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  1. The sentence on page 24 that you quoted is what's giving me trouble. But it does say you carry out the Determine Battle Effects step which on page 36 clearly states you can build bases. I'm just not sure if the pivotal battle's objective overrides the base building aspect of the Determine Battle Effects step, or is in addition to it. The conservative reading is that you can't build bases, which is probably for the best as yet another anti-snowball mechanism. I wonder if not being allowed to spend XP (you only earn it for a pivotal battle) is a way to help a struggling team? Even though the losing team gets +1 XP, if they lost the pivotal battle badly, the winners could easily get 2-3 XP (or even more) and be even stronger going into the next chapter. Just a thought though, I'm not sure what the design reasons are for generating XP in the pivotal battle but not being able to do anything with it.
  2. I just wanted to confirm a few things regarding the post pivotal battle sequence for Rebellion in the Rim: 1. If a team has enough resources banked from previous rounds, can they build a base in the Determine Battle Effects step after a pivotal battle? I believe this is allowed even though it isn't specifically called out as an option on page 24 under the Determine Battle Effects bullet point. On page 36, base building is listed as one of the options in that step, but I wasn't sure if the pivotal battle's restrictions superseded all available options of a given step unless explicitly stated in the rules? 2. If a team has a resource token banked, can they spend it to remove a Low Fuel condition card in the Refit and Expand Fleets step after a pivotal battle? Same thing. It's not called out as an option on page 24, but it is part of the step as listed on pages 18 and 36. I would say that it's allowed, but I wanted a second opinion. Thanks!
  3. I don't have any solutions to offer on the tournament scoring system. While not perfect for some of the reasons you stated, personally I think it's the best available option and solves more problems than it creates. I do, however, have a suggestion for your local players who are avoiding participating in Armada tournaments due to their dislike of the 10-1 scoring system – play in a Rebellion in the Rim campaign instead! It's still a meaningful competitive event, your LGS can award promos through campaign participation/victories, and it avoids the 10-1 scoring system entirely. I find RitR campaigns are a fantastic way to play Armada. They tick all the boxes of tournament play, but also add in teamwork, long-term strategizing and fleet escalation. From your post, you sound pretty upset about what should (hopefully) be an enjoyable gaming experience. Perhaps a change of pace would be more fun? If you're still focused on the competitive aspects of Armada, maybe think of campaign play like an ongoing league vs a one-day competitive event? In this way it's more like the scoring system you want. Because you're playing a larger number of games, the randomness of big victories vs narrow wins and/or player match ups doesn't effect the overall determination of who is the better player/team.
  4. More great videos! Definitely loving this campaign, and I'm absolutely pulling for Ken here. Rules-wise, I found it interesting that you also encountered some of the questions we had for our campaign. Here's what I found: 1. The rules for tabling and flotillas are found in the Tournament Regs – not the Rules Reference or the FAQ – so they don't apply to campaign play. Unlike in tournament games, a flotilla still counts as a ship for the purposes of tabling an opponent. In other words, you would have to destroy all of your opponent's flotillas in order to table their fleet. I feel this makes a lot of sense considering the 200-point Task Force-style format. Note that the FAQ does contain the rules about flotillas not being able to equip a commander upgrade. To me, the fact that the FAQ doesn't include any wording about flotillas not counting as a ship for the purposes of tabling (which is specifically relegated left to the tournament regs) appears purposeful here. 2. If you look at page 9 of the FAQ you'll see they ruled that when you table your opponent in campaign play, any of their remaining squadrons are not counted as destroyed and are not scarred. This would effect the bonus experience you earn. 3. Lastly, you remove additional forces from Ally tokens or objectives prior to the Determine Experience step. Therefore, Ken's fleet would not have the +40 points from the Hired Scum objective to grant John +1 bonus XP for playing a stronger fleet.
  5. This is fabulous, thanks for filming your campaign and battles! Your camera work, in-game dialogue and round-by-round graphics are clean and precise, making it easy to follow along and listen to. I also appreciate the extra work you put into naming your commanders and having a picture for them. Have you considered naming your ships as well? I did have 1 quick question for Ken: In the second battle (at Endor), Ken's commander has the Master Engineer I ability. However, it didn't seem like he was repairing his first hull damage for only 2 points when he was revealing a Repair command dial. Did I miss something?
  6. We've been playing that only forces/points added through rewards or Ally tokens count toward the Understrength bonus, and not forces added through objectives.
  7. Yes. If a player's battle used a campaign objective (green), then if that player opts to use their team's base reward for the turn they may take a unique reward from whichever base they select. In your case, that would be a unique ship title.
  8. I believe there's a typo under the Master Gunner I rule in the RitR rulebook. It's missing a CF symbol in the second sentence. It should read: "When you resolve a CF command by a spending a CF token only, you may treat that command as if you spent a command dial." This would align it with the wording found under Master Gunner II and III, and make more sense overall.
  9. The meta in my area is pretty weird these days... Everyone is playing these 200 point fleets on 3x3 boards. You get just 1 upgrade per ship and no unique upgrades so there isn't a Demolisher or Yavaris in sight. You have to take at least 1 non-flotilla ship. Other than that, you include as many squadrons as you like, but you can only have 2 unique squadrons maximum which means lots of generic TIE Fighters/Interceptors, X-Wings and Lancers. Like I said, pretty weird 😅
  10. Mandalore and Nal Hutta are the only planets on the board with the Ally strategic effect, and that is the only way to add a new ship to your fleet for a non-pivotal battle (albeit temporarily).
  11. This was answered in the FAQ (page 9). Squadrons are not treated as destroyed and do not count as scarred.
  12. The rules for flotillas and tabling are found in the Tournament Regs. Because they're not part of the standard game rules, the scoring for flotillas doesn't count for campaign play. It's the same reason why tournament scoring isn't part of campaigns either. Of course, you can import this tournament rule if you wish, though it may have other consequences for 200-point Task Force games.
  13. Unless specifically stated by the objective, when instructed to place obstacles it means the standard 6 obstacles that come in the Core set (x1 station, x2 debris fields, x3 asteroids).
  14. They can be placed touching either the debris fields or asteroids. The general rule is that the exogorth obstacle must be placed touching another obstacle. Touching another obstacle could potentially include the following: asteroids, debris fields, dust clouds, the station and the gravity rift as those are all obstacles. However, currently there are only 2 objectives that use exogorths (Asteroid Tactics and Infested Fields) and they only use the debris fields and asteroids. You can place the exogorths touching either of those obstacle types. Who knows, maybe we'll get a gravity rift + exogorth objective in the future to mimic a certain Star Wars movie! Note: When placing an exogorth obstacle they cannot overlap ships, other obstacles or tokens.
  15. I must respectfully agree with your disagreement of my original assertion 😅 Page 4 of the FAQ clearly states a commander cannot be equipped to a flotilla, and a Task Force commander is still a commander. Therefore, flotilla flagships are a no-go in RitR (until someone else comes along and proves otherwise). Please forgive my mistake. I thought this particular ruling was in the Tournament Regs, along with the part about flotillas and tabling, in which case it wouldn't apply to campaign play, but it's right there in the FAQ.
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