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  1. I have to say, I'm begining to miss the old days of booster packs with these things coming out so fast. You take a vacation or spend a month working on some project and you're behind the times already! I wouldn't mind just having a bigger boxed set featuring all of the cards once every 6 months instead!
  2. Elder Sign!!! Eek! Anything you guys have stumbled across that are worth a look?
  3. Feb 25th is August Derleth's 100th birthday! It's also my 35th, and suddenly takes on a really cool conotation!
  4. Blutsteigen said: Regardless of preference, does anyone mix without worrying about sleeving them? It's not like your opponent is likley to memorize all of your cards. I think it's more of a worry when you are playing in a "sanctioned" tournament. Kitchen table wackiness, however, all bets are off besides what you and your buddies decide.
  5. Fair enough. I never can tell with you, you rascal!
  6. Carioz said: A train wreck. During a hurricane. With land-sharks with laser beam eyes feasting on the corpses. In slow motion. I'm really wondering why you're even hanging around here anymore Carioz... Everything you write is plain venom and is really hard to take as anything but a joke. We get it, your upset. Your allowed to have opinions like anyone else on these boards, but your posts have the vibe of some bitter college student hanging around his former high school picking on the incoming Freshmen. I was peeved when they switched to APs and sold everything I had for $20. Well lookie here, I'm back and obviously ate about 56 pounds of crow (obviously). It takes time to get used to changes, in the mean time why burn bridges?
  7. Well, actually the boarder thing in Magic was that it was to set the "core set" apart as a beginner's sets, and the advanced sets would be black boardered. But that's gone now as the Core Sets in Magic are all black boardered, and have turned into "non-Core" sets now. They just shifted them to not only be yearly, but being half reprints-half new cards. So, yes, even WOTC does dramatic things once and a while. Consider that the Core Sets came out twice yearly and was 300 cards of nothing but reprints for the last fifteen years, that's big news. As for COC, after I asked why the white boarders, in a very general conversation, that the new card stock used didn't respond well to the black ink used along the boarders, and tended to show ugly wearing quicker than the old cards did. Why/when/how or any details other than that I wasn't told. Needless to say, I'd rather have white boardered cards than black boardered ones that become white boardered after several uses.
  8. Carioz said: Pandafarmer said: Well the thing is, the issue NEVER has been about "let's switch to white boarders just to make things look different and new." If that were the case, they might have actually gone back to black after hearing the complaints. So, what was the issue? Something about the new card stock from what I've heard.
  9. Hastur said: Unfortunately this is a dead issue. We all rallied around and complained and made our ideas known and it didn't change FFG's mind. We have to live with it now and move forward. Well the thing is, the issue NEVER has been about "let's switch to white boarders just to make things look different and new." If that were the case, they might have actually gone back to black after hearing the complaints.
  10. Interesting that one would say that white boarders takes away from the art, as imediately I noticed how crisp and clear the artwork is now, and I've noticed things in pictures right away that I never new was there even after years of playing with the same card in black boarder days. Of course, that has more to do with good grafic design than the white boarders per say. Honestly though guys, this is beating a dead horse, as the reason why they switched to white boarders isn't as arbitrary as people think it is.
  11. Just curious, but I wasn't around when they were first starting to complain about the switch. I played in the black board days, and miss them. BUT, when I got my hands on the new cards and saw how nice and bright everything was, I stopped complaining. Do people honestly know why they swicthed? Because I know for a fact that it wasn't a "gee golly let's shake things up" and was instead a "switching to a new cardstock that black boarders just didn't work" thing. I know esthetically it's not the same, but if I get more sturdy cards that may hold up to abuse a bit longer (and thusly not having to run out and buy another set) and deal with the boarders being off... oh well. I personally think they look great, and this from someone who desperately traded away all of his white boardered Magic cards in favr of black boarderd versions when availible.
  12. I like the small ones. My biggest gripe with the sculpts is that they seem a bit too large for what they are. Kind of like Pillars Of The Earth and finding out the castle pieces are an over-glorified turn marker.
  13. Well I used to play this game as a CCG, and I quit after a series of personal disapointments. I still play Magic regularily and don't have a problem with the CCG mantra of collectibility, but the LCG format for this game is exactly what it needed to make it a better game. Sure I'll miss cracking packs and trying to find playsets of my favorite rares, but being someone who's played L5R, AGOT, MTG, Doom Town, Heresy, Vs, and other non-collectible card based games... I can say with large certainty that COC is my favorite. The flavor of the game play is fantastic, and the game is smart enough to offer up some very strategic game play. Honestly, I enjoy this game so very much and I'm glad to be back, even after selling every card I had (including playsets of every promo). I wouldn't hestiate to tell anyone to try, esp a Lovecraft fan. Besides, it's not like you can't use it as trade bait on Board Game Geek if you don't like it.
  14. Being that this game is now being marketed to a casual game group, it's going to appeal most towards the board gamer types who want to take this to a regular board game event or "night out." I can see the appeal, and it's why it'll succeed now over when it was a CCG. While there are plenty of 2-player Board Games that are enjoyed, they simply aren't as played in a larger scale BG event. I don't see Hive hitting the tables at GenCon dispite it having a large respect in the gaming community. People LIKE the game. It's only natural that they want to play it in as many formats as possible to get their buddies into it as well. If I bring in "hot new board game A" into my game group, it takes the legth of the game play to have everyone experience it and enjoy it. This you would need to have multiple sets or play it several times in a small window of time so everyone can enjoy it.
  15. I will say having spent all weekend demoing the game, it was one of my biggest comments. "What are the multiplayer rules??" When I said there were some loose ones online, they almost always came back by saying "I could see it played well in teams."
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