add new dials for new packs in expansions. A dial (or pegs like Claustrophobia) would also work better for the stat marker. The token gets easily jiggled.
  15. You should post these on Board Game Geek. Spread the love. Having something like this will speed up set up time immensely. Thanks!
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